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PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (70 reviews)"

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  It's no Fifa

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

Fair enough, the game would be good if I didn't have Fifa to compare it to, but it just doesn't quite get up to that standard.

To me, my main hang up about this game is still the licensing issues, even after all of these years. I just can't bring myself to like it, no matter how much I play it.

The game itself is fairly smooth to play, but there's just something missing. If Fifa keeps progressing the way it currently is, I think PES will give up in a few years time.

  typical pro evo... something is missing

| | See all chinny89's reviews (37)

I don't know but something has to be changed or added to the pro evo series because atm, fifa is coming back strong and definitely over taking pro...

i love pro but some how i think the developers need to bring in something new... the graphics is typical of any pro evo game!

but worth the buy, now at this price

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| | See all Martinp337's reviews (1)

what can i say almost like going down the park for a game of footy, where as fifa feels like watching football from space. online great, graphics amazing, game play the best ever.

  Getting Better

| | See all notanotherreview's reviews (7)

Recently, it's been a bad time for the PES series where the game has seemingly been overshadowed by it's competitor, certainly since the next-gen era.

This is the first PES since PES6 I've played for a good amount of time. It's nice to be able to play Master League again, a surefire hit for anyone interested in football!

The graphics are astounding player likenesses are unrivalled, simply put. There are the usual PES issues, lack of licenses etc but this has always been the case. The game is packed with modes including fully licensed European competitions - that are integrated well with ML.

I only see it being a number of years before this series is back on top of the football sport genre. The lack of a better rating is the games still massively in working progress, compared to the level it used to play at 5/6 years ago.


| | See all wezza999's reviews (2)

this game has stepped up a level....i was a FIFA man but Pro Evo has smacked it with the smooth skills and the realistic game play.
Fifa Feels abit fake like u can shoot from anywhere, where as pro Evo has made the Game Play like Arsenal.....Im now a PRO EVO man....must have of the collection!!!! best footie game ever released!


| | See all Lampard24's reviews (1)

I have played this format since ISS days! I expected the 'robotic' aspect of the Pro Evo format to have been solved - It irks me to say that Fifa 2010 version is smoother. The gameplay is restricted by the stiff appearance of the players let down the quality. The graphics are brilliant, makes you want to watch every replay!!

Saying that Konami needs to address the robotic look. There is an improvement in the quality Youth players and Ihave been able to win trophies with a team made up of many youth players (which have some well known player -Ballack, Shevenenko.

I will always be faithful to Pro Evo but the 2011 version has to address the 'robotic' appearance. Still value for money because it isn't easy to score from professional level onwards.Loads of ways to play as well - Cups, Champion/Europa leagues. Not tried online yet.

  What Happened?!!!

| | See all carlitos's reviews (1)

Been playing PES on the PS2 for years and have loved every one they've released. Now i've upgraded to a PS3 i got PES 2010 for it. Can't say i'm impressed. The graphics are amazing and the player likeness is very good, but whats happened to the gameplay?!!! Turgid, slow, unresponsive and in the regular mode way too easy!
Now i have PES 2010 on my PSP and its fantastic, and has been beautifully upgraded from 2009, but the PS3 version is completely different!
Other problems i've encountered are when you register a player and save it, it doesent change in the team if you've got a league going which is ridiculous! Also there's a slight pause when the ref blows the whistle, the dribbling is slow and you don't feel you have proper control over the player, between pressing the pass button and the player actually passing the ball there's a delay, and in a replay the players name isn't shown!
If this is what an upgrade to PS3 does to my favourite game ever then i'll be getting this on the PS2!

  Online still lags

| | See all requiem7's reviews (17)

Single player is great. Graphics are top notch and sounds great.
Online is still plagued by lag. Mostly during the busy periods or playing someone far away. Seems everyones a Barcelona/Real Madrid fan as well online.


| | See all SAQIB007's reviews (36)

I have to admit I am 100% happy... After last years edition, I was really in 2 minds whether to buy the game or not, as I thought last years edition was not very good..

After having a real go at PES 2010 over the last week or so, I am blown away... First of all the game play is incredible, much more realistic, the best thing about it is that you can't dash through the entire team with the likes of Ronaldo or Messi, you have to really work for your goals.. The passing is really good, through balls have to be precise and well timed, especially the run of the player it is intended for. Shooting is alot better, accuracy is the key.. There is no hit and hope which is a great addition, the game won't be as easy...

1 thing I have tried out which I've never done before is using specific tactics and utilising a strategy. On PES 2010, it is really effective using specific tactics, for example when I played Real Madrid and Barcelona, I never bothered using any strategy, just chnaged my formation and got passed off the park with players everywhere.. However when I changed some of the tactics such as increasing pressure and pressing the opposition, it was completely different. Your players actually force mistakes and close down really quickly and cut out passes alot... A little hint for when you play Real Madrid and Barcelona :-) However be aware that the ref can be a little biased and some fouls are not given to you, I've had plenty of penalties not given to me... This really needs to be changed, I've even got away with some tackles that are along the lines of GBH... It can be frustrating because it tends to happen at crucial stages of the match..

Also when setting your tactics, players stay in position, this a really good step up for PES 2010 because the last 2 editions, I have been frustrated when the opposition breaks down the wings and my centre backs drift out to the full back position leaving huge gaps in the middle... PES 2010 tactics alter this and you'll notice the difference when playing.

Reason I have given 4 stars is because of the same problem, Goalkeepers. Although they have improved massively, they still have dodgy moments at key times.. There are alot of cases where they save with there legs when they could easily just pick the ball up. Some goals I have scored and conceded are where the shot is low and hard at the keeper and it deflects off the keepers legs and goes in.. Another thing is when they rush out, sometimes they are very slow, don't come out or come out way too late... I always hope every year that keepers are tweaked, but Konami are getting there..

Master League includes the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, makes it more realistic... I've finished a season on the Master League, it is the best version up to now and hopefully it'll be better next year.. Realistic transfer values, wages etc. It is difficult to buy players but some transfers are very very very unrealistic... I'm Inter, tried buying David Silva and he went to Benfica :-S ????

1 thing to note is Level Pro may become a little too easy after a few games.

I can't really comment about online play because I've only had 5 matches where I had no problems at all.. Last years edition I had alot of jittering etc..

The graphics are a major improvement, the players look more realistic and life like, the stadiums are amazing, more choice including Old Trafford..

Overall this game is no let down... It is a big step up for Konami and hopefully they will improve on this next year without moving anything out... BUY NOW!!!

Ps. When you play a high pressing game and mark Ronaldo out of the game, he gets a little angry and fouled alot.. He's been sent off twice against me :-D

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