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New Super Mario Bros Wii

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  A Modern Classic!!

| | See all Skynet's reviews (14)

While the world went 3D bonkers 2d got left behind, but now we go retro again!! Think Super Mario World and Mario 3 with HD graphics in a 2D style scrolling game with 4 players at once and it's utterly amazing gameplay and is pure and simple.

I Think this really is the best game i've played since well super mario world on the snes!

  Nearly as good as Super Mario Galaxy.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

New Super Mario Bros Wii is possilby the best 2D platform game ever. Brilliant.

  Mario wins again

| | See all xunoflux's reviews (11)

Although you pay a bit more for this game than the standard Wii game, it's worth it. Amazing graphics and levels, and being able to have 4 players at once just adds to the endless fun. Wii remote is also used in different ways such as tilting and shaking. If you can't clear a level Luigi comes in to help and so you don't become annoyed and abandon the game because you can't complete a level. Am still working on opening up all the World 9 levels now and have had this game a fair while! Must have for Wii.


| | See all bertiebubble's reviews (23)

I loved all mario games and have grew up with them, the likes of mario world 3 and super mario world i still play because they are that good. This game just doesn't live up to the standard, yes graphics are good, as is gameplay and controls. But it just feels that there has been little effort put into this. The DS new super mario was excellent, and this just feels like a simple transfer to the wii with a couple of extras. I've completed it and only went back to it once and got bored.
Multiplayer is more fun but I think it doesn't live up to the mario name and won't be a classic in years to come, where most mario games are.
Still a good game, but not worth full price!


| | See all PaulHeames's reviews (1)

loved the game when i was a kid.. love the game now.... love all the intereactive things like the seesaw thing and the helicopter power up, etc.

deleivery took along time (8 working days) but well worth the wait

  Great Game!

| | See all 23georgina's reviews (9)

I bought this game after seeing advert after advert for the game and thinking that it looked good. It is so amazing that now the multiplayers can actually play at the same time this is the best thing about that game. The only downside for me was that i played the game for about 6 hours a day and i had it completed in just a week, this is prob my fault for doing it so much. But it is an addictive game that you just want to keep playing. Its a great buy and well worth the money.

  You Know What Youre Getting, Just Buy It :)

| | See all Woody2007's reviews (75)

Anyone who complains that this is too much "Like Old Mario" why did you buy it? Its obvious from the TV advertising that its old style Mario, and thats no bad thing.
Those who played New Mario Bros on the DS will know what to expect, a Fantastic updated version of classic Mario. The levels are interesting, brightly coloured and well designed. With old enemies and new.
Marios new skills from the DS version are still here (eg wall jumps) and there are new power ups like Ice Flower, Penguin Mario & more.
Bowsers kids are the levels bosses and i`ll show my age by saying i remember them from Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES (yes i know 1990 ish lol)
An excellent game, if you`re a fan of mario for ages Buy This, if you havent played before this is a great place to start. 5 Stars

  I Really see no harm in the game being slightly retro

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

I think keeping the roots in gaming and in games like mario is important but with the cost of games and consoles people are wanting totaly fresh produce and new idea's,not to be playing poshed up old games but there is plenty of new stuff in this and it is a good reminder at the same time how good these games really were!!
I Really see no harm in the game being slightly retro,its still a fun addictive game that has you reeling in frustraion because you died in the same place again and the graphics are amazing

  A classic remastered

| | See all Auron1's reviews (1)

Everything about the game has been well built (polished). If you liked the originals then you will love this. Cooperative works really well. Difficulty level feels that it will introduce a newbie and provide a challenge to more experienced players.


| | See all lcamitchell's reviews (1)

We call this game crouch and bubble in my house. We have been so addicted its unreal, played most of the game on multiplayer which is both amazingly fun and very frustrating in equal measure but unlike any gameplay ive played before in the way that you have to work together to complete levels.
The yoshis are an awesome part of the game we have played the first yoshi level a stupid amount of times and enjoy eating each other and then spitting people of cliffs or into enemies just for the fun of it.
The game is also very good on single player but its definately more fun on multiplayer, also if you are not so good at computer games if you die on multiplayer you come back in a bubble and your friends can save you so its good for all ability gamers.
The best game i have ever played on the wii for sure.

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