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Call Of Duty 3

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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| | See all Rob0411's reviews (12)

I used to have this game on the wii console. It's a poor game, there is no multiplayer at all and in parts of the single player campaign the wii couldn't handle the amount of AI opponents and would start to freeze!

  great action

| | See all Markshepherd's reviews (29)

First off, if you've played CoD WaW, then don't get this, i understand that you want more of the same kind of action, but you will be disappointed.
If you've yet to play CoD Waw then i would highly advise you to buy this game. Its got a lot to offer a CoD first timer and will absolutely whet your appetite and make you want WaW even more.
The game is quite short (12 levels), with no multiplayer, and its not compatible with the zapper. But what it is, is a solid game for the Wii that i'm sure you'll enjoy.

Remember this was one of the first games available for the Wii so try not to expect too much from it, and i promise you will have a good time playing.

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| | See all MJREVOLUTION's reviews (1)

From what i have seen it lookes like a good game cod 5 is brill so cod 3 should be to

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| | See all Madcapsk83r's reviews (2)

I've had this game for a while because as everyone points out im a FPS gamer and love these types of games. Initially i thought the gameplay and intuitive use of the wii remote was quite good but then game the large open plan scenes that the wii cannot handle. Any sort of smoke grenade going off/too many AI bots firing and the entire thing slows to a minimum almost a stand still and you start to get frustrated with it. They need to develop a software boost for the wii so that it can handle multitudes of pixels on screen instead of turning into a commodore 64 loading.....

  Call of Duty 3

| | See all Shotup's reviews (1)

Pretty good game. Have the PC version of both 1 & 2. Froze a few times and because the Wii is making you more involved you have to remove the nuchuk and remote from the gun hand set in order to copy the movements indicated on the screen. I would say the handset was a must though, because it steadies the characters movements and makes it much easier to shoot. Didn't enjoy as much as CoD 2 - not enough sniper action for me and you operate as a GI more than previously - also I've never managed to finish Co D2. Would recommend if you like shooters and war games, much better than Medal of Honour because it's easier to get to grips with a kill the Germans!

  it wasn't great

| | See all LaGgyY's reviews (2)

i am a pc gamer normally but i brorowed this game of a m8 it wasn't any good compared to cod 1 or 2 it was 2 easy and pretty crap i cant say anaythin about the graphics coz its a wii game but no not tht good compared to previous games

  Quick question..

| | See all spike93's reviews (1)

Sounds like a great game and since ive been looking for a proper shooting game on the Wii im definitely gonna buy it..but just a quick question before i do..does the Wii Zapper work with with this game?or do u HAVE to have d wii remote and nunchuk held in your hand?
An answer would be much appreciated! =) 10x

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  Extremely Intense, yet not without its flaws.

| | See all artkevinc's reviews (2)

We are probably all aware that Call of Duty 3 is a FPS based during WW2, so theres no need going through all the detail here, so lets just get right to the point. First of all, when it comes to the visuals, admittingy, the Wii version isnt all that much different to the xbox version. There are certain improvements like smoke effects but unfortunately these are mainly only noticable when you actually search for it. Although the Wii isnt meant to present us with such mind blowing visuals as the PS3 or 360. However, it is recognised as a more powerful console than the original xbox, which seems to be a downfall here as the xbox and Wii visuals in Call of Duty 3 arent much of a difference. Yet I suppose this is fairly commen during the launch days.

The controls however is where Wii takes its highest priority. Here Call of Duty controls will take a little getting used to at first but are easily picked up after a few minutes. The Wiimote is used in the right hand as the aiming and firearm. An exclusive technique to the Wii version is that the aimer can be set to the centre just like all consoles or you can have it set to free aim. This is where the crossfire can be taken off centre. This is actually better for the Wii as aiming with the Wiimote will feel much more fluid. The B button is used as the trigger while A brings the gun to the centre, making aiming more precise. This can also be used much quicker by just rotating the wiimote to the left. This is pretty basic.

The nunchuck in the left hand is used for movement using the analogue, Frwd, Back and strafe left and right. C is jump while Z is crouch. The nunchuck is used also for choosing weapons by a simple wrist flick left or right while flick upwards reloads. At first I though this would seem much more complicated but the these have made it so much easier for me to handle. Usually when I played Call of Duty Big Red One on the Gamecube, I always forgot to reload while with the nunchuck, that has never been a problem again.

There are some things about the controls in some areas that could have been dealt with a little better. In some stage a soldier will attack you from around the corner where he grabs your gun. Here you will have to force him back by pushing forward both nunchuck and wiimote one at a time. This isnt too bad and pretty accurate but not very appealling to the new control system. The thing I was least fond of was steering controls. Usually in wii racing games the only thing required is the wiimote held horizontally, tilting left and right for steering. But with Call of Duty you have both nunchuck and wiimote, which would seem quite awkward to keep changing different control positions. So instead you are holding both nunchuck and wiimote as if you are positioning your both hands on a steering wheel rotating it left and right. At first this may seem easy but not realising that this does come to be quite tiresome after a while. Probably the only major flaw in the controls alongside a few minors.

But as the controls may be a great start up for a FPS on the Wii, it is by no means perfect along and with the lack of multiplayer which is probably the major flaw of the game. But this is definetly without a doubt the best FPS on Wii by far as you play through an extremely intense, incredibly atmospheric war game that is highly involving.

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  Really Quite Good

| | See all catherinef's reviews (3)

Well it is a good game... but the fact it has no multiplayer let me down, and, as mentioned before.. the freezes, had 1 giant one where i had to turn the wii plug switch off, and lots of small ones where i had no controll for a small while,
The controlls make it excelent though, played it on ps3, way better on the wii.Brilliant game with ok leanth, A must have!

  Brilliant game but frustrating when it freezes

| | See all Neillie's reviews (1)

Good use of the Wii controller and all round gameplay.

Freezing can become an issue.