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Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  good game but if you have it for the DS not much point...

| | See all GameViper's reviews (19)

this is a good game and i have truma for the DS and liked it so i thort, okay then it should be good on the WII, the game is BUT the story is basily the same and the operations are almost the same aswell... worth getting if you havnt got it for the DS butif you have it for the DS it is easier and the controls are alot better to handle with...

3/5 because of lack of story but good game none the less

  Fantastic game, very addictive.

| | See all SLWDVD's reviews (5)

I have both of the Trauma Centre games now and both are just as enjoyable. As with other Trauma Centre, this game is so addictive and could quite easily play this for ages. 1st few operations are easy (ish), but after that when the nurse no longer talks you through the operations, memory does have to be good, but this just adds to the enjoyment of the game. As with Trauma Centre New Blood the storyline is a bit 'tongue in cheek', but this did not effect my overall enjoyment of the game. Can't say a bad word about this game, fantastic idea again and very enjoyable, would recommend this as one of my favourites

  trauma centre:second opinion

| | See all kayloukaye's reviews (2)

love it love it love!!!!! Im studying to go in to the NHS and this as you can imagine has me hooked. It's not as easy as I first thought but i wont let it beat me. it involves fixing fractures bleeding wounds, removing items like glass and a very steady hand. great fun for hours of addiction

  Great to play

| | See all britneyrules's reviews (17)

I loved playing this game until the levels became really difficult. Still a good game with life like animation but be prepared for the big challenge ahead!

  It's fun being a surgeon until things get frustrating hard.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I thought that I should warn you first at how hard this game becomes. The use of the Wii controls as you operate on your patient is very precise and enjoyable. To begin with you are given an operation where you have to take glass out of a patient and stitch their wounds etc. You have a nurse informing you what equipment you need to use at the start but, it's not long until you need to remember what tools you need to use as the operations get harder and more complex. You need to work fast and not make mistakes because if you don't it's game over you and your patient. Overall Trauma Centre: Second Opinion is original and enjoyable but, it will also have you tearing your hair because it's so difficult too.

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  A good game

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It's a good game. I think the 50euro it's a little too much but if you find it for a little less buy it, you can have fun and suspence. Save people unless to kill them!

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  A really fun game - but not easy!

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This game is excellent - I'm not usually a big gamer myself but I got addicted to this one and finished it quite quickly. I see some people have reviewed it as being too hard - but I dont think that's the case. You can set the difficulty to easy, medium or hard, and can adjust this level by level as you go along. You need to concentrate but that just makes it all the more rewarding! Who wants a game that's too easy?! The storyline is quite boring but I found a tip online that helps you fast foward through all the on-screen dialogue... press the 1 and 2 buttons either side of the 'home' key and it speeds up or slows down the text. Makes it so much more enjoyable to play!

I would recommend this game to anyone - it's a great use of the wii remote and a lot of fun... I cant wait for the next one to come out!

  trauma way too hard

| | See all RYANRICARDO76's reviews (22)

I really wanted to like this game, but its main problem is that way too hard, even when you have it set to easy level. A lot of the reviews of this game in the mags have had the same problem. Don't get me wrong the concpet of it is brilliant and the controls brillaint, but its just why too hard and half way through you won't bother with it, I just hope the follow to this game is better.

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  Good to start then the rest boring

| | See all FerrariF40's reviews (4)

This is a game with a lot of hype it is no way as good as i first thought The surgery is all the same and at one point you have to defuse a bomb THEN IT GETS WORSE some people may enjoy only worth £10 NEW Any over dont buy!!! 2 1/2 stars

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  Tykes good points bads points reviews

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Good - Unusual gameplay, quick 5 min levels you can jump in and jump out of, requires skill.

Bad - Having to read the dialogue, pointless story