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Red Dead Redemption

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (185 reviews)"

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| | See all dkkat92's reviews (7)

This is by far the best game i have ever played.
For starts, the connection that I got with John Marston iv never had with a character before, I felt like i knew this guy, his voice acting is superb. Iv never played a game that made me feel so connected to a character. The story is also the best story iv ever played in a game, its more like a movie. Someone summed this game up perfectly by saying "Its not a game, Its an experience".
Its truely a work of art by Rockstar and I would reccomend it to anyone, The soundtrack along with everything else is also perfect!
10 out of 10!
No review could ever describe the pure beauty of this game.

  Best Game Ive Ever Had!

| | See all matty123abc's reviews (1)

I bought the game when it was first released and loved it ever since, its a must buy for any ps3 gamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Excellent but not perfect

| | See all drummop's reviews (97)

Very good game & looks fantastic, but I don't think it deserves 5 stars. The save mechanism is badly thought out, plus a lot of the side missions are too similiar and can become a little boring. The ending too is too drawn out!

  RDR - Yee Haw!!

| | See all Lordy5906's reviews (6)

Like GTA on horseback without radio stations. For the money it's a bargain. If like me, the simply appalling Black Oops has destroyed your will to live, then you can't do much better than this until they sort out the PSN and Battlefield 3 arrives.

  Amazing game!

| | See all RicardoBR's reviews (4)

Awesome! For those that like GTA-style games, I strongly recommend Red Dead Redemption. It has the same engine than GTA, so easy to play. A lot of shooting!!! And you feel the weapon feedback. I strongly recommend this game. One advice: very addictive.

  Best Game Ever

| | See all MissMeany's reviews (1)

Best game on PS3.. can play this game over and over and will never get bored of it. Well worth this price.. this game is soo much more fun than COD could ever be!

  in my top 5

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

really good game to play took me some time to get in to the game but when i got into it i just loved playing great on line to (before it went down) over all a fun but really great game

  Red Dead Review!

| | See all SnakeEaterChriS's reviews (6)

Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar. Cowboys Street Shoot Outs. Taming Horses. Skinning. Thats all i really need to say.

This game offers a massive story line and world it really throws you in making you feel like the good guy or the bad guy..or the lone wanderer...the choice is yours. This game has an amasingly long story line which i haven't seen in years now. The price is Amasingly low for what this game is worth id still reckon 25 - 30pounds.

The Online is amasingly fun shoot outs at the beginning dominating whoever you choose with a bullet to the head. Then whatever game you choose. Levels unlock new avatars or people you play as..weapons and mounts.

The story line is basic. Your a man looking to settle down, but ofc its not your time. Thrown into the Wild West you have to prove to yourself are you Cool Hand Luke or The Yella Belly that walks away and goes kill some innocent animal instead ?.

Based on the GTA episodes this game offers horses instead of cars ofc. Tame which ever horse you fancie from the stable horse to the mighty stallions. Quest when you want, in the mean time gamble hunt, skin and earn money through many various things.

This game offers crisp graphics to the end, pure gameplay no major glitches and barely any minor ones. You will never get bored of this game. Ofc Rockstar couldn't let it pass as you progress through this game you unlock new areas which give access to new weaponry and animals to skin.

Ammo and money aren't the easyiest thing in this game. You can't run into a room either and shoot everyone down. This game requires thought and abit of commonsense. However the gameplay will keep you going for hours on end.

DLC: My favourite DLC Is the Undead Nightmare. Offering zombies galore you cannot hate this add on. Ammo is very scarce and you must conserve it. Undead Horses the 5 apocolypse ones. i'll let you find that one out for yourself. Zombies only drop with a headshot or the blunderbuss. Well unless you want to waste ammo on the bodyshots. This add on offers so much fun and even more Hours of gameplay. for the mere price of 9pounds on PSN or 15-20 on disc.

This game is a must have, must buy and must finish game. You don't have to buy the Undead Nightmare but i strongy recommend it. There is more DLC i just point out what stands out most for this game. If you like 3rd person shooters crips graphics awesome gameplay and a nice core storyline. Get this game !

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  in my top 3 games

| | See all therealdaddyuk80's reviews (5)

i got this on release and i still play it now. for me the online coop is the best part of this game. at this price this game is a bargain buy it b4 its too late