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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Alright I suppose

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

This game was fun to play but the campaign was too short and the graphics aren't amazing but the majour thing that's bad about this game is the ending..........shocking ending a good buy though !


| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

i saw all the reviews for this game and they werent good. but i decided to buy it when in the jan sales. for 6pounds and its one of the worst ps3 games ive played (along with wheelman). it took 5 hours to complete on hard.. the picture is terrible, i know they are trying to give a movie effect, but ive never seen a film with pink and purple dots fuzzing up the screen. i would recommend the 1st kane and lynch.

but ill give it 2 stars due to the multplayer which is good, if you can manage to get into a game as loading screens are long and not many people play it anymore, also coop is a laugh with a mate. but overall they could have made this game soooo much better.

  Lots Of Acition.

| | See all 0BuyBuyBuy0's reviews (3)

This game is very under rated! Kane And Lynch 2 is fast action packed stuff. I really enjoyed the game as it was probably more movie like than most games. Mainly cos it seems someone is constantly got a camcorder on you while ya playing. The graphics are pretty good and very much detail have been put into the game. The only draw back i have is most of the guns sound like pea shooters. I got this game from play.com for a fiver so it was a bargain. Im sure most people would like this game.

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| | See all apmcfc88's reviews (7)

This game is better than i expected. (the first was terrible). great style and the weapons are individual. all people saying the game is too short have valid reason. but i bet they didnt play in extreme mode this adds at least an hour and has you clinging to cover with intelligent a.i. and a barrage of gunfire.

  Stay away !

| | See all SifuMalta's reviews (5)

gave this game 2 stars (and not 1) just for the effort. When you see the trailer or screenshots, you can easily get carried away and buy this game.. Visually it is very appealing but that is were it ends. Games is boring and repetitive. To make things worse, it is really short. When it ends, you are left wanting more..

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  great game

| | See all abz98263000's reviews (6)

Hi this is a very good game. If you want a game which is set in THIS decade and has a realistic story then this is along with a few others your game. Im fed up of all these differnet army games set in world war II etc. dunno why people hype so much about the. This game literally feels like youre there when youre playing and youcan relate to it. The guns are modern, its set out on the streets of shangai and this isnt some poxy mission which you have to do, you HAVE to do it to save your own skin. The online is fantastic, as you can put your own personality into it. You can either be a coward and split themoney after an arm robbery, or you can become a traitor by shooting one of your team amtes, and steal from them. Its got all the angles covered so you have to be very cunning and think like a criminal in how to best stategise your gameplay. I stopped playing because theres not enogh people online, otherwise I would still be on!

  good sequel

| | See all womble1983's reviews (5)

Filmed a little funny with a strange gloss on the camera, this game is good, full of action and has some good cut scenes. Great value for money game as well


| | See all mrloverman05's reviews (1)

I brought this game because i loved the first kane and lynch but i have been left very disappointed with this one. I saw the advert and was very excited to get it. The main reason it has let me down is because the story mode is FAR to short and as you may have read already it has NO ending. The multiplayer is ok but not good enough to save this game which the designers obviously thought would (not a patch on COD). I dont normally write reviews but this has left me so annoyed i thought i would share my opinions.

  A Pleasant Surprise!

| | See all Ianjong's reviews (19)

I bought K&L2 with a degree of trepidation after reading some positive reviews and some lukewarm reviews. I have to say however, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Whilst it is a short game in single player it isnt too short and the fun you have whilst playing compensates.

The visual style is like nothing Ive seen before and very much like watching he action through a handycam or the like with the light flare and judder when running - but it adds to the sleazy seedy atmosphere of the game and sets these two grimy criminals in an environment that suits them.

I found the gunplay to be excellent fun and having to switch between weapons for different scenarios a nice touch.

All in all, it is rare I pick up a game and play it through to conclusion with little interruption, but this was one of them. The last one I did that with was Uncharted 2, and whilst not up to the there in the quality stakes like that game, it has an addictive edge that just kept me coming back for more.

Buy it if you can get it for under 20 pounds, I dont think you will regret it.

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  It's A OK Game.

| | See all PinkDoggy's reviews (3)

I loved the first kane & lynch game that's why i got this one. But soon as i put it on i wasn't sure about the style, it takes some getting used to. To me the graphic's don't seem that good for a new game that's just come out and the shaky camera is a little off putting. But after a while i did get into it. The game is very SHORT, i finished it the same day i recieved it and there is no ending, it just goes off and thats it (CREDITS). The game just feels rushed. So all in all if you liked the first one, stay with that. This is not a essential purchase. Wait for it to drop in price. Good game :)