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Customer Reviews

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  ALOT of fun

| | See all Krissiec's reviews (9)

Both my boyfriend (40) and myself (26) love this game, it's so much fun, I love these type of games and would recommend it, the eledees are so cute too :)

  they can run! BUT THEY CNT HIDE!

| | See all lemon34's reviews (6)

Great game!!! You wonder around searching for eledees and get them then power up stuff great fun doesnt get boring at all!! Brilliant fun!

  Very fun

| | See all Meebee's reviews (6)

As soon as I got this game, I was on it like a flash, and it was pretty awesome. You get to run around your home, trashing everything you find, and it's very realistic. Sadly, it gets a bit repetetive, so the next level is basically somewhere bigger and more complex to smash and search. Every so often, you get an Eledee boss, which is quite exciting, but most of the time, all you're doing is breaking up possessions for cute, fat green things.

Unfortunately, you could call this game 'slow' in many ways. You're given almost a ridiculous amount of time to catch the guys, and if you ever DO loose, you're haunted by the fact you have to remember where every Eledee you caught was, AND where you still had to look, but ALSO to do it faster.

It's also very hard to 'not smash objects' or 'keep the noise down' because the frustration of them hiding under EVERYTHING makes you hurl things everywhere, so they cant run straight back under.

It's a beautiful game, and I will play it till... I complete it, but then it really can loose appeal. The editing is limited, so you can't actually 'practice' because making the stage is harder than catching them in the first place. Multiplayer to me, personally, gets agonisingly confusing, as you end up catching each others saucepans instead of the special Eledees. I honestly loved the game, but it's really for children who enjoy spending hour after hour chasing blobs around their house.


| | See all DracoDragonite's reviews (9)

This game sees you play as a kid who hates Eledees (or Elebits as it is known in the US) and collects them when the power goes out, thinking it's their fault.
The game is like hide and seek where you have to open doors, shake boxes, etc to find then then zap them up. It's really fun and highly under rated and gets tricky as you get into it.

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  Love it

| | See all phwoggy's reviews (5)

Unfortunately I don't play on my Wii very much, partly because the other games I have bore me after a while but this one, I just keep wanting to get back on! The controls take some getting used to, especially if you havn't had much practise but once you've got them it's brilliant. I wish I'd bought it sooner!

  Can be annoying on times

| | See all tazin2001's reviews (8)

I got this game when it first came out and I love it although its not my first choice in games, I play it on the odd occasion when I remember I have it.
The controls of the wii can be a real pain in the bum when trying to open doors etc and through this certain levels take ages to complete but after eventually completing them you get a sense of yayyyyyyyy, the amount of times I have wanted to throw the remote at the tv because I was only a few eledees away from finishing the level but a door stopped me is nobodys business, if you have a short temper like me this game isn't for you.

  three and a half stars if i could

| | See all Frankman's reviews (19)

This game is the first game i have played which really uses the wiimote to it's full potential throughout the game. It is very original and a good game Although you are limited to within your house it is just very exciting although exausting after a while but still fun. I haven't tried out the multiplayer yet but i think it will be a great experience. On wii this game is very fantastic and gameplay is like a first person shooter. But targets are very small and this game is one of those which can easily get frustrating. Overall good but not perfect two many flaws before i would buy it if i hadn't already made that decisin. The levels are all in the dark and there is very little room to move. These just aren't enjoyable to play so i wouldn't go as saying don't buy because it is ok but it definatley isn't a must buy by any standard.

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  Best game i have brought so far

| | See all Ladykara's reviews (3)

I should explain that im 29 years old with a 9 year old son. I have picked up this game many times but i have a habit of judging a book by its cover, and games for that matter, it looked like a childish shoot em up game which isnt my kind of game at all. After wasting my money on buying The Sims pets for the Wii i decided to take a chance and give this game ago (the reviews which people wrote on here helped). This was the best thing i ever did !!
It is a shoot em up game but there is so much more to it. You have to find this eledees and you do this by using the Wii remote to open doors, pick up objects and search through cupboards. I spent over 4 hours playing it yesterday and i am hiding it from my son for a few more days as i know i wont get a look in after. Buy this game, you wont regret it.

  Brilliant Game!

| | See all Toxictears's reviews (1)

Bought this game due to the fact it was on offer at my local shop and thinking that it would be a good game my girlfreind could play. I was reluctant to play it and get involved in the game, but after seeing my girlfreind play it (and fall in love with it! Even though shes not a big gamer herself!) I thought I would give the game a go. The game play is fantastic, the idea of the game is brilliant and the controls are spot on! Very fun game to play, addictive, and entertaining! If your a more experienced gamer (like me) looking for more of a challenge then you might want to skip this game, it gets harder, but its still pretty easy but its still worth a buy/play. My girlfreind absolutely loved the game and its the longest iv ever seen her play a game for. Its a typical trademark Nintendo game, cheerful, happy kind of enviroment and gameplay, superb for all ages! Reminds me alot of the Gamecubes 'Pikmins'. I had to give it 4 stars purely for the fact that for me, its a bit to easy but for the less experienced gamer its just right! Not too hard, not too easy and a very good 'ice breaker' game for those not sure on games.

This games a must for anyone who is trying to get their girlfreind into games without the offputting blood, gore and language. :)

Overall: Brilliant game to sit down and chill out too.

Strongely suggest a buy/play!

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  Great Stuff

| | See all RascalRoy's reviews (3)

Great shooting game. Tremendous feel from the remotes, particularly when moving objects. Great to complete a room, but there is a desire to go back and do it again for a higher score!!! Not as kidish (in terms of game play) as it looks on the cover, very playable and highly recommended.