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Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (53 reviews)"

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  5 star game

| | See all mazdacupra's reviews (4)

very nice graphics , perfect gameplay especialy with G25 driving wheel ,
very big game , you have to spend many driving hours to finished it . don't missed it !

  Perfect, but i want more rally

| | See all MikeRacingTeam's reviews (2)

Excellent game, i think the rally experience is too short. I prefer a total rally mode in the game with trucks of all countries and servises areas between races. But EXCELLENT GAMEPLAY.!!!

  Steering wheel experience cant be beaten!!!

| | See all robbiangel183's reviews (2)

kid22 is spot on this game rocks with the gt25 steering wheel. I wasnt going to buy this as grid just desnt work with the steering wheel but i have had so much fun with dirt 2 demo . I was never planning on buying dirt as not a big fan of rally games but this has totally converted me. its got really fluid progression from race to race I never notice the load times the events just keep on coming. Great graphics and intense AI, you are never sure you've won until you crossed the line as they just keep on challenging you. Codemasters have sucked me into another franchise and i'm all the happier for it!

  my controller just grew an exhaust!!

| | See all Hilly23's reviews (2)

you live it, you feel it, you want it, best rally game ever by a mile well done codemasters..

  Truly Thrilling

| | See all DaviesDude's reviews (24)

one of the best driving games i have ever played, and i've played a few. The actual driving is a brilliant experiance and trust me when i say that you will have never done anything like it, the pure sensation of speed and finesse is amazing and creates a deep and strategic experiance. The game's presentation is also a winner, the soundtrack is just phenomenal (i'll leave it at that) and the visual style is so fitting and stunning. The inlcusion of the buddy system is one part that has been frowned on but i quite like it, it may not be very deep, but racing against a bunch of AI has never felt so realistic as friendly banter and venemous threats are exchanged freely. The game's online is bassicaly the same but wit hthe added pressure of real opponents. For me the rallycross events are a standout and the range of car's, though limited, feels weighty, fun and appropriate. All in all, this is great, if you liked GRID, you'll love this, because let's face it, its's race driver on gravel. Good job Codies, another winner!

  Loving this

| | See all punisher13's reviews (5)

Well i most definitely had high hopes for this game after playing the first one and i have not bin disappointed.This game looks great and has a vast variety of cars tracks and game modes.The car handling is good and the vehicle damage and crashing is awesome,this game is what a racing game should be,a hell of a lot of fun.Keep up the good work codemasters.

  Brilliant with a wheel

| | See all TheKid22's reviews (1)

Simply put if you have a steering wheel then 5 stars and if your using a controller then 3 stars.

Dirt 1 was totally rubbish in my opinion and i was almost not going to bother with Dirt 2 but after playing the demo it was clear that codies had finally pulled their finger out and sorted the handling and now they have a winner on their hands. This is the best racing game on ps3 yet.

I would have prefared to have had more traditional rally championship events rather than do one stage then get your points. But still for graphics, sound, and handling its brilliant.

I only hope they can pull of the same thing with GRID 2 because grid 1s handling was crap.

  Colin Mcrae lives on !!!

| | See all noobwatch's reviews (5)

What more can I say, after having owned all the Colin Mcrae rally games since the original on ps1 I can safely say this is the best rally game I have ever played!!. Codemasters have truly captured the real sense of being in a rally with stunning graphics and great attention detail as well as the audio design which is spot on and each car sounds totally unique. I thought rally games couldn't get any better after Dirt 1, but Codemasters have proved they are truly masters of this genre.

A fitting tribute to Colin the Master of rallying.

Graphics: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Overall: never fails to put a smile on your face.


| | See all Dannyboyy's reviews (59)

They have done it again loved dirt one loved grid and i love this the most i would definitely invest in this game if u havent already i just hope they make a grid 2 aswell its either between this or shift atm. I wouldnt bother with gran turismo its just as bad as it was on ps1 graphics are better but thats it theres no real life physics or crash damage an the cars are very bouncy when they bang in 2 the environment and other cars.

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  colin the legend mcrae the king is back

| | See all outlaw212's reviews (10)

i wasnt really into racing games until i saw these as soon has i started playing it i loved it worth the money buy it