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Split/Second Velocity

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Great game at a great price

| | See all neoglow's reviews (10)

Great game at a great price. I downloaded the demo of Split Second from the PSN a while back and actually really enjoyed it. I did think, ho hum, here we go with another driving game but was pleasantly surprised! So surprised in fact, I bought the full game. I probably would not of bought this on full-price-release-day but now that its dropped in price its a decent racer thats very simple to learn and enjoy. Basically each race pits you against a bunch of other cars all fighting to come first. The more you drift round corners or draft (tailgate) the car in front your powerup level increases. Your powerup gauge has 3 levels, use one of them to trigger a small event like blowing up a parked car ahead to destroy an oppenent or use all 3 levels to trigger a big event like destroying a building and also altering the track layout. There is also an instant replay feature after triggering a level 3 event where if you are quick enough hit a button (L1 I think) to get a short instant replay.

Graphically the game looks awesome through HDMI, lots of colours and detailed tracks. The car design is quite good, they are not modelled around real cars like Blur but still look good. The whole game appearance reminds me of Ridge Racer but with the added feature of blowing stuff up.

If you fancy a change to the usual racing around tracks, there is also a mode that pits you against something trying to destroy you, like avoiding an attack helicopter from launching airstrikes or driving round a storm gulley like in the terminator 2 movie whilst a lorry drops explosive barrels out the back. Crashing your car is also quite satisfying, not as good in my opinion as the Burnout series or Grid but theres still frantic moments when an oppenent triggers a bus to explode right in front of you and its just too late to avoid it!

Ive seen some reviews that said this game seemed scripted but find me a driving game that isnt! Some racers give you freedom to roam (eg Burnout Paradise) but almost ever other racer that exists limits the player to a scripted track!

Ultimately Id recommend this game to anyone, some DLC has recently been added to the Playstation Network to download for a small fee so the developers are expanding the game and havent just abandoned it after release. If youre looking for something to give you instant entertainment, pop the disc in, choose a track, few seconds of loading later and you can be blasting round a track blowing up buildings and driving down runways towards jumbo jets crash landing! Good stuff.

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  Surprisingly good!

| | See all Linners1978's reviews (7)

I initially ignored this game in favour of buying blur - another good racer..tho, after recently buying split second I can confirm SS is far more fun (and speedy) than Blur. Now it's dropped in price, it's totally worth investing in. Fast, Frantic, smooth, no lag racing at a decent price. Totally recommend this for a weekend of fun. Just buy, then press a button and destroy a building! (on the game that is)

  Pleasantly surprised

| | See all WoodyTheBluebird's reviews (4)

I was a bit sceptical about buying this game when it came out a few months ago, but when it came down in price, I decided to give it a punt. In summary, I was amazed at how good it was compared to my initial expectations. To put it simply, if you are looking for a 'pick up/put down' game that is 10/10 entertainment value, then this is it! The races are non-stop action all the way!!

  great game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

what a good game so many hours of game play a great arcade racer takes burnout to the next level

  totally refreshing and fun

| | See all Sambofett's reviews (9)

L|ike so many others I am a true burnout fan and loved this game... I am surprised however that so many people say that there are no really GREAT racers out there, have you all not tried GRID, this game is probably the most addictive, realistic and fun racers ever on playstation, if you do not have it... buy it, but buy the newer version with the upgrades( saves 14 money) and watch, you actually feel as though the car is moving and not the floor !!! AWESOME

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  There's NOBODY online!!!

| | See all magicpat's reviews (7)

I've been trying to find an arcade style driving game for the PS3 for ages (have you played Burnout 3 Takedown on PS2? You get my drift?) This is as near to that as I can find at the moment - I tried Blur too, but it's not as good to drive unfortunately. But my main gripe with Split Second Velocity is the complete lack of online players! Where is everyone?? I'm only giving it 4 stars because the gameplay is a little short, even after playing through it all again to trigger all the scenes, but the only way I have been able to play online so far is by inviting (the very few) friends online who also have it. Really gutted also that Burnout 4 Revenge is out for Xbox, but not PS3. Time to get the PS2 out of the loft methinks...

  This, or Blur?

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

After playing both this and Blur, I can't really decide which one is best.

They're both very similar style games in a sense that they're both intensely fun with plenty of things to keep you going.

I found the multiplayer more fun on Blur, as did my friends. I think it was more the Mario Kart style 'boosters' which made it slightly more familiar to us.

The cars on this could have been a little better, but the tracks and theme of it work well. Worth a buy if it's on offer.

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  Best racer I have ever played

| | See all MarkeyMan90's reviews (19)

I havn't played a racer faithfully since my PS2 days with the Burnout series and for along time I was waiting for a racer that was worth playing, alot of driving games came and went but I just didn't feel that adrenaline that the Burnout series gave me, that was until I played Split/Second.

I can't praise this game enough and I have to say it exceeds my expectations of any racer out there, it has these awe-inspiring set pieces where the whole city around you starts to fall away into rubble, which also creates new pathways in a race.

I recommend this game highly to anyone, the online aspect is also sensational, I've never felt such adrenaline in a game online ever. Just play it.

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  Seriously intense!

| | See all GreenhillZone's reviews (8)

This is quite frankly the most awesome racer i've played in a long time. Racing games by their very nature can be frantic affairs anyway as you jostle for position to finish first but when you add to this the added dimension of destruction and mayhem that this game brings, it mounts up to one seriously awesome game. Some of the larger powerplays where you wreck havoc on your opponents are simply incredible and the feeling of satisfaction when you wipe out 5 other drivers in one go is immensely satisfying. Of course anything you can do to them, they can also do to you so you can't relax not even for a split second (no pun intended!) I've seen some silly comments on here with regards to the handling and speed of the cars. I can only assume that this is based on the one car in the demo as some of the more powerful cars you unlock as you progress in this game are seriously quick with really tight, nimble handling. Special mention as well must go the graphics on this game which are absolutely superb and among the best i've seen this generation. It really does look that good at times especially when you're using the bumper cam. All in all, if you like your racers with a shot of adrenaline then check this out, you won't be disappointed.

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  Well I liked it...

| | See all Carbumb's reviews (1)

Great fun little game. If you like Pure and Burnout then you'd like this!! I loved it! Suprises me all the time when playing it!

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