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Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  A little disapointed

| | See all Clare7777's reviews (8)

I bought this game without doing any research on it, id played the ds version before and thought that was pretty good. When i started playing i realised it was exactly the same missions as the ds version 'trauma centre, under the knife'. I havent played this game much. Its my least favourite game out of all my wii games.
If you have played the ds version, i dont reccomend buying this game

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  A must have for Wii fans

| | See all Nintyaddict's reviews (11)

I'm all new to the trauma centre franchise and this one is fun as anything, saving patients and using the electric pads for when patient go in to cardiac arrest. It's all good stuff for me, and you can set the difficultly the easy settings nice for beginners but if it's too easy you can make it harder. Now that hospital uses the wii to treat stroke victims but in this game you treat GUILT victims. The story line is interesting since it's understandable, during the operations you get certain amounts of points depend on how well you perform a surgery. There are 3 ratings you get for doing small goods and bas, Bad, Good and Cool, Bad is the one you don't want and Cool is the best goal. I really enjoy this game, if your interested in Hospital surgery and so on get this game. :)

  Operation brought to life

| | See all samH91's reviews (25)

This is one of my personal favourite wii games it has a good plot and storyline and takes a good 2 days to complete without taking your eyes off the screen,the gameplay is original and can be as difficult or as easy as you like due to the 3 difficulty levels.The games operations can get a bit tedious as some operations are very similar however this game is well worth the money and will continue to keep you entertained right up until the next game.

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  A good overall Game

| | See all Barneyjs's reviews (2)

A Very good game but there is a lot of talking and some parts are very hard i actually find cutting them open hard. when you get going it is very easy to keep them alive by using the injection tool but time is sometimes a problem when u dont no what your doing.

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  Nice initial idea but ruined by the supernatural villain

| | See all 0oNellyo0's reviews (6)

When i saw this game advertised i thought the concept was brilliant. What could be more fun than testing your surgical skills in your living room? Incorporating the same basic necessities as real life surgery the early levels of the game were enjoyable. Unfortunatly the makers of the game added an odd satanic demon which infects your patients (aswell as your patience!) in the later stages of the game. Whilst the demon allows you to really put your reflexes to the test i would have been much more impressed with real life surgical operations. That minus the terrible pre-operation cut scenes would've made this a great game. Too childish for my liking. Irritating music too.

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| | See all gameninga's reviews (2)

I'ts a incredibly adictive game, you must by this game. Infact after you've finishe playing on it you might even decide to become a doctor.


| | See all NIKI428's reviews (2)

Not knowing the DS version, I just looked at this game and brought it with my wii console. The storyline is awful and goes on and on when you just want to get on with it and try to operations. It is a shame as I believe it spoils on what could be a good game. Operations are fun, but some of them can be a little difficult. There is alot of the game that can be improved, but it is a fantastic idea for a wii game. This game is between a 2 and 3 star rating.

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  Great game!

| | See all CTheBear's reviews (7)

I bought this without even seeing the adverts for it and I'm so glad I did. You get scored on how well you preform and timed so its not all easy, although it is at the start. The storyline with it is ok, but I can live with that as the game kept my glued to my computer for hours!

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| | See all shelle85's reviews (15)

Excellent game, kept me entertained for hours!
Never get bored of doing the operation, keep going back to them!
Really good fun game!!

  Lets Operate!

| | See all thesilencer's reviews (1)

Buyin this as my first game was a good choice, feels jus lik ur the doctor u need a steady hand and quick reflexes or the game is over but its hour of fun and the story has a good base line to it, i found the levels challenging and hard work a must hav game for any wii owner.