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SBK 09: Superbike World Championship 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  amazing :D

| | See all matty306's reviews (2)

i got the game and had it about i month now and i love it, game play the lot :D
but i gotta agree whats with the Alfa MITO???

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  Good game but lacks something in everything .

| | See all Race46's reviews (6)

All in all it's a good game .. it's the best motorbike game I've ever played on this generation but how do I put it .. in every aspect of the game .. it lacks something .. Online is good but connection is not that good . Offline is nice but there is no upgrades or new parts like motogp on the ps2 . However the game is very technically detailed .. I like changing stuff .. 4 stars because it is far away from being perfect .

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| | See all Evo4g63t's reviews (3)

Gamers worst nightmare. Really good detail, great adjustability, I'd even go as far as a game for all abilities. However, what a shame about the waiting time!!! Every time you move from one sub menu to another, it 'Accesses game data' (twice), then 'Saves game data'. This takes about 12 seconds. I know this might not seem a long time. But EVERY time? And what has an Alfa MITO got to do with SBK? Some irrelevant sponsorship deal?

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| | See all haribo92's reviews (3)

Motogp 09 will actually be made but released in 2010, (its gonna be called Motogp09/10)as u'll be able to play Motogp 09 but as the 2010 season starts u'll be able to download the 2010 stuff. At no extra charge. This game (SBK09) is truly amazing and will take some beating, however the new 2009 Yamaha R1 sounds nothing like what it does in real life. Which is stupid as every other bike
does sound just the same as the real thing. Anyway, if your going to hit against Motogp09/10 i suggest you read the official article about it on motogp.com now

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  Motogp 09

| | See all JAK2008's reviews (1)

im thinking of getting this game i dunno yet i played on motgp 08 and thats to arcade and i want more of a sim
Motogp 09 will not be getting made they decided to put there efforts into the 2010 project so they can do a better job of it this time around makes more sence i suppose

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  way better than moto gp

| | See all domark's reviews (1)

moto gps biggest downfall is the sound of the bikes....they sound like something of a spectrum 48k of the 80s. sbk 09 is really good,looks amazing,plays amazing,very realistic and tricky but in a really good way get it get it get it !!!! bikes pop wheelies out of corners,loose grip at the rear all real bike problems and they do it suddenly just as in real life......vgood

  HELP ! ! !

| | See all MrTxxThaxxLad's reviews (1)

i was really thinking about getting this game. But from the reviews i shud get moto gp 09, wen is it out, cause it aint on play.com

which wud b better ? ? ?

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  Keeps Getting Better Every Time You Play It

| | See all Pringle72's reviews (5)

I hated SBK08, MotoGP08 was far better. And within the first 5 minutes of playing SBK09, I thought not much change. Okay the menu's are nice, but its the racing that you are really bothered about. And the Racing really is much better. The tracks are better and theres more of them. The more you play and slide your bike the better the game keeps on getting. Online is not bad, sometimes a little jumpy but still good. The detail around the track is okay, far better than SBK08, but nothing like F1 Championship. The Game can still be improved but at the moment its the best one out there until MotoGP09 is released later this year. If you are into bikes then its a must buy.

  must buy for any bike fans

| | See all paulorossi46's reviews (2)

if you're a motogp or sbk fan, then you have to own this game...
the graphics are very good, the track environments are excellent and the general gameplay is very good, if you have all the riding aids turned off, it feels very real, or as real as a motorbike can feel on a video game..
there are however a few little issues i have, it's stupidly easy, i have set everything to the hardest level and am using the slower bikes in championship mode, yet if i concentrate and nail a lap then i'm 4-5 seconds a lap quicker.
The rider list is already out of date, no sign of hopkins or smrz?!?!
all in all a very good game, but needs to be a bit more challenging and i'd have prefered to wait an extra month to have an up to date entry list....Lets see how MOTOGP 09 responds..........

  This just keeps getting better and better

| | See all normanself's reviews (7)

When I first got SBK-07 on PS2 it was underwhelming, SBK-08 on PS3 was a step in the right direction, now with SBK-09, wow. Much better, if only it had a carreer mode like that of the MotoGP games this would be perfect.
great graphics, great handling, all round possibly the best motorcycle racing game on the PS3 right now!