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Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  very fun to play

| | See all TomTom8's reviews (12)

yes i liked this game and enjoyed it, if your a fan you will definatley like it because all the main characters are in it. both campaigns are good to play and the missions are fun and exiting but not hard enough i found it a bit to easy. the graphics are definatley ps3 quality. It is much improved from the first one which wasent good but this one was a lot better, being able to change and upgrade characters made it work and the mulitplayer and unlockables toped it off. A good all round game which is well worth buying.

  More than meets the eye!

| | See all StUaRtYcEe's reviews (3)

This is an amazing for fans of Transformers it gives much more control over your autobot or decepticon compared to the first game graphics arent great but good enough that is the only reason i gave it 4 stars overall great game and multiplayer is also amazing...

  Multiplayer saves the game

| | See all DAMT21's reviews (4)

The robots look great even graphics are good.Im giving this game a 4 star cuz of the online its that good, but as a single player its short and a bit repetative.

  roll out what a game!!!!!!

| | See all belfin7's reviews (5)

As a massive transformers fan this game is very enjoyable. one of the best things about this game is you can unlock 6 classic episodes to watch. there is even a new charachter to choose from who i dont believe was in either films. I am really enjoying playing this game. If your a fan buy it for £29.99 you cant complain.

  how the mighty have FALLEN

| | See all Sean1991's reviews (35)

After going to see the film in the pictures (review coming soon) i was blown away by all the action, explosions, hotness (all down to the Fox) and of course the over the top fighting sequences between the cgi jugganauts the autobots and decepticons, and i thought id like a piece of the action by buying the game but as is the case with many movie games it was utterly terrible..let me explain.

first of all the graphics are dreadfull it looks like you are playing a ps2 game ON A PS3 and granted their are more robots to play as in this game each one looks as bad as each other, the environments are pretty big but they lack detail and substance i mean your playing as a huge ass kicking robot but you can't damage buildings. speaking of ass kicking yes you can do combos but their is only one button combo SQAURE-SQUARE-SQUARE and thats it no grapples which is pretty stupid as they feature pretty heavily in the film, the rest of the time your either running / driving / flying away which is boring and not exactly fun, but sadly that is the case for the boss fights where all you do is avoid a constant barrage of rockets coming from their back not even a button contextive action to finish them off, the only slightly redeeming feature of this game is the multiplayer which is more fun than the campaign especially the deathmatches where everyone just piles in and tear each other to shreds.

This game is a prime example of why game developers should stop making lackluster movie games just to make a quick profit from the film, they should spend longer than 9 months making a game to release like eidos who didnt make a dark knight game instead they making BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM which looks stunning and its not even finished. Basically go and see the film it looks a million times better and you'll enjoy it a million times more.

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  old mans pit sweat

| | See all luverman's reviews (1)

RUBBISH!GARBAGE! Poor graphics,stagnant gameplay,does not utilise consoles ability.Luv transformers so game is let down from kick off.Also trying to complete game as a decepticon is irritating as u have to listen to starscream repetitivley bleat on at u.CRUD!

  Suprisingly good!

| | See all ShawnKemp's reviews (2)

The single player game mode sucks as much as the movie but the online 8 player team deathmatches are way cool. The transforming and chasing around and firing then transforming again is a unique third person deathmatch that has me hooked. You can pay some of the old G1 characters too which is great if you are an 80's manchild. Highly recommend getting just for online.

  pretty good!

| | See all Gunner4Life's reviews (29)

ok first of all this is so much better than the 1st one. being a transformers fan i was very dissapointed with the 1st like most people were. this 1 is pretty good. decent graphics not brilliant, got the original cast for voiceovers which is cool. transforming is excellent! you have 2 halfs of a campaign playing as either autobots or decepticons which lasts a while and you have goals to aim for to unlock special content such as old cartoon episodes!! online aint bad but could do with a few more modes which i hope they bring out an expansion for at sum point. all in all not bad and if your a transformers fan you should like this. if ya not then i believe its worth a go!

  Entertaining and Enjoyable

| | See all alopolis's reviews (8)

Overall i gave the game 4 stars because i have a lot of fun playing it. The controls are a little tricky when you start but you soon find that easy. The Gameplay is enjoyable, much better than the first transformers game.
Althought without a doubt the online play is the best, whats better than huge robots at war. Team deathmatch is the most enjoyable mode.


| | See all Budda1's reviews (21)

If you liked the 1st game you will like this, for me its more of the same the same, racing around kill a bunch or robots race to the next part of the city and do the same, so boring, the graphics look like PS2 graphics.
You know that the most annoying thing is? to transform you have to press the R2 button and HOLD i t down, what moran thought this was a good idea, so it you want to crawl or fly slowly you end up transforming back by mistake lots of times??? Oh yea see what happens when your flying and you hit a structure....this game might appeal to some, but I still think the Transformers (ARMADA ONE)game for the PS" is the best