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UFC 2009: Undisputed

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (69 reviews)"

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  BEST FIGHTING GAME ON PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all eddy1990's reviews (3)

before this game was released i had hardly ever watched the ufc on television but by chance a close friend reccomended the game to me, it dident dissapoint for the first month i could not put the game down, this was for many reasons; firstly the graphics are immense from the realistic fighters to each drop of sweat. Also the game has six aunthentic mma disciplenes which ranges from boxing to mui tai, the online is good and has a good rank system.The classic fights mode and create a fighter are worth trying The only let down for me is the career it gets repetitive and is over well to fast but apart from that the gameplay is excellent and is the best fighting game out for ps3.

  Based on demo.

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

This game is to easy. Once you get the gist of it you find it to easy. Normally with me being chuck liddel against shogun rua i knock him out in about 50 secs. If you want to take the easy way to get trophies then buy this game but play have put an amazing price on this.

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  Undisputed champion

| | See all Wallywee's reviews (25)

This game is the champion of fighting games.
It is extremely varied and is very challenging.
This is one of the only games where you have to actually sit down and learn the buttons. You cant just expect to button bash square and triangle all day because 1. It will get overly repetitve
2. You will lose every match.
You also cant pick up the controls as you go along, Whereas on other games you can easily.
The visuals on the fighters are fantastic and they fight exactly how they do in real life.
The punch and kick contact are fantastic and the K.O.s feel great.
The career mode is average, you start off fighting in the ufn and upgrading your fighter and getting sponsership.
Then to go on to become champ and upgrade your gym.
Though MANY career flaws like, repetitve opponents and poor realism.
The trophies are also fun and challenging.
A must have for Fight fans.
Graphics 5/5
Gameplay 5/5
Career 3/5

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  Its actually good if you can play it properly

| | See all Sadist666's reviews (2)

This is actually a really good game and is not just a button basher and is much better than fight night.

Firstly the career mode is pretty lengthy and does start to feel slightly the same but if it deos change the difficulty to a higher level.
Alot of ppl say you can just head kick to win but you can't on any other difficulty than beginner because you just get countered and hit with a flash KO (thats why ppl keep losing).

The ground game is very good it actually requires someone who knows how to play the game properly to manage it effectivley and if you can it can lead to a massive advantage over other players who just want to strike. Submissions are not cheating they just mean the other player wore himself down, didn't block transitions and has no idea how to counter them.

The online play can get slightly laggy but only if you have a slow speed internet or bad connection. It does offer hours of fun however (even though there is people using turbo controllers).

Its a pretty much solid game the only thing the online needs to be tweaked to stop cheaters and cut down on the lag a bit but it is really good and i can't seem to get bored of it.

Buy it and play it PROPERLY

  About time!!!

| | See all rainman007's reviews (4)

This game is long overdue, great game play and the online options give any player a challenge when the career mode becomes boring.

  Spinning Backfist

| | See all DavieM619's reviews (1)

don't listen to the other reviews.If you are a fan of UFC buy this,or even if your not.This is simply the BEST fighting game to date!!!!!!!!!!

  Sickkk Game ! :)

| | See all bigshlonngg118's reviews (1)

A pretty good game overall , you have to watch ufc to understant some of the gameplay. the attacks are limited and i think there could be slightly more fighting styles.. safe bruv.


| | See all Freshead's reviews (13)

This game is good they way it's designed and plays is very well. The graphics are nice, the players sweat is so realistic. The game has an in depth side to it as well. You have to develop your fighters skills, cardio, strength and speed as well as his defence/offence in each area, manage your time with autograph sessions, interviews etc. BUT the games let down as it becomes very repetitive too the point where you cannot be bothered to create more fighters. The online play can be very laggy at times and I am positive it is not me connection at 16meg and the fights are not always well balanced.

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| | See all mp4rma's reviews (2)

Ok ok, the last two reviewers obviously dont watch much UFC. Yes you can be dominating for a whole fight and then get knocked out,
but thats exactly what can happen in UFC shows. So dont try to review this game based on a beat em up, if your a UFC fan then you will appreciate this game.

This game is pretty good, could have made more attack variations but still a solid game. The campaign mode gets a lil bit boring once your champion but theres always exhibition mode and online!