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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (297 reviews)"

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  If only I could give it 6 stars

| | See all wassup89's reviews (6)

Put simply this is and always will be the best game on the Nintendo Wii and for me is the only game I have come across that could be mentioned in the same breath as Ocarina of Time which is the best game I have ever played so that is saying something!
There is an endless list of what this game does well, and the only thing letting it down is the graphics showing there age with some iffy testures here and there but in a game as epic as this that really is nitpicking.
Buy it, play it and love it!

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| | See all Minimicron's reviews (1)

Absolutely epic!! THE best game i have ever had the pleasure of completing and by far THE best game on the Wii

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  Good game

| | See all katss14's reviews (26)

this is a really good game i recommend it to everyone who owns a wii both girls and boys, as i am a girl and i really enjoy this, it can be challenging at times and it is a really good adventure BUY IT!!

  Astounding game

| | See all Catfitz's reviews (5)

If you have a wii, you need this game, it's fantastic. The sheer epicness of it is brilliant and each dungeon is a joy to play in. You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into this and I highly recommend it, even if you've never played a Zelda title before because this is the first Zelda game i've ever played and it hooked me completely. If you like your games to require brainpower along with the hacking and slashing, this is the game for you.

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  One of my favourite games on any console.

| | See all sideshowdan's reviews (13)

Everybody knows what to expect with Zelda games and this is probably in my opinion the pick of them.
It seems to draw on all the best bits of the other Zelda games and i love the Twilight world.
Looks & sounds very nice, its a massive game with so much to find on the side. Anyone looking for more than just the mini game rubbish that have flooded the wii games shelves should give this a try.


| | See all lukedaniel's reviews (40)

absolute epic adventure loads to do'if you've played previous zelda games you'll love it if you have'nt its easy to pick up lots of collectables ive had it 2 years and still not got everything brilliant boss battles inventive controls as good as ocarina of time

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  The most addictivie game I have ever played!

| | See all Reuben100's reviews (6)

I also have an Xbox and usually play games like Halo, GOW, Pro Evo etc but recently bought a Wii for fun with the lads etc.

I wanted a decent single player game that would last me so grabbed Zelda.

After an initital slow start the game is amazing! I have now racked up almost 45 hours and I am not even half way through!

Yes the graphics are not HD, yes there is no speach only text but all that goes out the window after you get into it.

The game play is extremely versatile, as are the locations and activities you do in the game. Many of the puzzles are great fun although can take a while to work out.

The depth of the game is amazing + the story line is what really makes it. Also playing the role of the wolf is very nicely done.

This really is the best game I have played on the Wii and defo in my top five fav games on any console of all time.

I would highly recomend this but only if you have plenty of spare time to play it!

Brilliant game!

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  A Beautiful Interactive Novel in the Zelda universe

| | See all Dronin's reviews (9)

Although far from a Graphics Showpeice, this game looks and feels great and boasts a great story and some excellent puzzles.

The gameplay is similar to other zelda games. The player is tasked with saving the world, and on their way to that goal will trawl through various dungeons collecting an assortment of gadgets. The only difference in this game is the addition of a helpful, however rather strange companion Midna. She gives you some additional abilities that are unseen and can be quite useful, however the times you use her are quite few and far between and after the first few encounters she feels rather more like a warp tool than an addition to the story.

None the less the story is very strong, if not quite as addictive as the legendary ocarina of time, it is a close second. I think some of the game charm from OOT and Windwaker has gone, However the game has a much darker feel so its an acceptable loss

As i said the graphics are far from showcase, Yet they run smoothly in an acceptable defination that will allow you to play for hours on end without sore eyes!! woopie. The instancing in the game can be frustrating as there are sometimes consecutive loading screens which can detract from the fun and irritate the gamer... Castle town is a nightmare for this. From castle town warp point there is a massive 4 load screens to get into some of the shops inside. zzzzzz

I belive this game is essential for any wii owner, young or old, the story is quite long and if your a completionist expect in excess of 50 hours of gameplay. Some casual gamers may find the game too long and never complete it. Though they should still enjoy what they do play!

None the less this game is definatly a 4 star game and well worth the money!


| | See all MetaKnight's reviews (20)

This game is among my all time favourite games, and even though it was a wii launch title, i still dust it off occasionly to play through it. if you dont have this game, you dont have a wii. if you have a wii and dont have this game, you're missing out big time


| | See all nerdking's reviews (8)

This is one of the greatest games for the WII ever! The combat controls are amazing, making you feel really involved. There is a lot of cool puzzles that test your brain. I think everybody should have a copy.