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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Basic but Good!

| | See all Markshepherd's reviews (29)

The gameplay for this is pretty basic and repetetive, and to be honest if it hadn't had the Marvel logo on it i would have kept walking. That being said i absolutely adore this game, its one of those guilty pleasure game, where you can play as a huge array of characters from the world of Marvel to take on a lot of classic enemies. This is a really good fun game, if you love Marvel comics!

Cannot wait til the next installment.

  Good Game!

| | See all peter834's reviews (4)

This game is really good, and I can't wait for the next installment of it. However, I did feel that it needed to be slightly longer though. But all in all, it is a good game.

  hmmm not what i was expecting

| | See all jbk223's reviews (10)

this game was unexpected in a bad way to be honest.
i am a full on comic geek and i love marvel games films etc however this game just is pretty bad.
in random parts you will be wondering around with nothing to do/nothing to fight.

this is nothing like mavel: rise of the imperfects!!!

so if your expecting that, with great 2 player battles then this isn't the right game.

however the only good thing about it is that there is so many characters which i love!
it would only be better is you had individual levels with them...

hope this helps guys!


| | See all gollumclay's reviews (18)

Absolutely perfect if your a fan of the comic books.
A Great game if you enjoy any x-men games or stuff liek that.
Ill put it another way, i have 11 Wii games and this is easily my favourite!

Hope this helps :)



  Good Game!

| | See all BigCal's reviews (6)

I'll be honest, when I bought this game, I had NO IDEA what the game was about or how you played it. I bought it when it first came out, along with the Wii console. I was looking for a couple of games to get, and at the time there wasn't many that interested me. I saw Marvel, and I saw a picture of Spiderman. Essentially, that's what made me buy it. I got it home and I played it, and I really liked it. I don't think I have ever played a game quite like it before. I have read a lot of reviews on the internet and in games magazines, that claim the controls suck for the game. Not sure what they were doing, but I have no problem with the controls what so ever. If anything, I prefer to play it with the Wii controls compared to the 360 version (that I have also had chance to play on). There are some problems with it, but other than a few minor things that don't really affect the way I feel about the game, I would recommend it. I just hope they release a sequal, and improve on a couple of things.

  Make mine marvel

| | See all MisterM7's reviews (6)

This is a higly enjoyable game, with 20+ characters to select with a vast array of super powers to use. The gameplay is okay, but not much depth in the plot but still okay. The graphics aren't that great but are still okay for this style of game. This is a pretty easy game for all ages and appeals to anyone who have played any marvel super hero game or the X-Men Legends titles.

  Ultimate Average

| | See all thesleepyjamie's reviews (10)

Being a Wii launch title and a port from other consoles, I expected this to be awful. Whilst not spectacular in any regard, it is competent enough and will have Marvel obsessives salivating at its plethora of heroes to deal with.

Taking the template of an RPG/ Action-Adventure game, Marvel follows as you assign your heroes through various levels.

The game play is alright, shaking the wii mote in tandem with certain buttons producing different actions and, whilst a bit repetitive after a few hours, it is enjoyable enough.

The game presentation is no better than a PS2 or Gamecube to be thruthful, although this is generally the case with launch titles.

Unless you are a Marvel fan, I would steer clear of this game unless you can find it at a significantly reduced price.

+++Strong Points+++
-HUGE selection of Marvel characters.
-Enjoyable enough.

+++Weak Points+++
-Controls feel a bit rushed.
-Poor presentation. A bit last-gen.

  Hours and Hours and Hours of Entertainment

| | See all nessi69's reviews (3)

This game has kept us all busy for a few weeks so far and we've still not got to the end. There are so many levels providing virtually non-stop action. We are Marvel mad and were all pleased to see that it doesn't just include the more popular heroes/villains but our lesser known favourites too. The story is engrossing and we all found the game hard to put down.

  Good fun,

| | See all Daviduk2000's reviews (40)

Well first thing i noticed about this game was the amazing brilliant Cut scene graphics. but well they deteriorated in the gameplay graphics,
But after playing this game i found it slightly boring i thought the gameplay was repetitive and got old i did however enjoy the game the further into it i got,
Now im not comic book fan but i do enjoy all the comic book heroes movies (with the exception of the Hulk) But i enjoyed the story of this game, the evil victor von doom has gained huge power and gathered all the super villains together to destroy the heroes once and for all and rule the world, you travel between many of the heroes home places and fight together to clear each areas missions and help. with a sort of multiple ending conclusion depending on the missions you do and dont do. adds a slight replayability but still even after that the replay value was very poor.

Story........... 8/10 (i enjoyed it alot)
Game play..... 6/10 ( got repetitive but still fun)
Graphics........ 7/10 (excelent cut scene graphic, not so good in game)
Sound........... 6/10 (Ok not best But good quality)
Play length..... 8/10 (11 hours isnt to bad)
Replayability... 2/10 (even more boring than zelda twice round)
Multiplayer..... 3/10 (basically the one player with 2 people not to fun)

Total 40/70

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