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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - Limited Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  A Dark and gritty sequel well worth looking at

| | See all Rogue918's reviews (16)

Firtsly, I am a realist, and realise that this title will not be everyones cup of tea- and that a lot of people will compare this game to many other titles out there. I take this game at face value and have played it with an open mind.
Firstly the game is a massive improvement on its predesessor- thats not saying the original was a bad title, it just had flaws. In this outing you play as Lynch and as per his usual form, you see his escapades making what started out as a relatively run of the mill job turn into a chase through Shanghais underworld, with a corrupt government official throwing everything at you to try and stop you escaping.

The visuals are well done, played as though through a video camera, complete with motion blurring, pixellation, and splashes on the lense. Some of the scenes have been edited as if they have been blanked out after a session in the editing suite which adds a nice touch- as if its a playback and they didnt want you to see the result of a shotgun blast to a head at close range- or (as a result of the story line) covering genitalia where appropiate. people have complained about this feature, but to me it enhances the story and adds a little bit of realism to it.
On the subject of realism- again, people have complained about the lack of realism to the game, and that the storyline is far fetched- About as far fetched as an Eastern European going to a city called Liberty City and eating hamburgers as a way of reviving himself from various injuries, or following the story of a treasure hunter as he looks for Marco Polos lost fleet, and tackles yetis anyone? The point is, its a game- and the story fits the profile very well- plenty of action, plenty of character interaction, and again you get to feel part of the story coming out as a result of the relationship between the two anti-heroes. Someone else complained about only being able to hold two weapons- Its a refreshing change to see a game that limits the ability to carry 45 different weapons and all thier ammo- slightly more reralistic than most games in my opinion.

Sound is another great feature in the game, and if you have the equipment to appreciate the quality, then it again further enhances the effect of the gameplay.

The main story is short, and can be completed in around 4 hours, however this need not be a bad thing, as i feel that the game can get a bit repetetive, however the story helps to keep this down by changing areas and environments accordingly. It is certainly not as bad as some reveiwers have made it out to be

All in all- this title will not win any awards, however as games go its a challenging and enjoyable outing with a certain amount of replay value, especially with the online modes. As stated- not everyone will like it, and some people will go out of their way to compare it with other titles, but if you can get past the fact that this game is purely designed for entertainment- then I think you will enjoy the title.
I certainly have.

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  Great graphics and sound.

| | See all MarkeyMan90's reviews (19)

I was eagerly anticipating this games release all due to the fact that I was intrigued by the youtube style visuals and excellent graphics, on this front I was very impressed. It also has top notch sound with the 5.1 surround sound back speakers being put to very good use.

Unfortunetly the game is very short clocking in around 4 and half hours on medium difficulty, and can become quite repetitive. But there is the option of the offline version of arcade mode which is a good thing and of course the other online scenarios which are more of a long term venture.

Overall I am happy with the purchase, all due to it's unique style, sound and atmosphere. If you want a shooter with a more stylised gritty theme, look no further.

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  pretty good shooter

| | See all rwipsw987's reviews (2)

lets be honest this game will never win any awards but at the same time it is a good little shooter. will fill the gap between now and when the strong line up of games come out before christmas. with COD and MOH games round the corner i thought i would get this to keep me going until then and i think it will! it has a strong online mode and story mode, if a bit short. defo worth a crack!!!!

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  Great online

| | See all bwiancohen's reviews (3)

I was in two minds about buying this but after playing the demo I took a chance. Once it came out I found it to be a great little shooter. I have played half of the campaign but for me....the online is where I spend my time. If you have 3 friends who also own this its great to get them involved in a heist. I have had a whole lot of fun with this. The graphics are cool too....although I have to have the steady cam on.

  kane and lynch are back

| | See all miniboy's reviews (10)

its a very good game better than the first only reason i give it 4 stars is that they blur all the violence out


| | See all ReaIistiC's reviews (2)

This Game is deadlllyyyy!!!! shooting amazin, and graphics. the online play is extremely good and fun.

  Way too short

| | See all themightyjuice's reviews (1)

Just bought this game today, finished it in around 2 hours, multiplayer is average, overall I'm really disappointed in this game, such a shame because I really loved the first game. Only good thing is the graphics. I'll be trading it in tomorrow.

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  Awful game!!

| | See all JackDaniels84's reviews (9)

Ok so where to begin. Well I downloaded the demo and thought it was errrrr ok and since I had played the first game I was intrigued more then anything so I decided to rent it from Blockbuster for a week. I completed it in 4 hours and returned it back the same day as I was disappointed to say the least and im one who is very easily pleased when it comes to video games but this game is a joke on a serious note.

Better graphics

Storyline: Just awful and needs to be longer etc etc
Weapons: You can only carry 2 weapons and many other problems like aiming etc etc
Problems with the characters: You shoot people in the head and they get back up, Kane seems to be invincible from enemies it was just getting silly I mean you seem him constantly getting shot all over his body and his just standing there doing this crazy dance thing from the impact of the bullets!! Ha ha

Basically to sum it up everything is awful about this game apart from the graphics. I would say if you really want to test it out then maybe rent it out because I personally think its a waste of money actually buying it and what with xmas coming soon, theres going to be plenty of better games that will beat this game hands down.

If you want a really good and detailed review, go to gamespot.com. They give it a rating of 6.5 out of 10 and you might get a better understanding on where I am coming from with this review. Cheers

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  Up There With The Best

| | See all Fredie5's reviews (3)

This review is based on the demo release for the game on both PC and PS3 as well as the various videos and content details available.

The game feels complete with very realistic movement and gun handling along with intuitive controls and a great story line. Its atmospheric and gives you a real sense of being in the various city settings.

The only downside, as with most games made for consoles, is the way you are funneled through the environments without too many options. This works well in the game, as the decisions you make as to which way you go, are based on the storyline at the time.

4* definitely worth a try.

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