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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  awesome, cool and far out

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First of all i have to say that i prefer the original no more heroes, however i became such a big fan of it and enjoyed the style of the game so much that i knew id still love this game nevertheless. The graphics are a bit improved, the script and humour is just as crazy and the bosses are as good as the first. What i really preferred about the first game was the side jobs. Im really not fussed at all on 8-bit style retro gaming in this modern age of gaming so i was a bit gutted that the side jobs in NMH2 are all changed from the previous game to the 8-bit style games all apart from the scorpion catching game. never mind tho cos they still are a lot of fun and challenging so it hardly bothered me. i sort of preferred driving around the city as well but pointing at your next location from a birds eye view and arriving straight at that area was a welcome enough change for me. overall this is an amazing sequel to an amazing game and i hope we see a NMH3 one day so we can see more of Travis the great

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  Excellent - Better Than The Original

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Everything from the original is fixed. NMH1 was good but certain aspects of it were not good enough. Where you could only use one sword at a time before, now you can take all four with you and switch when each is needed. During battle, you briefly can't take damage while switching and your battery is fully restored upon changing your weapon which is brilliant. Each boss is suited to a certain sword, the main innovation being dual wielding katanas. This makes for quick slashes and devastating combos while other bosses may require your more powerful weapon. The next improvement is the central hub, meaning you select where to go rather than driving through empty streets. You also don't have to "buy" the next level. Any money you earn can therefore be spent on new weapons or training in the gym. Money is earnt by playing retro style mini games, some of which are very good. Finally, this means you spend more time in the actual game rather than grinding through hit and miss mini games looking for money. The gameplay is fantastic. Weapons are more balanced and bosses no longer have absurd amounts of health. Highlights were fighting an astronaught, the re-assembled destroy man and using Henry for a boss fight and Shinobu for some platforming. The whole thing is very funny, the combat gripping and the fighters increased (now to about 15 rather than the 8 of the original. I've not played a better hardcore game on the Wii, and this is without a doubt one of the best games on the system. Please buy this, I promise you won't regret it.

  Excellent - nearly as good as the original

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I have two words to describe this game - Very good. I think it does slightly pale in comparison to the original due to certain little bits and pieces - but i was too busy smashing up assasins to take notice. For starters there is a main map which takes you directly to where you want to go - no riding the schelptiger. (something like that) Also the 'jobs' are all 2D except for the scorpion hunting one. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. The only reason to collect cash is to buy new weaponry unless you want to buy all the different clothes available. Also i miss the little intro before you enter an assasin area where it tells you the name of the assasin. However once you get going you barely notice this. Excellent game.