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Super Smash Bros: Brawl

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (140 reviews)"

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| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

Get this game on wii now it is the best!!! My friend brought it round and it was amazing, the graphics, the characters, the fighting, well everthing really, just pure brillian really. This is a really must have game for anyone, even if you don't like games. It's got loads of stuff to do, loads of characters, loads of fighting rings and lots of objects come in whilst you are fighting or as they call it having a brawl. If you are not so sure about this game after reading my review have a good look into it on the nintendo website or there is even a website on it's own about this game. Please get it, it is brilliant!!!!!

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  Best of the lot!

| | See all M3gaM4sh's reviews (6)

Perfectly executed, presented and configured. You can tell that a lot of engineering has gone into this game and the story mode, replayability and online capabilities are all spot on in my opinion. The characters are fantastic, as always, but they've really outdone themselves on this one. Me and my friends all agree that this is a great game that we'll be constantly playing and going back to for years!


| | See all florence3's reviews (10)

Fun when unlocking hidden characters on the game, ALL STAR MODE and of course CLASSIC MODE it self and another mode ( can't remember) kind of like an RPG or ADVENTURE, its fun!!!!! ALSO special brawls and collect coins to unlock dozens of trophies to the expansive nintendo universe on this game.


| | See all fozzinator's reviews (12)

its ok but it will get boring after a while beucase theres nothing to do apart from the challenges and no one goes online anyway so a little bit of a waste of time?

  Must Buy game

| | See all Rage09's reviews (2)

This is an essential game for the Nintendo Wii. It is just brilliant when playing with freinds and the 1 player mode has been improved from melee. Now the story is better and the cut scenes are great

  For pure gamers only

| | See all firewall92's reviews (30)

This game is fantastic as it has many different modes, characters and arenas to play in. It's great how you can design your own arena and play in that, it brings out the game creator in you.

This game however is for pure gamers only as it's very complicated to control at first due to the many buttons and attacks you can have but for pure gamers, this shouldn't take to long to master.

So if you're a pure gamer, buy this. If not, buy Mario Kart Wii.

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  One of the best fighting games ever

| | See all acrobacebat's reviews (19)

i played super smash bros melee which is on the gamecube, it was so fun, and this is even better i reccomend everyone to buy this, mixed characters and nintendo worlds collide, and they all work together to defeat many bosses with a big story ahead of them. I could play this game for 3 hours and i have done that before!

  wheres the magic?

| | See all iPlayGames1's reviews (11)

In the past i'ver owned all of the previous smash bros games, i had the first one when i was about 8 and loved it. Then when melee came out on the Cube i was officially house bound, trying to unlock all the characters, trophies ect was the most time-consuming thing in my childhood! Then when i bought a wii i had to get brawl.
However, after completing most of it (its extremaly hard to complete 100% it'll take you weeks of swearing and repeatedly clicking 'retry') i felt it was lacking somthing. It seems that with cramming all the new stages, characters and game modes (btw create a map is hopeless, i havnt created 1 map its so boring and the maps you create are pants) nintendo have left out the magic that was oh so present in the previous titles.
Another point is that snake, makes the game seem really far fetched, i no its not a serious game but the other new characters (sonic, wolf, king dedede) fit in really well with the smash bros world, wereas snake stands out like a saw thumb.
All in all a really solid and playable game which will keep you occupied for hours, but for me, a bit of a let down.


| | See all xhazzyx's reviews (5)

it's so addictive. i could play on it all day long. each setting and characters are unique. a MUST HAVE game. p.s this game isn't just for boys, i'm a girl and i loved it!!!! x