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Max Payne 3

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  An average game nothing else.

| | See all jex990's reviews (13)

Ok i would like to say this game has it good moments in the game and also its bad moments. The story is really good but it seems to have been copied from different movies and also there's no freedom of movement very linear. And also found most of the game it just shoot and cover it gets really boring fast. Then there's the multiplayer completly unbalanced when starting at lvl 1. And most of the high players just dominate the game. It's a shame the game isn't up to rockstar standard's. I'd prefer Red dead Redemption over this any day. Thats my opinion but not everyone has to agree with me just try it and seee for yourself.

  Recommend... just about...

| | See all flames11's reviews (5)

3 stars might be a bit harsh, 3.5 might be more accurate.

The positives: Action and playability are really impressive. You will be hard pushed to find a game that has better shoot outs, which is a good thing because it will be all you are asked to do. No puzzles, mazes or decoding to be done. Just kill everything. Graphics are passable and there are some good locations.

Negatives: Storyline is fairly weak with little depth and you wont really like anyone in the game, including max who's dialogue is so unbelievably cringeworthy its hard not to stuff your ears for fear of what he will say next in that over cooked gravelly voice. Also, it takes SO LONG for everything to load, which is inexplicable when you think of the other higher quality and more detailed games that are ready to go in a matter of seconds. its significantly frustrating. you have to sit through pointless scenes just so it can load. shouldn't happen in this day and age.

Im glad i didn't pay full whack for it when it came out, but its definitely worth a go for around the 20 euro mark.


| | See all MADSLC's reviews (19)

The best game I have ever played and the Max Payne we have all been waiting for. MP1 was great but had some bits in that were just out of place. This is raw action from start to finish and is accompanied by the most amazing score ever. The atmosphere beats that of Batman hands down and can be enhanced by wearing a set of good headphones so you can really pump it up.

The levels go on and on which is great as you just don't want it to end. You can play from hard level at the outset which is great and you have the option to adjust the difficulty at any stage during game play so if you want to try it out but are worried you may get stuck at some point, it is okay.

If MP4, 5 and 6 are like this, I will stay out of PS retirement!


| | See all BALDYMAN1's reviews (60)

when i first tryed this i didn,t like it at all how ever i gave it 1 last go b4 i took it to trade and mate i absoultey loved it very violent and bloody loved it

  Good, but not great.

| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

It took me a while to get into this game. The drawn out cut scenes filled with characters I don't know or care about were a bit tedious and the cut scenes can't be skipped, more on this later.

Compared to things like Uncharted, the mix of cut scenes and playable sections feels a bit clumps and incredibly obvious, you're not playing a movie, it' flip flops between being a movie and a game, even going so far as to commandeer the sniper-rifle scoped view to follow a character for the story's sake, would it have killed them to let the player follow him them selves?

Once i did get into the characters and story the levels also started getting a little longer and something you can get your teeth into, and by the end I was loving it.

Then comes the replay-ability, I was stoked to give the challenges (grinds) a try and get a few achievements...BUT...

As I said earlier the game is constructed in such a way that the level is loading while the cut scene is playing, so that means if you want to replay a level to collect something you've got to watch the same cut scenes over and over and over, and my life can they get old fast.

The controls are OK, bullet time is very nice but out with that Max's regular lumbering around seems very clumsy, i already referenced uncharted but the little things like Drake touching the wall or obstacles really makes it, in this max just bumps into stuff, if you walk into a table with chairs and glass bottles the chairs move, the glass bottles smash instantly and the table itself seems stuck to the floor with ungodly force. All in all that paints the picture of a pretty unrealistic environment.

It's decent enough but for a game with so many achievements to get it should be a little easier to reply.

  Man On Fire

| | See all NikoBellic's reviews (15)

Brilliant game with a fantastic story. As mentioned in the title this game borrows a lot from the movie Man On fire which is no bad thing. Quality graphics too with sweet gun play. Loved it, recommend it.

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  Great Game

| | See all Hummad's reviews (2)

Just bought the game 2 days ago must say i am really impressed, great visuals and fantastic blending of animation makes this game a treat for the eyes. I would strongly recommend that you get this game because it is worth every cent :).

The game was in great condition and arrived in perfect timing no longer than two days for my first experience with play i must say i am pleased the sellers so far are great.

so i would just like to say thank you

  Super good!

| | See all babbyluber's reviews (7)

Well this is my first max payne game and have to admit thought it was really really good. I have to say it is a super hard game, i played the game on medium level like all games and with no help on the aiming which i think is right as help is cheating a little (soz if you picked aiming help ha). there are lots of bad guys to kill all the time and really enjoyed the story line! Also which is a massive plus for me the game isnt finished in 3 hours (COD ha) and has a long story line campaign, 40 quid well spent! All is all if i was being picky i would agree if people say its repetetive but i found it never bored me and was really challenging! Great game and gutted its all over for me.

  Great game . A must buy !

| | See all VULCANGLOCK's reviews (7)

Excellent game . It still has the feeling of the earlier games such as the music . The location of the game is a big bonus - nice to see somebody has used thier imagination...
The story is superb and although all shooters are a bit 'samey' ,- this gets better and better . The flashbacks aren't annoying and the gameplay is smooth and instinctive .
My only criticism is that I would like Max to have the oppurtunity to use molotov cocktails or grenades , -as in the previous games .
'Bullet time ' is still a bonus . The scenery is great and the music very atmospheric . The final levels in the airport really are enjoyable and can be challenging .
All in all - a great buy - a great game

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  The Best Max Payne In The Series.

| | See all wwekevin's reviews (54)

I played the first max payne on ps2 and never completed it because i didn't like it so didn't bother with 2. After seeing the the screen shots and trailers this game looked really good so took a chance and bought it and to me its the best one i've played with a really good campaign also the graphics and gameplay are pretty good. The slow motion is really good and looks cool in gun fights. Top marks for the campaign as for the online well to me its pretty basic and not so addictive as other titles to keep me playing. Overall definitely worth buying 10/10 experience.

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