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Super Paper Mario

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (115 reviews)"

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  Not Bad...

| | See all cutegamesforgirls's reviews (124)

Yeah, an alright game but it doesn't have a lot of depth to it. The RPG twist is that you deal damage to enemies by jumping on them which is pretty good. However, the puzzling aspect will mean you absolutely need an FAQ to help you through it. You're not presented with a puzzle to solve, you're more often than not stuck not knowing where to go which means you'll have to trawl through the level looking for someone you have to talk to or somewhere you have to flip into 3D. It's incredibly annoying in this respect. As for the flipping, it is quite innovative and refreshing. I'm also a fan of the graphical style.The other big problem I have is the text heavy cutscenes which are SO boring. You can't play the game for extended periods therefore. On the whole, Paper Mario hangs together quite well. Shame they completely forgot the Wii has a Nunhuk and motion controls, though.


| | See all jakejake's reviews (1)

Great super mario game which is highly under-rated, and passed under the radar to a certain degree. Different to other mario games old and new, featuring a range of puzzling gameplay which is tricky enough to engrose the player, but not so hard as to put them off.

Flipping from 2d to 3d is simple and effective, giving an experience which i've never encountered in any other game. Would reccomend to fans of old-school games looking for a new spin on a much loved series of classics.


| | See all Moose4's reviews (11)

What is everyone on about this games cut scenes being too long, so what they go on for about 5 mins, but them 5 mins FLY BY because it is VERY well written.

I am fed up of people slating this game loads.

It is very addictive.
Great Story.
Easy controls.


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  Not Recommended

| | See all Cheeky32's reviews (1)

When i first got the game i thought the game was pretty good but as i got further through the game i disliked it i do not recommend it for anyone.

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  Charming and Fun

| | See all Drewcha's reviews (6)

This game is great for a one time play, it gives a whole new dimension to a platform / RPG game,, literally!!

This game is great to look at, you will never get tired of just looking at this game!! It has sharp, clever, funny laugh out loud moments of scripting, with a whole bunch of different bad guys to fight!! The worlds are fun to explore and the puzzles do some times have you stuck for a while until you remember to FLIP!!

That's when this game comes into its own, this 3rd dimension of game play offers a whole new exciting way to play, you may think you're stuck FLIP! Want to get across a impassable gorge? FLIP! Need to escape a bunch of bad guys,, FLIP!! (and then pray that some aren't waiting for you in that view!) With the addition of the pixels and other convention Mario tools (the drain pipes) this game will keep you exploring levels to find additional items, and Pixels!!

However,,,, the dialogue for the story is way too long!! I mean it will just keep going and going and going!! See what I mean?! The Boss battles are no different from the normal fights apart from being a bit longer, and one of the few real challenges in this game is the pit 100 trials!!! Also I know it's called Super Paper Mario, but you hardly ever use the other characters as most of the time you need to go into 3D to get past obstacles.

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  Very disappointin

| | See all smileitsjenny's reviews (38)

I was utterly disappointed with this game. I love mario games, as they are addictive, fun and exciting but this was the first one i didn't like. Dont get me wrong, it was great that you could flip between the two dimensions and its very clever. But there were so many cut scenes and you couldn't understnad it as they were talking jibberish! Also this game is a play-it-once game and get rid, as once you played it, its not very exciting.

If your a mario fan, do get it, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.

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  Rather good

| | See all minirac's reviews (60)

I do enjoy a good Mario romp and this... slightly dissapointed me.
It was, with a little patience, quite engaging. My favourite part is the switching to 3d capabilities, it literally adds a whole new fun dimension. I also enjoyed the cute style and the in jokes. But why just a 3? Well it has no replay value whatsoever. Some parts felt like the creators had padded it out to make the game longer, using boring and pointless methods. It was a nice little jaunt while it lasted but I quickly sold it after completion. All is not lost however. Im not here to say 'don't buy it' as I feel I wasn't the target audience. I think that maybe 8 to 14 year olds would take full advantage of this game and enjoy it to boot.

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| | See all simitchell's reviews (53)

As the title explains the game is amazing which is great i have been addicted to it ever since i got past the extra long cut-scenes - which is the only problem with this game!!!! It truely does make for an amazing game on the wii making use of all the wii can do. So my advice is do not get too bogged downor put off by the millions of cut scenes - the game is great - trust me.
And its great for kids 7+
Buy it