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Red Steel

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (96 reviews)"

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  for 15 quid excellent value for money

| | See all QuantumCat's reviews (21)

This is actually the game that I wanted to play on the Wii when it launched. Now, a year away from the Wii successor , I finally own a Wii -and Red Steel.

Gameplay... What can I say, I played nunchuck and wii mote ...but that's not quite it.

SO I bought a Konig Rumble gun so I can play this game with a gun. The game wants you to use the A-button.
The konig rumble gun allows you to do so,

And it plays like a charm. AWESOME!

Controls might not feel a 100% perfect, but it does play nicely. and the interface is intuitive.

The fact that you change from shooter to blade-wielder maks for interesting distraction.

Plot is interesting enough to keep you going,

Great game, especially with nowadays prices, good value for money!

  To be taken!

| | See all fuego56's reviews (7)

Game quite intriguing, a bit hard to play Gun accessory then during the game because it uses also the sword and the gun acts as a sword!
However, to be taken!
PS. is in italian linguage.

  it's ashame that wii don't do more games like this

| | See all wineman's reviews (52)

this was the first game i played on wii and i found it absolutely fantastic! The story is great, and it always makes you want to keep playing to find out what's going to happen next. The graphics aren't stunning but they're good enough. Even though this game is fantastic, i sold my wii because i found most of the games out on wii were too childish for me. If your someone with a big family, lot's of friends, brothers and sisters, then wii is the perfect console for you to buy, however, i am an only child and my mum and dad aren't interested in making your own character and playing funfair games and mario racing (my dad's 50 and my mum's 42 so i wouldn't expect them to come home from work and go on the wii). If the wii had more shooting games then i would have probably kept the it a bit longer since i preffer shooting games on wii than what i do on PS3 and Xbox since more skill is needed. overall its a great game and it's by far the best game i've played on wii, its a shame they dont do more games like it.


| | See all UltimateReviewer's reviews (15)

Red Steel is unique mainly because it's not an on the rails shooter like most wii shooters and because of it's RPG elements. When I first started to play this game I thought it would have terrible graphics, fiddly controls and a boring cliched storyline, but the graphics are brilliant for a game on the wii, the controls are easy and practical and the storyline is like a Stephen king novel. I was taken firstly by the unexpected semi-destructible environment. Then when I realized I could get special moves with the samurai sword and hire small armies too fight a Gang Lord, I was amazed. Overall it's definitely worth buying for less than £5 and can become highly addictive.


| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

This game is amazing, graphics, characters, everything really. Great game for people who love action, shooting and sword fighting. The only reason it's a 16+ is because it's got swearing in it.

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  was a "steel" for the price

| | See all Krissiec's reviews (9)

Have played better games to be honest, but I still enjoy the game, it takes me awhile to get to grips with moving about, but it's first person so that helps! a good game for the price!

  Not in the best game list for wii but

| | See all TrueOrochi's reviews (6)

Red Steel is not so good like other wii games around (Mario Galaxy , Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda etc..) but don't forget its a lauch title and I have to admit that it had the best graphics among the wii launch titles , the controls are funny but it could be better. At the begining I would give 3 stars but as I play this game more and get used to the weird controls I really like shooting and chopping yakuza gangsters. Good game in perfect price , hope red steel 2 will be better

  fairly good

| | See all Badvoc's reviews (1)

it was one of the first titles, and it does have some bugs. But for the price it's great fun!

  Good idea, poorly realised

| | See all MichaelG130's reviews (5)

This was, as my title suggests, a really good idea.
The problem is that it was clearly rushed as evidenced by the graphics, layout, controlls and overall design.
The story is actually quite good, it can pull you in and the level design and structure supports the story nicely, the characters are interesting and even funny.
The ideas in the game such as the variety of guns, the need for accuracy and the encouraging of patience and accuracy through use of sniper sights, slo-mo action effects etc are good; and it can be very satisfying to hit enemies from far away or run right up to them with a powerful shortrange gun and frag them, or toss a grenade down a hole etc (although make no mistake, this is no Goldeneye, so don't expect to shoot them in the arm and see blood in the arm and the enemy clutching at his arm etc).
The idea of sword fighting with the Wii-mote is great, and nobody has really replicated this. The option to do short movements or long movements, the different sword strokes and combinations of moves - great idea.
The problems with this game are of course control glitches leading to it being quite difficult to execute sword moves at times, explosions killing you even though they are far away, rushed and poor quality graphics, excessively slow loading times, 'invisible' enemies able to shoot round corners, and enemies being able to execute sword moves that you can't, and ugly poorly drawn static cutscenes between levels.
Like I said, a wonderful idea of a game which probably started out wonderful as well, then got rushed out the door by some very short sighted people upstairs. Had the potential to be incredible, and got kicked in the teeth instead.
The people responsible for ordering this game to be rushed out should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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