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Deus Ex: Human Revolution (With Bonus Explosive Mission Pack)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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| | See all popeye39's reviews (8)

Yep! 30 mins in and i wasnt really impressed, 90 mins later and I was hooked. Fantastic looking graphics, ( I was playing Homefront before this but gave up on it half way through), Great story, Action packed game that you really can play different ways. I myself didnt like the hacking part, but loved upgrading Jensons abbilities. (Who sounds a lot like Clint Eastwood from Heartbreak Ridge) Nice voice acting by this guy by the way. Best bit is taking out police officers and hiding the bodies in the air vents. Punching through walls, sniper rifle, crossbow, plasma gun, taking out 2 guys together with just your fists etc etc etc. Great game at 40 pounds....an essential purchase at 15 pounds....you wont regret it.

  Brilliant, there is no other word

| | See all DavidAlan1988's reviews (18)

I've never played any of the Deus ex series before and decided to try this after a friend recommended it. My expectations were blown away within the first hour of play time. If you like metal gear solid for example, this is going to be right up your street. Hacking, stealth, silent takedowns, everything spells awesomeness. If your a fan of stealth survival games, this is a must have for you, the graphics are brilliant, the game play is smooth, well put together and easy to work out, the story completely envelopes you. what more can you ask for?

  Simply Brilliant

| | See all ScottyDog1's reviews (21)

This game has an exceptional storyline that can be completed in a whole manner of different ways. From 'die hard-esque' run and gun tactics to a stealthy 'Splinter Cell' elusive style. Its a great game. Graphics are first class; musical score is atmospheric and voice acting is well....ok. Speaking for myself, I can say that I enjoyed it from start to finish and is possibly one of the best in the class of 2011. I wouldn't hesitate in spending gamer pennies on it!

  Great game, with some flaws

| | See all Monkeydave's reviews (46)

The majority of the game is great. The atmosphere, environments you explore, the levelling up (augmentation) system and the way that you can choose the style in which you play the game are all excellent. A lot of people have said, and I agree, that the boss battles are frustrating, because the game mostly encourages you to augment your character to be stealthy, then you are suddenly thrown into a situation where you feel you should have built a character who is more geared towards full-on assault (I was caught out trying to take down a guy with a gattling gun for an arm with a silenced 10mm pistol - not very effective). Voice acting and graphics are a bit patchy and the easy final boss and abrupt ending did leave me thinking a few tweaks would have made the game infinitely better. Having said that, the majority of the game is excellent, the stealth side of things is great fun and I would definitely recommend the game to anyone.

  Evolution rather than Revolution

| | See all beelzie14's reviews (29)

Great game - engaging, intelligent, action-packed and good bits of humour on occasion. Stealth vs shooting/combat - and both are expertly designed. IN fact combat in DE is far better than ME2, but ME2 has slightly further-reaching decisions and consequences linked into the choices you make as the story progresses. On the rare occasion DE lacks the same engrossing story, it more than makes up for with great and varied design and stories.

There are a few bugs which I came across which meant I couldn't complete some side-quests which was highly annoying. The only way to complete the side quest would have been to start the whole chapter again.

Overall ... amazing game without being genre-defining.

  A Unique RPG/FPS

| | See all mon5315's reviews (56)

After playing the first mission i was ready to sell the game i did not like it at all but thought i just spend 40 quid on it so ill give the game a chance and im glad i did.

After getting used to the game i started to really enjoy it, there is a good social side to the game when interacting with people, a good few side missions that are done well, the augmentations are good and give the game its own identity, a solid cover/shooting system, multiple ways to play through a level such as goin in guns blazing or sneaking and even a mix of the two or hacking enemy turrets to use against them and its a good looking game.

I diddnt like this game at all after the first 30mins - hour but if you stick with it you will learn to love the unique game that it is.

  best game of the year for me!

| | See all ansteye's reviews (6)

Gameplay is awesome, Augments and upgrades are awesome, Weapons are awesome. Story is awesome. Sidequests awesome!!

Addictive game, i mean you can spend all day on it. ( wouldnt advise that) but you never want to put it down!!

  Memories of the original

| | See all Sheepykins's reviews (4)

After reading reviews of this game I was afraid it wouldnt live up to the first game (lets face it, the second game never happened)

Voice acting 6/10: Forget what you've seen in the trailers, they really did pick the best bits. In actuality A.Jenson sounds like your average action movie stereotype, D. Sarif is a little more emotional but really when you're basing your conversation actions on their speech and demeanor it gets a little difficult.

Graphics: 8/10 - you can definatly see Eidos/SE didnt pull out the big guns interms of graphics, whilst it still looks crisp and the models for weapons are good, enemies can look bland and samey as well as some of the augs equipped to people, however this is to be expected with a game with this magnitude of actionable objects

Actions: 10/10 - I love the hacking, even if the tutorial isnt as complex with its explanations, as well as the take downs weapons/mods and consumables. Almost every NPC you can get a comment from. Just like the trailer you can punch through walls too! :D

Weapons 7/10: a good supply of weapons, mostly automatic and very precise, the choice of controls wasnt the best and unlike the first game there are no melee weapons but then, who needs those when you have a sword attached to your arm?

Story: 7/10 - The first game had a mix of intrigue, espionage and subversion. This game tends to be quite predictable in terms of storyline however it does tie in nicely with the original games/canon as well as bring up old enemies. Its kept me interested

Overall i've given this a PLAY rating of 5/5. There are always things we can think of that developers can do better but honestly playing through this, the only thing i could think of was sneaking up fire-escapes and hacking crap which brought back some great memories of the first game.

A Must for Deus Ex fans, A Must for anyone who loves the stealth/espionage genre

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| | See all clarets22's reviews (19)

really surprised me this game, great graphics, great story that actually lasts longer than one day unlike most games that are out at the moment and great game play, what more could you ask for!!! Buy it!!

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  Good, could be better

| | See all gamerater1's reviews (6)

good game could be that little bit better quite fustrating at parts but im only 2-3 hours into gameplay yet i am pleased with the game already!