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Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (53 reviews)"

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  Colin Mcrae: Dirt 2

| | See all Snoopy547's reviews (1)

They've done it again, taken a brilliant game, and made it better!! The handling of the vehicles is near spot on, which i've found to be a rare thing on games. And the sound is spot on!
As for comparing it to an arcade game........... What the flip!!! This is no where near the arcade-i-ness of such a game as motorstorm, this has leapt into the realms of rally/baja simulation!! Very impressed!!!! I'm darn certain colin would be proud to have his name on the front!! Nice job codemasters!!!!!

*************My advice, buy it!!!! *************


| | See all Seanybeast's reviews (5)

One of the best racing games to be played on PS3, disagree with the comment below on Motorstrom, this murders is by miles! much more choice, great graphics and although handling is a bit hard to get to grips with in the beginning, after a few races you wont be able to put it down. Online is also v.fun, nothing better then winding up someone as you overtake them by handbraking and drifting past them on a corner!


| | See all eddy1990's reviews (3)

This game is truely great..i would say that it is close to being as good as gtprologue...i love the variety in the maps and the many different locations available in the career mode.I think codemasters have gone the extra mile in improving the enviroments graphics and this truely does enhance the gaming experiance. The career mode is packed with races and will keep u entertained for longer than most other racing games...THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!

  Class personified

| | See all TheWardrobe's reviews (5)

I had high hopes for this game and they were totally exceeded. Codies do it again and leave everyone for dust or DiRT

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  best racer ever made for any console

| | See all garyfernandes's reviews (1)

this is easily the best racer around. ive not played a rally game since the first mcrae on ps1. they were a bore to me.the only reason i bought this was that i loved grid. grid was amazing and this is 10 times better!!!! graphics are outstanding, gameplay is perfect and the soundtrack is the best around.

this is much better than gran turismo. it far surpasses it. the best £40 ive ever spent. i even managed to convert a 360 owner to buyin a ps3 the same day.

that alone is more than enough reason to buy this game

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  Good game, but not a hardcore rally game

| | See all Brendcam's reviews (7)

You need to take this game for what it is, a racing game. If you are expecting game like the old colin mcrae games on ps2 then you will be dissapointed. This game feels very like grid, which is good in some respects but bad in others.
The game commentary feels very american and phrase like 'you nailed that one dude' and 'awesome' pop up a lot, the first quarter of the game involves racing against other drivers who want to be your friend, then later on in the game you unlock actual rally stages, but you are racing against cars with flames painted on the bonnet and why you have toys on the dashboard and dice hanging off the mirrors i will never know. this game feels like they have taken the technical part of the old colin mcrae away, things like customising your car for different stages and fixing the damage on the car, and replaced them with commercial aspects like dashboard toys and boy racer paintwork on the cars.

Saying that the driving part of the game is fantastic, feels very responsive and quite like grid, also you have the rewind option for when you powerslide into a tree you can pause rewind and try the corner again. Graphics are very good and the rally stages very challenging on different surfaces.

All in all this game is very good, but you need to forget the Colin Mcrae or WRC of old and take it for what it is, a good racing game.

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  GT5 gets pushed down into the dirt

| | See all andyAteam's reviews (5)

Simply the best racing game I've played on the ps3. This is because there is so much variation in game play that the game feels effortlessly flesh and stylish. The game combines realist driving great circuit design and a great sound track to form a amazing game, a worthy tribute to Colin McRae. If you are a fan of Motorstorm GT or NFS you won't regret getting this game. Give the demo a try at the very least.
Graphics 9/10
Online 8/10
Music 9/10


| | See all NottinghamForest69's reviews (1)

I loved grid so i was hoping that this was going to beat it ! and i can most definatley say it has !!!
the graphics are insane and the cars are excellent !
it has the realistic but not tooo realistic driving experiance which is how racing games are suppose to be like other wise it wont be as good !!!
and i think its going to be tough for nfs shift to match it !!!

  Best driving game at the moment!..

| | See all BobbyTheBobcat's reviews (1)

This is simply the best driving game at the moment without doubt! Will NFS Shift surpass this?.. We will have to wait and see, but it doesn't really matter anyway as they are different types of racing. We certainly will have a magnitude of riches with GT5 due as well.

Dirt2 good points for me - car physics and handling, car models, damage model, track and environmental graphics, sound of cars, music soundtrack, effects, career progression system, slick menus, low load time, excellent AI that barges into you if you do it to them, excellent fun and really exciting during racing. I would give this game 95% all round as it makes you want to play it all of the time.

If I had any small negative comments it would be the other drivers comments are a bit tacky, and that this is not a true rally sim as the stages are a bit short - but then codemasters never said it would be. If anything it is a lot more fun with the variation (buggies etc.).

Don't let this put you off though. If you like any kind of driving games or simulators then this is a must buy! It is truly excellent on the PS3 and you will be engrossed in it! I can't say better than that!


| | See all David191's reviews (1)

this is a good game but a bit overrated. old colin mcrae games were much better and this is not up to the same level as top racing games out today