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Split/Second Velocity

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Nothing new here

| | See all scaffoo's reviews (2)

Played this and was instantly disappointed. A poor attempt to upstage the burnout series imho and falls flat. Graphics are poor, car handling poor and the racing is dull, even with the power up special abilities. The exploding scenery detail is second rate. Even if you want an arcade style racer there are better ones out there. Don't waste your money.

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| | See all GodOfGaming's reviews (52)

racing games start to get a bit tedious and boring but this is no ordinary racing game. it add a whole new dimetion with the eliment of blowing up scenary to take out your rivals. when i first heard about this game i thought it would have small explosions such as a barrel hear and there but how wrong i was. when you have all 3 bars filled you can change the whole race by blowing up bridges and buildings to change the route of the race and even manage to take out a couple of racers on the way. the graphics are fantasic and i have never seen a racing game look so good. the time trials are also great and add variety. a great game and i would highly recommend buying it or downloading the demo first.

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  Love it!

| | See all callanfin's reviews (1)

This arcade racer is more than just a racer. Excellent gameplay and every race is totally different. Online is tough and could be great.....if only I had unlocked a car fast enough to compete!
The best bit for me is the splitscreen for 2 players.......brilliant fun.
Overall, I'd say this is a "must buy" and possibly the best allround racing game ever (bearing in mind that I don't do simulators)


| | See all mediro's reviews (30)

If you like Burnout you will like this one for sure. You have to race this one to see what is like to race on the edge of a cliff with a huge water dam exploding to pieces on your rival cars and you driving through taking 1st place. Much better than hitting little slightly colored square signs to power up or shield your car...

  good stuff

| | See all Apo11o's reviews (2)

first off, anyone who's comparing this game to GRID has obviously never played any other racers apart from GRID. its absolutely nothing like it, what are you people on?

this game is more old school burnout than anything else (not burnout paradise, we're talking last gen here). its good simple arcade fun. if you're after a no brainer racer which is exciting, where everything around you blows to pieces and is good to play in nice bitesized chunks, then this is your game.

more tracks would have been nice, but im assuming disney will hit us with some DLC to rectify that.

its fun, its fast and its exciting. thats all you need to know.

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| | See all speedicus's reviews (2)

i think this game needs to be taken seriously as i usually am bored by racing games, this one however is awesome

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  Great Graphics - short season play

| | See all mspike's reviews (4)

graphics are excellent, game play is good but the tracks are limited. The season mode is good, but is limited and short, there are 12 episodes and 6 events per episode, four events are open straight away and then you have to take out rivals to unlock 1 other event and obtains enough credits to open the other event. Events include race, elimination, survival and air attack.


| | See all xboxer360's reviews (1)

having played this game since thursday. this is a game im gonna hold on to. DO NOT COMPARE TO ANY SIMULATION/ARCADE GAMES. IE Grid . this feels plays like burnout mainly cos crition games help have input into the satudios development. SO EXPECT GAME STYLE AND LOOKS SAME AS BURNOUT. that being notiedn. why should you buy this game.well i dont know. so WHY should i buy this game. because of the imense explosiveness the way how you can detonate a explosin that come crashing down or across the road in front of you to help elimnate that drive. the way you can completely change your route you taken the first 2 time around by opening another route. say underground or over top of buildings.the music is a real action packed feel to it suites the game.there is no damage so this is more arcady but with a twist as stated. NO BOOST METER instead implemented by powerplays.witch works well. wots more theres online too were you can do same offline online.. lots tracks i mean lots and unlock cars.The game is made to make you feel its performed for a tellyvision show. ONLY your the main guy everyones watching. so keep them wanting more. BUY IT!!

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  full game review! .. A little let down

| | See all scotley's reviews (16)

After playing the demo I have to compare this to GRID, although other reviewers say it has a Burnout feel too it. Races in Split/Second are set over 3 Laps on a destructive circuit where players can alter the route enabling shortcuts and destroy their opponents. Burnout differs with a 'free roaming' environment but if you are a fan of arcade racers then i would rent before you think of buying this game based solely on the fact that the car handling is poor, controls are simple but pretty unresponsive and lack sharpness which is a shame as this could have been excellent! Online play is aggressive but once again let down because you are put into online lobbies which are not grouped to your cars ability so if you are new to this game you have no chance of competing against older players as their cars are far more superior. I was so looking forward to this game but feel alittle let down, the idea is great but let down with a few problems

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  Ok but a little disappointed

| | See all abarron's reviews (77)

After seeing the trailers for this and waiting what seemed an age to download the demo i was a little disappointed with the game.
I was expecting Burnout with explosions but the car in the demo feels sluggish and slow you can only blow certain things up and its pretty easy to win.
It would also have liked another track just to see what else is gonna offered in game.
Maybe a rent for me

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