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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Console with 80GB HDD + FREE Killzone 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Easily the best console ever

| | See all dxwestbrom's reviews (2)

the ps3 is the best console evere WHY?
1)the graphics and hd gaming
2)blu ray player (xbox 360 uses hd dvd which no one makes anymore
3)free online for all applications (gaming,messenging,demos,music)
4) the actual design of the console (the shiny black finish matches ya hd television

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| | See all BIFFBAFFBOFF's reviews (8)

This is by far the best console = best graphics, blu ray player, best exclusive games, you can browse the internet on it, free online playstation network where you can download the latest demo's, full games and more, also has playstation home which is a free online chat room with an avatar and lot's of games and things to do (notice how I keep saying FREE unlike another certain console...) the ps3 also looks great in the home with it's shiny black, sleek design (unlike another certain console...WHITE AND GREEN?? YUCK!!! Oh, and the ps3 doesn't brake down after having it for a few months (unlike another certain console) Once the game developers start realising what the ps3 can do, we are going to see some amazing things being done with this AMAZING machine. LONG LIVE THE PS3!!!...(unlike another certain console) That's all folkes ;)

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  Sony Blows It!

| | See all mothsauce's reviews (2)

The worst console i have ever owned. the game itself (Killzone 2) is so broken that it feels really clunky to play. The graphics have been blown out of all proportion, they are a bit rough around the edges. The fact is sony are now third in the console wars and sell a lot more PS2's than they do this. I really don't rate this machine.

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| | See all Josephy's reviews (1)

Great bit of kit, does evrything the 360 does better and more! Great Build quality unlike the 360, so many of my friends xboxs have broken and crashed, online is great evrything is great!!! Get One!!!


| | See all TNRmotoko's reviews (3)

iv recantly add the ps3 to my colection of systems and it is amazing im so happy with it and i own a 360 and in my opinion the ps3 is better and for the price they are now cheaper as you dont have to pay to play online games. but that is my opinion.

(ow and sorry about any spelling mistakes)


| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

I've had my PS3 (60GB version) for almost 2 years now & love it.
I use it almost every day, mainly for gaming & blu-ray/dvd.
Its a solid machine, great build quality, looks & performs fantastically.
Games & Blue rays are amazing in 1080p HD & standard DVD's are up scaled to near HD quality.
Its also a media centre for storing music, photos & movies, serf the Internet & use the playstation network to download free demos & other content (PSN is free too).
I really cant speak highly enough of this console & I've been gaming for over 25 years (Atari days!!) & wouldn't be without it.

  get one today

| | See all ps3owner34's reviews (19)

the ps3 is the best console to own in this day and age worth every penny bluetooth more processing power cells to handle each task it can be used as a home pc running linux or windows even thow linux is the best forget microsoft to many issues and gliths in there software just like the xbox 360 witch has many errors (error 74) being just one of the many issues with xbox360 ps3 has many things going for it with an on demand dedicated music video server comeing soon all for free just like the online service if i was you id get a ps3 asap there the bomb all ready have one in each room now there a multimedia system unbeatable

  Best of the best

| | See all Not4Sale's reviews (5)

With the great line up of games there has not been a better time to get a playstaion.The console is great as it can do so much and the games are great.What ever you want it for a Games,Blue ray,pc you will kicking your self for not getting one sooner.

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  Sony show's interest

| | See all joyfulalan's reviews (6)

I have had a PS3 for quite a while now 40Gig version. Just upgrading the hard drive to 320Gig with ease for £45 and with the addition of Play TV I been amazed at how Sony show continual interest in this product with the regular software upgrades, making the console just interesting to switch on and wonder what to entertain myself with next. The Blue Ray player competes with my New Panasonic BD35 and PS3 interface far excedes the Pana. My digiphotos load a treat, again with the new photo album from Sony it's a pleasure to view. Music sounds, continually impress. The only problem I have with the PS3 is the games of which I don't have a lot of interest ,since Space Invaders/Asteroids disappeared, I wish Sony would cater for the older games, but the real hang up I have is learning the functions on the sixaxis controller. But my grandkids don't, oops showing my age.

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  Best gaming console

| | See all tintin3's reviews (1)

The ps3 is the greastest gaming device on earth. hands down this deal is a steal. the initial price of the PS3 was far too high but now this is a bargian

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