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Super Smash Bros: Brawl

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (140 reviews)"

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  The Best Game Ever? Hell Yeah!

| | See all BIGtimmy's reviews (1)

This is the gratest game I have ever played. If you havent played it yet, go do it now. Even if you have go play it now for it is amazing. It reminds you why you play video games, as well as being so much fun your head will explode! Buy it! Buy i! Buy it!

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  Perfect.... for a veteran.

| | See all GaZZuM's reviews (3)

The crux of any Smash Bros. game has always been complexity via simplicity. i.e. Easy controls hiding mountains of hidden depth. There's an attack button, a special attack button, a jump button a block button and a grab button... and that's it. "Easy to learn, Difficult to master" is an old saying that applies perfectly here.

If this is your first delve into a Smash Bros. game then be ready love it and hate it in equal measure. You'll love it for the epic scale of the battles, the slow learning curve, the gradual understanding of the mechanics and physics of it all... but you'll hate how damn much you love it! Me and my friends have been playing the Gamecube version if this for nigh on 6 years and showed no signs of stopping save for this sequel. And this IS a sequel...

As a sequel you're already expected to be quite familiar with the controls and inner workings of the series, which can be a pain especially because (i think atleast) the difficulty has been amped up on this edition. Unlocking characters outside of The Subspace Emmisary is much harder than in Melee, due to the increased difficulty coupled with not knowing what moves they possess but this challenge also adds to the fun.

The graphics on this Smash Bros game are pretty great: bright, interesting colours; excellent animations; astounding character design and level design, you're never without something pretty to look at.

Now, I realise the Wii is a family console but this is NOT a family-friendly game. The difficulty to master the controls will put off many family members and thos that do master it will no doubt get in many an argument, however, if you've a child that loves him some Nintendo he will ADORE this.

There is Nintendo goo spewing from it's every orifice, there are hundreds of trophies to collect featuring nearly every Nintendo character from the last 25 years, a cast of 35 characters any Nintendo fan will love taking control of and LOADS of in-jokes contained in the games many, many levels.

Overall, a game no Nintendo fan should be tortured with living without.

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  My rating of smash bros brawl

| | See all greg90's reviews (1)

Extremely good game play with far better graphics than that of the previous Smash bro's melee. Adventure play makes you use all of the characters rather than just picking one which makes you an all round better player with every character. New characters in the game which makes it much more exciting than the previous game, has the same controls as melee and allows you to play with a classic controller, game cube controller or wiimote so you will be as good at this game as you was at melee! Although keep in mind that some may argue that it is too similar to the melee version and cant offer too much as a difference, how can you make a massive improvement on a game which is so good in the first place like melee. In addition, some of the copies of this game have faults with the online play with your profile, personally mine was fine but others may not be as lucky.

  Smashing Game "apoligies for the pun"

| | See all Boasel's reviews (5)

This is game is a must have for gamers of all types, hardcores will love this and even the people who only have 30 minutes a day or what not can pick up the controlles and have a good blast. I would recomend using the gamecube controller above anything else, it feels more familiar and all the buttons are in easy atainable areas.

There so many things to unlock and do on this game. I've basically played it for two days straight and have not gone past half way through the adventure mode and only done classic mode with 4 characters!

This is a must have, after waiting two years since pre-ordering it, I have not been let down!

  Fun and Addictive€ Brawl forever!

| | See all nazgul's reviews (7)

Every now and then, a game comes along that is entirely a must-have for every owner of the platforms it is released on. A couple of months ago GTA4 was released for PS3 and XBOX 360 and in the end of 2007 Nintendo marveled us with the release of Super Mario Galaxy. Now, less than six months later, that feat has been repeated with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Super Smash Bros Brawl is an extremely fun game. Its simple controls and gameplay make it remarkably accessible to beginners yet still appealing to Smash Bros. veterans.

Pick your favorite from 35 Nintendo star and knock them away! Smash Bros is addictive and challenging as it was on the N64 and GameCube. You can choose to play with four types of controllers: wii mote only, wii mote & nunchuk, classic controller, and the Gamecube controller. Although passersbys will think all four players are just banging on buttons; experienced gamers will know just how important each attack, feint and dodge really is.

With the inclusion of mostly lag-free online play and the ability to share screenshots, custom levels, and game replays with friends, it offers an unparalleled multiplayer experience previously unseen on the Wii. All battle stages are a revival of Nintendo's most glorious games. Mix in all of the unlockable characters and the excessive number of collectible trophies and stickers to find. Brawl features an extensive quest which is packed with cutscenes. Watching Mario and your other heroes teaming up to beat back an invasion is a spectacle that just has to be see. The Subspace Emissary is an extensive single or 2 player adventure mode where players jump and brawl their way through enemy-packed side scrolling levels, watching incredible scenarios and battling gigantic bosses.

Brawl's biggest addition is Wi-Fi Connection support. If you're brawling with friends off your Friend Code list, the experience should be generally clean and lag-free. Friends or strangers alike can be challenged online either in cooperative teams or as individual fighters. Believe me, the main problem regarding this game is that you sadly have to switch the game off at some time, so that your partner/ parents/ children would not feel miserable that you do not calculate them any more.

Ultimately thanks to games such as this that people prefer Nintendo over Sony and Microsoft. The sights, the sounds, deep customization, breathless action, enjoyable Subspace Emissary... it's the Wii's perfect party (multiplayer) game and Nintendo's most extensive work that remind us of over 20 years of its glorious history. It's particularly impossible to find a Wii title that provides more value for money. Simply it is one of those few games (together with Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart & Zelda) that you should buy the Wii for. It is a sort of gaming experience that if its predecessors are any indication, people will be playing for years to come. Do not lose any more time reading reviews and watching game sites because everyone has the same idea... it is time to Brawl!

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  Excellent.. The Wait Is Over.

| | See all westy1991's reviews (1)

Obviously this game has been on many wishlists for over 3 years now.. the wait is over, its here!! Its bigger better and overall brilliant. 3rd party characters like Solid Snake and Sonic the hedgehog bring brilliant gameplay eg Mario VS Sonic ;) everyones gotta let them battle :P.. But basically if u loved melee this is the game for you.. Buy it now.. Best game on wii up to date,

  One of the best games on the Wii

| | See all blitzplay's reviews (7)

This game is fun, addictive and keeps you wanting to play more for hours! New two player modes which is loads of fun, even over Wi-Fi! Up to four player battles that can be hectic stuff! Its hard to find another game like this on the Wii and on any other console! Its a must buy for most players! Highly recommended especially if you like Smash Bros. Meele!

  Brawl till you die

| | See all versofere's reviews (27)

Easily the best game to be released on the wii so far, if you've played the gamecube version then you'll love this one.
The controls are prettymuch the same as the GC version so no difficulty in picking it up and playing it straight away, the graphics are much improved and Brawl also has alot of extras that will keep you quite for ages such as the new stage biulder where you can choose what you want to use as a background and what you will be standing on as well as the background theme tune!
The events have also made a comeback in this game where you'll be completing tasks to unlock more challanges and more secret items as you progress.
The big part of this game is the WIFI battles where if you think your good enough you can start to challange the peeps of the world to some brawl matches :)

Graphics - 5/5
Sound - 5/5
Gameplay - 5/5

all in all the best game you can own!

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  Best game ever, shame about the waiting time though...

| | See all prof10000's reviews (15)

This game brings the title to wii, at least now people will know what the the game is, because of the gamecube, anyway, with over 40 characters, and the abilty to collect music and trophies including the bigger adventure mode, where people meet up, just like heroes, it gets you to choose and play as characters you don't normally play as
Shame about sonic, but his smash bove is ok, just like pikachu's...

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