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PlayStation3 - Top Sellers

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  1. FIFA 15

    FIFA 15


    Released on 26 September 2014

    New  from  £43 .75


  2. The Sims 3

    The Sims 3

    New  from  £13 .34

    Available used  from  £17.98

    Create Sims with unique personalities, fulfil their desires, and control their lives within a living neighbourhood. Unlock all-new Karma Powers and unleash them on your Sims: help your Sim "get lucky," bless them with "instant beauty" or curse them with an "epic fail."


  3. Skate 3

    Skate 3

    New  from  £13 .95

    Available used  from  £14.52

    EA's Skate 3 rolls into town with a skater's paradise of new tricks, moves and modes. Build your own brand, create and share your own parks, and brutalise your boarders. Create your ultimate crew, online or offline, and shred the competition with some awesome skills. This is one gnarly game!


  4. Mafia II

    Mafia II

    New  from  £21 .07

    Available used  from  £5.87

    Set in a meticulously crafted recreation of post WWII America, Mafia II is a crime caper featuring a storyline straight from the pages of a Hollywood epic. An open world action game full of fistfights, gun battles and car chases, its brutality is only matched by its cinematic beauty.


  5. Call Of Duty: World At War

    Call Of Duty: World At War

    New  from  £10 .90

    Available used  from  £3.63

    'Call of Duty' goes back to WW2 in World at War. Fight amidst the flames and chaos of the jungles of the South Pacific, and creep through the rubble of Berlin as you relive the final days of the war. Then, head online for the definitive multiplayer shooter!


  6. Prince Of Persia (With Exclusive Packaging)

    Prince Of Persia (With Exclusive Packaging)

    New  from  £25 .72

    Available used  from  £1.40

    A new Prince, a new world, a new adventure! A reboot of the ever-popular franchise, this beautifully styled "painting in motion" features some of the most acrobatically exciting and magically impressive action ever seen! Defeat corruption and become the Prince Of Persia!


  7. Heavy Rain

    Heavy Rain

    New  from  £20 .38

    Available used  from  £7.99

    How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love? Featuring stunningly realistic graphics, a wholly unique control system and an engaging storyline that plays out like the most exhilarating of thrillers, soak yourself in Heavy Rain - perhaps the most important PS3 release to date.


  8. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

    MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

    New  from  £12 .99

    Available used  from  £1.92

    The eagerly-anticipated sequel shifts the action to the sunny climbs of the Pacific; sporting an incredible array of environments, and a veritable monster truck of unpredictable events just waiting to happen! Brutal, brilliant and beguiling, this is a game to savour - in between the madness!


  9. Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead Redemption

    New  from  £14 .30

    Available used  from  £6.48

    Take the reins of ex-outlaw John Marston in Rockstar's loving tribute to the dying embers of the Wild West. Red Dead Redemption captures the cinematic majesty of the era with immense open-world gameplay, an epic storyline packed full of colourful characters, horseplay, and loads of gunfights.


  10. Resistance 2

    Resistance 2

    New  from  £11 .71

    Available used  from  £2.93

    As The Chimera take the fight from Europe to America, Nathan Hale must go behind enemy lines to stop their plans for domination for good. With up to 60 players online and 8-player co-op, Resistance 2 will keep you battling for months! We dare you to 'resist' this all-action shooter!