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Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (Game Only)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Old Songs with New Gameplay

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

For those who are skeptical because you have played these songs before need to know that the gameplay is new for all songs. In career, you only need to play a select number of songs to unlock the next section, so at first I was only playing songs from the older games that I haven't played in a long time and skipping songs that are available on current games such as Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2. To my surprise when I did finally play those songs that the fingerings for guitar/bass are different. They didn't just take the current guitar gameplay and plop it into this game. Instead, they have updated the gameplay to not only have different fingerings (that in my opinion are mostly a vast improvement over the previous versions of these songs) but they also incorporate the newest styles of gameplay, such as three string chords & the three string hammer-on chords that we saw with the latest versions of guitar rhythm games. It makes all of these previously released songs fresh, new, and fun to play. Also, all the original artists are here, so all the cover songs from past games now have the original artists.

Being able to play drums and sing was enough to make me want to get this previously released material, but having new guitar fingerings for all these songs was a bonus I didn't expect. You also get all the online options from the currently released rhythm games.

  A Must have for GH1, 2 and 3 Fans

| | See all knightdannster's reviews (22)

I was getting tired of seeing the franchise getting milked the way it is and since World tour and Metallica I haven't bought another since. But then I saw Greatest Hits. I am a huge fan of the original Guitar Hero's and was curious to see what it's like. Sure enough it has all the greatest songs from them with the added band feature.
I love drumming to my favourite songs and for me this is one of the best I have EVER played.
A must have.

  Get this is you haven't got others

| | See all BraceyBoy1995's reviews (2)

People are complaining that there is no point in getting this game cause the songs are on the previous game titles, but if you've not got any of the others in the guitar hero series, get this. Awsome songs, lots of fun, best in series.

  The gravytrain has left the station

| | See all elvisvinyl's reviews (8)

I would have jumped through hoops for every new release in the Guitar Hero range and although I waited a wee bit for the Metallica game I finally purchased it and am happy to do so. But to re jigg some tracks and charge full price as say some devopers spend years on is just taking us for a ride on their gravytrain. This should have been in the DLC where for £1 a track you could download the ones you like. although as other reviews have said if this dips under the £20 mark then yep i'll be first in line.

  Gonna wait

| | See all TysonPNEFan's reviews (10)

Im gonna wait till it drops at least to £20 before i get it, the only reason i will buy this is to play a couple of the songs on drums etc, so many songs haven't been put on i agree with the first review aswell it should be lyk an update that u can purchase but itd be better just to sell them as small game packs or as singles so you can choose which ones you want to buy and which ones you don't want.


| | See all stwiie's reviews (30)

I think the biggest thing everyone is forgetting is that harmonix made 1 & 2,then neversoft took over while harmonix went on to do rockband. So we now have guys who r used to making skate boarding games not music games which says it all really. The guitar hero series has been slowly dying since No3, they claim they use master tracks and yet they sound like ringtones at best. Where as rockband actually sounds like the CD. The previous guys r rite saying where's the proper classics?like buckethead - "jordan",ozzy "bark at the moon" and so on. Guitar hero should hang its pik up now cos rockband beats it in every way from presentation (which guitar hero has stolen ie create character and band),stage show graphics,sound quality and most important the 500+ DLC content. Oh and proper band spin-off games i mean come on how good does beatles look

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  Not too bad....

| | See all LuaLua2008's reviews (4)

If you liked the older versions of this series then it's a must buy, it has a lot of the classics from the old games on this one and it is fun that you can play them as a band rather than just on the guitar. The only down side is to me it just seems to be a bit of money grabbing, guitar hero 5 is out before the end of the year with a whole new song list and it does look very impressive from my first few previews! Basically if you have the series and enjoyed it then get this game, you wont be disappointed but if your just starting your collection the go for Guitar Hero World Tour and wait for Guitar Hero 5!

  In reference to the first two reviews

| | See all dev1975's reviews (1)

if you really are feeling hard done by, why not go out and get Rock Band AC/DC? No one is forcing you to buy this release of GH. You can make your protest count by not giving your money to the GH franchise and getting RockBand instead. Sorted.

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  classic songs

| | See all llovemetall's reviews (2)

i agree with elpell regarding the price of the game but however it does exactly what it says, its a compendium of classic songs, if you dont like that i think you should have read before you bought the game! the title is a bit of a giveaway! to mention music choice, oasis!?how can you put oasis on the same page as aerosmith and metallica ,who have a MUCH better tracklist , in fact metallica are the most successful rock band in the world. they may not be classy but hell they are so much more inventive than the tripe you have above mentioned. the beatles are amazing but your hardly going to rock out to their songs now are you, if you like guitar hero and classic songs buy it!

  totally agree with review 1 and 2

| | See all bobbybrown's reviews (6)

discusted that we have to pay such a high price for games we purchased for the ps2 and were never added to the ps3 (60gb first models) play list , should have been a download pack for world tour.. total cash in... the songs and downloads on rockband continue to get better and better and a much cheaper price... I will be sticking with them from now on, Activision dont seem to want to keep customers so we should do just that and not buy