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Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (53 reviews)"

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| | See all aerris's reviews (1)

Well what can I say? This game is the puppy's plums, the pony's cahonies, the deer's spheres and the badger's nadgers all in one. I play this with a Logitech Driving Force Pro 900 degree steering wheel (locked down to 200 degrees) and it's one of the best racing games I've played. I have a racing pedigree of Sega Rally, Ridge Racer, most of the Colin McRae games, Forza, PGR on xbox, GT on PS and most recently Grid on PS3. This game fits more into the Sega Rally, Colin McRae and Grid category, in that its more arcadey than the "simulation" of Forza and Gran Turismo as you can turn off the car setup features and just get in and drive.

The handling is light and drifty and you soon learn that this game is not all about the throttle, its about control, keeping up with the leaders and then over taking them when the moment is right . That's not to say you can't rip the tracks up if you want to though.
The controls really give you a sense of the terrain, light and skitty on gravel and sudden bogginess in water and wet mud in the Malaysia Jungle tracks. I have been getting in to the LA circuits. Half tarmac, half off-road in stadium arenas. Massive jumps towards the final straights always set up a nail biting finish as you and Ken Block hit the ramp at the same time and fly 300 feet over a finish line.

Graphics of course are fantastic, menus and set up easy to navigate and for such an impressive game its reasonably fast loading. Music is good although I'm sure I've listened to Prodigy's "Warriors Dance" about 700 time in the last 2 weeks.

The inclusion on the Grid style "rewind" system when you stack it into a tree is nice too.

Buy this game if you like racing. There are plenty of tracks and unlockables, nice looking cars too. I haven't played online yet but the campaign is definately worth a look.

The only down side i can think of is that you can't save replays. You have some incredible wipeouts that are fun to watch again in slow mo!


  Looks Great. Lots of Fun but can be frustrating

| | See all DuncanStyles's reviews (27)

As a big fan of the Colin McRae Rally games on the PS1 I was looking forward to the latest game in the series thanks to a decent demo released on the PSN.

The game looks great, its clear that time has been taken to create detailed and authentic environments for you to hurtle through. I have only ever noticed graphical slowdown during race replays when there are lots of cars on the screen at once.

There are about 100 single player races and challenges to work your way through. Completing each one rewards you with credit ( to be spent on new and upgrading cars ), new liveries and strange little toys to decorate the dashboard of your car which you can see when you use the interior viewpoint. You also earn XP which accumulate, moving you up through the ranks. Ranking up earns you cash bonuses.

There is also an extensive on-line Multi-player mode which offers all of the types of races found within the single player mode. You can team up with your friends to race but as far as I can see there is no friends only option, this is a shame.

Each car has a set of stats which cover Top Speed, Acceleration and Drive-ability, you can ignore these for the most part as cars which should have poorer performance often work out to be easier to use.

During an offline event you will have a number of Flashbacks available. A Flashback can be thought of as a 2nd chance for when things go wrong. You hit the replay button and you will get a replay of the last 15 seconds of the action, at any point you can hit the square button and then you can jump back into the car at that point, allowing you to take a tricky bend or line yourself up for a jump properly. The number of Flashbacks depend on the difficulty level.

There are many different types of race types available. Rally, Rally Cross, Trailblazer, Last Man Standing etc. Problem is there are only a few locations where each type of event can take place. Rally stages for example are generally all built around a single route, all that changes are the start and finish points. So you will soon get to know the tracks for the race discipline that you prefer. I expect that this could be fixed by downloadable content but Im not sure if you should be expected to pay more to for content that it feels like should have been there from the start.

On-line racing can quickly become irritating when other drivers dont play fair. You will find plenty of players that would rather smash you out the way or force you to spin than get past you with driving skill.

Overall, its a great game which will have you trying to better your time on each course with each run. Well worth it IMHO.

  Superb Game - A must purchase

| | See all cutiecat's reviews (2)

What more can I say, having raced some of the finest PS3 racers ( Burnout Paradise, Grid etc) I must say Dirt2 is a fantastic game. Very quick load times, well designed tracks and cars and the whole experience is actually fun ( take note Need For Speed). Graphics are good, not superb, but graphics don;t make a game, gameplay is king and here it certainly rules. Online racing is good fun and competitive with more cars available as you play the actual game. King of online racing has always been Burnout Paradise due to its unique take on improving a network experience, its still the best but Dirt2 isn't far behind

  wow, thats all i can say :)

| | See all flyinpig's reviews (11)

Wow, i love this game so much!!! Everything about it is good, graphics, gameplay, physics, and if you were one of the people that have played racedriver: Grid and said it was too hard (which it isn't!) then this is your game, this is a keeper :d

R.i.p colin macrae :)


| | See all AVengerROcks's reviews (5)

Awesome, best racer around at the moment, has the graphics, the sounds, and the atmosphere, a must buy !

  nothing special ?

| | See all alex123321's reviews (8)

This game is good put nothing really out there that makes you say WOW. Needs an extra kick to get a 5 star.

  Excellent off-road racer

| | See all TheMattMan's reviews (27)

If you are considering buying the game then I would highly recomend getting hold of the demo on the PS store.

Graphically this game is superb, the environments look great and detail in both damage and reflections on cars is impressive. Gameplay is also very fun, not quite a simulation racer but it does feel natural.

The DiRT tour is very good, offering over 100 events, and many events are more than 1 race with plenty of environments, tracks and cars. You get to know the names of the AI drivers you compete against which is nice and there is a buddy system, shame there's no rival system though. Online play is exceptional, no lag, high quality voice chat and a good random selection of tracks.

Fans of the first game will be disappointed with the lack of rally races in the tour, about 30% are rally events, since it was originally built as a rally racer. The events such as trucks and buggies, whilst fun, were included too much in my opinion.

Overall if you like racing games then it's worth getting hold of DiRT 2 as this is without a doubt currently the best off-road racer on the market, and with a fun trophies list you won't get bored quickly, worth the price tag.


| | See all Lennymcgra's reviews (20)

One word ........Awesome..................................I recently bought need for speed shift and took it back the following day but this game i think is the best driving game available ..... Gameplay is amazing

  Go Out And Buy This!!!

| | See all Yonzinho17's reviews (27)

What can I say about this game except for go out and buy this right now!! An amazing game, put together perfectly and provides endless hours of entertainment, it is in my opinion the best driving game out for the ps3!!!!