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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen And The Tower Of Mirrors

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  It's ok but not great

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Having played Dragon Quest Journey Of The Cursed King i was expecting a brand new fresh game with all the same elements as previous titles. I have to agree with the review below me. While the First Person view is a new concept making this game more like Oblivion there is no way to see your character. The only time you see him is in cut scenes. Even though i didn't find this much of a problem i have found a few flaws out with this concept. After going on your first quest out of town you have to follow a straight path and if you count on returning to the village anytime soon you are not able to completely turn around therefore u have to walk backwards! which is a bit annoying if you ask me. While a lot of elements in the game are the same such as the music, monsters, items they have taken away the freedom of exploration out of the world map and the ability of item creation. As this is a Wii game i expected a lot of the game to use the Wii controls which it does, you use the remote to slash and point at the screen if you want to attack creatures in a certain area and defend against enemy attacks, you also have special attacks which use a bit more effort to execute but this isnt vastly difficult. It's really easy to slash and you will find yourself decapitating enemies easy early on, i only have some trouble slashing horizontally but it gets easier after practice. I only wish they had kept the battles turn based rather than being able to just slash a sword on screen, however its not always that simple as bosses need more effort as you will need to defend and heal. The one major plus to this game is the graphics! What can i say they are outstanding, so outstanding it puts the graphics from Journey Of The Cursed King to shame, i only wish the gameplay was more like it. Its not a terrible game and once you get into it, it can be very rewarding and quite addictive. £24.99 is not a bad price either so at that price its worth getting!

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  Not bad.

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Alright firstly, since this was a square game, i was expecting it to be exceptional, and if it was produced by anyone else, i would probably be giving this 5 stars instead of 4.

The gameplay is fantastic, as expected from a wii game. The only bad thing about it is the way you slash. You have to keep the wii remote in the "button-facing-up" position when slashing, which is kinda hard to do, because you want to twist your wrist while attacking. The controls are a little sensitive and take a while to master, and get the wii to understand what you are telling it to do.

I was a little disappointed with the length. The game can be completed in around 6 hours (without doing any side quests). I myself have spent around 10 hours on it, redoing missions to gain the highest results possible.

The game plays out much like an arcade game, where the character must go on "missions" in different areas (8 in total). Once the 8th mission is completed (the final boss), a new area is unlocked with multiple challenging boss fights - a fine addition!

With this being a square game i was expecting some fabulous cutscenes - alas, there are none. The only cutscenes there are have the same graphics as in-game.

This is a very good game and i'm sure i'll go back to it in a few months or so and do it again. Even though i was a little disappointed with it, at £25 this is a steal.

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  'A Cream Egg Without The Cream'

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In the UK we have one console Dragon Quest game, which is on the PS2 'Dragon Quest VIII' In Japan there have obviously been alot more.
This is the first outing on the Wii and by all standerds they've taken out alot of the great bits of the previous titles, simple things likeexploring vast lands and combining all the many many items you find along the way.
The best way to describe this Role Playing First Person Shooter is 'A Cadburys Cream Egg, without the cream inside'. The gameplay is on rails, meaning all you to is press forward on the Wiimote control and he goes along his path until enemies jump out of the sides and attack.
For an obsucre reason the company avoided using the nunchuck wich could of worked well with using it as the shield.
In the end this is a very hollow game and for fans of the previous Dragon Quest games they are better off waiting for the Dragon Quest DS game coming out later this year. For people looking for a fantasy game for young children however this might be worth a rent.

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