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Red Dead Redemption

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (185 reviews)"

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| | See all wrinklie's reviews (42)

This is by far the best game I have played on any consol. so much to do in single player and when you want to do it. Multiplayer freeroam must be the first of it's kind. Gain exp points anyhow you like. soundtrack takes me back to Spaghetti westerns at the cinema. far superior to Call of Juarez bound in blood. sofar absolutely flawless. if you are not a western game fan take a look at the trailer,and I bet you change your mind. Look out for Spikington in Multiplayer. enjoy

  GTA Wildwest - Yehaaaaaaa

| | See all Itsasnip77's reviews (1)

Rockstar have done it again. Amazing game, Game of the year so far!! Just go and BUY it now. You'll yehaaaaaa love it!!

  A Milestone in Open World Gaming

| | See all Kolurial's reviews (1)

Probably one of the best games I've played in a long long time. Incredible graphics, addictive and fun gameplay, fantastic music, flawless sense of atmosphere and a gripping, unconventional and unique storyline as it explores an era of the Old/New West that few other mediums have done.

  THE best open world game!

| | See all SScott89's reviews (1)

This is easily the best open-world game today. Rockstar have produced yet another quality title and have, as they always do, surpassed their previous efforts.
Red Dead Redemption builds on the GTA IV model, using the same engine, and proving that 'big' games CAN look good. There are no compromises in the graphics/sound: the game looks and feels amazing. Players of GTA IV will recognise the games realistic look and feel, with the way the horses muscles move to the way bodies react to taking a bullet. This game is up there with any you can think of in terms of presentation and graphics. It is a joy to play and watch. You could simply wander around the plains and not get bored, but ofcourse, the true essence of any Rockstar free-roaming title is what you can do WITHIN the massive world they have created.
The story is rich and full of developed characters that draw you in, the gameplay is fun and challenging at the same time and you can really rattle along with just the main quests. Aside from that though, RDR offers players the chance to do many other things, many more than ANY OTHER Rockstar game has offered before. You can play some poker, have a drink, pick flowers (for that special someone), go hunting, do some trading, duel, watch a picture in the movie house, crack safes, rob banks, hold up trains, chase bounties aswell as HUNDREDS of regualar occurences such as traps set up by bandits, gunfights in towns etc etc. This game is jam-packed with things for you to do.
For the first time ever, there is an open-world game that actually feels like a world. There is some much for you to do, and the computer characters feel so real and interactive, that it fully immerses you in the setting. I really can not recommend this game enough. It has everything you could possibly want from and open-world game and it gets the 'cowboy' feel down to a tee.
If you are a fan of open-world games, such as GTA, then do not hesitate: you WILL love this game. And if you're not a fan, then give it a go. It is an entire world; there will be something you enjoy within it!
Like the title says, THE best open-world game ever.
(O, and there is the little matter of multiplayer. Again, a complete step-up from GTA and well worth your time if you like the game. I won't say too much, because you have to experience it, but it is well worth your time and seeing as the single player is worth the price alone, ANY multiplayer is a bonus. If you're not a fan, then stick with the story mode).
Buy it and enjoy.

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| | See all Jokesterman's reviews (1)

such a great game that i dont even know how to explain it ,.....awsome....best game i have played in my entire life ...... MUST BUY IF UR A GAMER

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  Saddle up!

| | See all DunstanDorchester's reviews (4)

Great game, if you ever wanted to be a cowboy and roam the range then this is the game for you. Do missions, help people, hunt, ride, roam - anything you like.
The intro and cut scenes are ace too, take it slow and don't rush into the game, it really builds the atmosphere [as does the music, which is just like a spaghetti western]

  One of the best games I have played!

| | See all 009chaz's reviews (2)

Red Dead Redemption (RDR) is a great quality game. The gameplay is amazing and the graphics are superb. The story keeps the player amused throughout the game and the free roam value is one of the best I have seen yet! Though let's not forget the multiplayer mayhem experience that enthralls all and gives the game another side of things. A must buy! Online outstanding. Story outstanding.Graphics outstanding. Game O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G!. 5/5

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