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Metroid: Other M

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Give it a try

| | See all Jock123's reviews (3)

I played this game right through and I was a bit disappointed, but I think when I was playing it I was keeping the prime series in mind. This is not another metroid prime game, this is other M.

Playing it through a second time I started to appreciate the game a bit more. The cut scenes are pretty cool and the graphics are real smooth. There's a good story, which allows you to feel a bit more connected to the game, and you dont really feel as alone, when compared to the likes of metroid prime when it was just you and your ship's computer. This game also see's the return of previous characters such as Adam Malkovich (Metroid Fusion) and the addition of new characters. You can run up to the enemies when their stunned and perform a brutal physical attack, where the game goes into a small like cutscene which is quite cool.

It's the finer details of the game I was disappointed with. The aiming system can be a bit funny at times. You maybe want to shoot the enemy right next to you but instead you end up shooting the wall. I thought some of the enemies were a bit of a joke at times as well. One enemy may require you to shoot it with your power beam for about 2 minutes in order for you to beat it. Why do that when I could fire 4 missiles at it and beat it in 15 seconds, it's not like its hard to do either. To fully replenish your health you are required to save your game everytime, you are not presented with a choice like the previous games. Like seriously, I don't want to save the game every time I want a top up on health. There are far too many save points as well which takes away the suspense of near dying because you know there's just a save point roiund the corner. I think I saved the game three times within 5 minutes at three different points. It just didn't seem really thought out at times.

I may be a bit over critical, maybe because I'm still in love with the prime series but all in all I won't knock this game as I still believe its an essential buy whether or not your a metroid fan. 3 stars

  Metroid goes back to it's roots and it's ace!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I have got great memories of playing Super Metriod on the SNES many years ago and as much as I really enjoyed playing the Metriod Prime trilogy, I always liked the idea of a Metriod game more in the style of Super Metriod again. At last Nintendo have given us Metriod: Other M which goes back to the Metriod roots and has lots of it's own fresh ideals too which will please us older fans but it might upset the newer Prime fans a little bit.
The controls for Samus are nice and easy, when you are holding the Wii Remote horizontally you can run around the levels and shoot anything that gets in your way. If you point the Wii Remote at the tv screen then Samus goes into 1st person view and you can search for hidden passages/objects and blast enemies whilst standing still. To turn into the Morph Ball press button A whilst holding the Wii Remote horizontally. The control pad is used for walking/running, Button 1 is fire and button 2 is jump. Samus has some really cool special moves for running, jumping and fighting which are as follows: Speed Booster, Shinespark, Space Jump, Screw Attack, Kick Climb, Sense Move, Lethal Strike and Overblast.
The graphics in Metriod: Other M are most excellent and some of the bosses are very impressive looking and hard to beat. The music score creates a great atmosphere for the game and I found the story to be interesting which goes back into Samus Aran's past. The safe points are fairly close together which means progress isn't to difficult. I think the best way to sum up Metriod: Other M is to say it's a cross between Super Metriod and the God Of War games which is something really impressive to say about a game really. I personal like this game nearly as much as Super Mario Galaxy 2 and feel it's the 2nd best Wii game to come out this year so far.

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  Not bad

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I wasn't really expecting a game as good as the previous ones on the wii, and I wasn't disappointed. The game is graphically unimpressive and the gameplay is samey - the only difference in this game is that you start the game with all the upgrades you just can't USE them without being authorized (yup - ridiculous) The cut-scenes are pretty good and wouldn't look amiss on a 360 or ps3. Sound is functional - again, nothing amazing.

The wii remote sticker is junk - it sticks to the controller fine - just the parts that fold over kept coming unstuck - I tore it off after a few minutes.

An average game at best - like most games on the wii.

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  worthy of being super metroids sequal

| | See all TheRichie2k10's reviews (3)

like many people i was a bit worried about this game mainly because of mixed media attention. i should not have worried and neither should you, buy this you will not be disappointed. its unfotunate that many people think the prime series are the best metroid games and that this game breaks from tradition. in reality the prime series was a flimsy interpretation at best of what it is to be a metroid game. other m then is the return to series routes but it has also laid the groundwork for bringing the series into the modern day. i just played the game pretty much none stop for 6 hours...the story, presentation, atmosphere....its all here. buy it, enjoy it. i promise you wont regret it.

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  the best game yet

| | See all julieburrows's reviews (9)

this has got to be one of the best games for wii this year dont read ign and gamespot because they are not doing there job properly this is a great game the story is epic the graphics look brill nearly look better then some xbox 360 games this game must win game of the year.

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  What a great game

| | See all weeman247's reviews (28)

The way this game plays is quite different than anything I have played before. The way you can switch between Third-person and First-person gameplay is brilliant.
Just started campaign but already very impressed with game. The cut scenes between game play are trully amazing.

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