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Metal Slug Anthology

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Customer Reviews

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  For the fans, and not for the fans

| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

I remember the days when I played the first metal slug in arcade. Man I sure spent lots of quarters! This bundle is a great alternative but you have unlimited lives. I know you can't but quarters in a wii but unlimited lives is just giving the player to much. Why should I dodge bullets if I revive every split second. Zero tension! Zero excitement and that's just to bad. The graphics are still intact and the controls are even better then before so it's still a great game but it lost the metal slug feeling.

  Awesomeness x7

| | See all OleMartin's reviews (8)

Any sidescroller fan with respect for himself has at least played one of the Metal Slug games. If not, than he's not a sidescroller fan. Metal Slug is the king of sidescroller shooters, the mixture between the crazy non-stop shooting madness and the slapstick humour is almost unbeatable. And for anyone who has played these games knows how freaking hard it is, so good news for this Anthology is that you can play these games with unlimited continues, even it's not necessary for fans, I guess it's a good welcome for beginners. And one last thing, this Anthology for the Nintendo Wii has loads of controller options, but how silly it ever must sound, the Gamecube controller is the only good, no... it's the only usable option really! With those others controller options I find it impossible to throwing grenades. So if you don't have a GC controller you better consider the PS2 or PSP versions if you have one of those consoles. Anyway, do yourself good and buy this game, you won't regret it.

Mission completed :)

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  Great collection of arcade classics!

| | See all AshParmenter's reviews (2)

Metal Slug is a series of games that arcade lovers will remember well. Yes, it's not as well known as Virtua Fighter or Tekken say, but the franchise has a massive cult following across the globe. The side-scrolling, button bashing, jump and duck action is reminicent of mid 90's video gaming at it's finest. Essentially, the series focuses on a group of government millitants who have been given the task of stopping a crazed terrorist group from blowing lots of stuff up. The first game, simply entitled Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001, features two characters. Later games featured up to six deifferent protagonists to play as.

The seven titles are as follows:

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001
Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug X (A reissued, more technically advanced version of Metal Slug 2 with slight gameplay alterations.)
Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug 4
Metal Slug 5
Metal Slug 6

Metal Slug Anthology is a collection of all seven Metal Slug arcade games on one Wii disc. All seven of the titles are emulated perfectly, and feature all the original uncut animation, music and sound effects. Thankfully, all seven games have their two player modes intact, os you and a friend can shoot up the terrain together! The real beauty of this collection is that the extra features are well worth playing for. These include a 'Making Of', original and draft artwork, and a complete sound test for the games themselves. This is in vein of other 'compilation discs' released recently, such as Sonic Mega Collection or the Capcom series of games published on the PSP.

SNK Playmore (the developers of this title, and the whole series since 1996 in fact) have done a great job of converting this collection for the Wii. The graphics are smooth, the sound is crisp... The one thing that really impressed me is the control method. The Wii, is an awesome games console, but the controls can sometimes be a little restrictive, especially on ports form other consoles or (as in this case) ports from arcade units... If you need proof, download Super Mario 64 on the Wii Virtual Console. You'll soon see that the contols could have been made better even when using the Wii Classic Controller or the GameCube joypad, and this is just one example! For Metal Slug Anthology, the Wii Remote can be used in many different ways to control the action, and there are numerous setup options to allow you to also use the Wii Nunchuck in tandem with the Wii Remote. A genius move was to allow users to use their GameCube joypads also. One thing that would have been nice is the ability to use the Wii Classic Controller, but for some reason this was ommitted, although it is no great loss by any means.

So, all in all, for under £15 (at the time of writing) this collection is well worth the money. All seven of the games are fun, addictive and replayable, especially with a friend in two player mode. This game also marks the comeback of SNK as a Nintendo developer. Well, they're off to a good start! Now let's see a King of Fighters complilation next year!

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  Great game - not worth 39.99 but easily worth 17.99!

| | See all stuzzer's reviews (3)

I wanted this game when the wii came out, but no way was I being ripped off at 40 quid for a bunch of old games. The Play price however makes this worthy of anyones collection. A lot of reviewers have complained about the controls, the lack of unlockable items and the loading when in levels. Each of these points is minor in my opinion, the remote turned on its side is a great way of controlling it, so who cares about the other silly control configurations, there is a lack of unlockable items, but its an old arcade game nothing more nothing less, and the loading in levels is about four seconds tops so that doesn't bother me. For the money you get seven of the greatest side scrolling shoot em ups ever made, there just about pure killin, just simply caning everthing in sight. That's what a real game is all about! That's what game production companies have forgotten about these days! The only reason this doesn't get five stars is that you can complete the whole lot in an afternoon, but it should be noted that there is a harder difficulty setting with less credits. An outstanding collection of games. Better than that 'trauma center' rubbish.

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| | See all Darkprince's reviews (25)

I loved metal slug for a few years now, and when i heard the collection is comin out on the wii that made me get it str8 away, everything is great about this game, except the difficulty, but of course thats metal slug for u, and it that makes it more challenging.

  Class A (for £17.99)

| | See all Pedroo's reviews (2)

Metal Slug reminds me of the good days in the arcade filling machines with 10 pences. However, considering this game is 10 years old, I was expecting hardly any loading and lots of nice slick presentation. But I was wrong. Loads of loading, loads of rubbish menus. BUT!!!!! WHAT A GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!! The 5 star rating is based on the price of £17.99, I wouldn't think about it! If its still reduced, buy, buy, BUY!!!!!

  Arcade perfection on Wii. A must for any Metal Slug fan.

| | See all Phosphene's reviews (2)

I've spent many hours of my life and many 50ps playing Metal Slug in my local chip shop. I love the game, there's something scarily addictive about it - so easy to play yet so hard to complete! I love the simplistic element of it - just racking up high scores and taking on huge bosses.

When I found out that the anthology was due to be released on Wii I knew I had to buy it so I could play it in the comfort of my own room and with friends at parties. However being a poor student the £40 did put me off... even though I love Metal Slug it seemed very steep!

So image my joy when I stumble across Play.com selling it for £17. If you're a fan of the Metal Slug games there really is no excuse - this is a great collection and will keep your Metal Slug needs sorted forever. If you've never played the series before - check it out in the arcade or an online flash version to get an idea what its like. I've found it's a love/hate thing for this type of game - you'll soon know which side you're on!

  Grab a Priceless Gem

| | See all hoetrix's reviews (2)

Metal Slug Anthology for the Nintendo Wii hasn't met much critical acclaim due to a small amount of silly dissapointments.
For example; the control system. There are some very surreal and unrealistic styles such as tilting the Wiimote left and right to move. However, this can be forgiven as the controlls can be customized, even allowing play with the GC controller, of which I use and recommend.

The layout and design of the menus are also poor; feeling rushed and unfinished and not very user-friendly. The games themselves, however, are classic arcade fun and once in play these small dissapointments are forgotten.

Thanks to the summer sale the price is at £17.99, which is an extremely low price considering being £39.99 before hand.

The Good:
- 7 outstanding and unique games
- Unlockables such as galleries, music and an interview
- Budget price
- Fun for all ages
- 2-player co-op

The Bad:
- Bad menu designs
- Annoying loading on certain games
- Control styles are wierd and tacked on

All in all, great games at a budget price but let down slightly by bad menu and control systems.


- Hoetrix

  Classic Arcade fun in your own home

| | See all simfish's reviews (3)

The only reason i gave this game 4 stars rather than five is the price i think its should be about another 10quid cheaper, but other than that its all good, the controller style is simple but decent, admittedly the games are quite similar but for anyone who enjoyed metal slug when it first came out this is a must have. Classic 2D fun

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