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Red Dead Redemption

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (185 reviews)"

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  Dead Good!!

| | See all donovans's reviews (23)

Red Dead Redemption is arguably the best video game I have ever played. The story of John Marston is enthralling and the gameplay (including wild west style shoot-outs) is exciting. But what made RDR stand out from every other game I've ever played is the stunning graphics and visual appearance. The fact you can spend hours riding on gallopping horses across the the great desert plains of western America and Mexico shouldn't be as addictive and enticing as it is. (Indeed, the term 'open-world gaming' couldn't be more accurate.) I have never, in over twenty years, never be physically 'taken aback' by the background scenery of a game. Also, for anyone putting off buying it because they're not into the whole wild west/cowboys image, well, neither am I. Which made Read Dead Redemption even more pleasantly suprising for me when I first played it. 5/5

  One of the best games I have ever played!

| | See all superblade8's reviews (4)

If you havent bought this game already then BUY IT NOW, it is an incredible game in every way and the Undead Nightmare DLC is excellent too!

  One of the most detailed and best games ever!

| | See all CheapSeller's reviews (24)

I bought this back when it first came out and to this date I think its still one of the best games of all time. I have many, many reasons why I think this and many others can back up my points. First of I'm going to mention the vast detail in this game, its amazing! Just looking around at the high amount of detail put into the landscape of the West and looking from a hillside into the distance will give you a thrill because of how real it looks. Weather effects are good, you can even go a step further and even tell when its going to rain in the game, because the clouds gather like real life and go dark in colour, how's that for detail? Also seeing wild animals in the game and being able to skin them for resources and money will have you busy for a good while. The story is typical of Rockstar and gives you an excellent one, as you would expect in Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne etc. Side Missions are all there, and will keep you busy, their obviously not as detailed as the actual story, but will give you them extra hours after completion! Online is excellent, there's still players who go on there, as you would expect and there's plenty to do, also gather your mates and make your own possy and fight others in groups! If you've never played this game and consider getting it, try it out. I doubt you'll be dissapointed because this is a game made for players of all genres.

  Worth a go!

| | See all ManniSingh's reviews (5)

If you like adventure/shoot em ups/free roaming, this is a game for you....similar to that of oblivion, fallout, gta, the further into the story you get the better! Free roaming allows you to do different side missions, watch out for SID hes a little loopy.....and you wouldnt beleive how addictive the poker is on the game.....'im feeling a little hogtied'! Hours of gameplay and trophies to get,! Well worth giving it a good go and see for yourself!

  a puzzler

| | See all flames11's reviews (5)

id give it 3 and a half if i could.

negatives: a lot of horse riding involved. the dialogue scenes are long and very boring, but you can skip them. im not quite sure what the point of the game is. its a bit sims-ish.

positives: i cant stop playing it! i get sucked in to games of poker and other ridiculous things. its just really adictive and i cant explain why.

in conclusion im not sure whether i like it or not, but i keep playing it.!!!

p.s. there's a lot of unnecessary animal killing and skinning involved. does it need to be there?

  What else to say????

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

This is an amazing game, is cause of this that I enjoy so much be a gamer since my five years old. Beautifal history, brilliant gameplay and so FIVE stars, that I can imagine a PS3 gamer not playing this.
Thanks again Rockstar.

  will simply never die

| | See all chrissdad's reviews (2)

so much to do and the best open play system out there .. I've managed to complete trophies now after months and months of play and still constantly find things to do and get lost in cowboy land for a while .. great stuff.

  my favourite game of all time.

| | See all Thompson1's reviews (1)

if you love GTA, good stories, or life in general you will love this game. i have spent sooo many hours just pissing about online with my friend, riding donkeys and shooting up bitches. i first borrowed the game off my friend and from the word go i was hooked. went out and brought undead nightmare, then had to go out again and buy the original because i wanted to get all the trophies (which i am no where near doing). this game has sparked a love for the late western period for me and rekindled my love for GTA, so i can finally get round to completing it. if i were you i would buy the complete version, with all the dlc because you will regret it. if you love adventure you will love this jaw dropping landscape filled with the most interesting characters i've ever seen in all entertainment (let a loan video games). P.S. i cried at the end.