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Nintendo Wii Console including Wii Sports (White)

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Customer Reviews

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  dont listen to the one starrers

| | See all Decipose's reviews (5)

personly the wii is WAY more interactive than the ps3 and the xbox put together!, instead of pressing buttons you are actually involved in the game!!,
for example shooting games on ps3 is just a matter of just pressing a button and using the d-pads at the same time while the wii makes your use the remote and the nunchuck as a gun so you are more into the game.
it's the same with racing, on the ps3 its just pressing left and right but on the wii you are using the remore as the wheel making it more interactive!, you can see a pattern now can't you?, serious gamers just comment badly because they can't adjust to interactiveness and modern technology!, just because you can't operate doesn't mean everyone else can't!, try reading the manuals before playing it so you know what to do.

  Great Fun

| | See all benkernow's reviews (173)

I start of by saying this is a review for the console not prices and combination packages (I do games by themself's).
This is a great console it's lots of fun, especally in groups but also good by yourself. The graphics are not as good as a PS3 for example but they not ment be. To really enjoy this you got to get the right games like Mario Kart, Wii Sports Island, the Olympic games, any tennis game and Wii fit. If you want something for a great shoot 'um up get something else. This is great and is lots of fun for adults and children a like. Get it.

  A Must-Have

| | See all beggsy099's reviews (1)

The Nintendo Wii is loads of fun to play with your family or on your own, with tons of excellent games. it offers what no other next-generation console can, and at such a great price, there's no reason not to get one.

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  Suprisingly Excellent

| | See all UltimateReviewer's reviews (15)

When I first bought this Console I was slightly reluctant because I wasn't sure what I would receive whether I would enjoy this or hate it. But when it comes down to the facts this is a brilliant piece of Technology. Probably the most advanced console not graphically because it hasn't got a very powerful internal processor so it can only run at a highest of 576i not even remotely HD and you can only get this with a 1080i Television so your only getting half of what your Television can truly perform. But this console isn't for the serious gamer or the not to casual gamer more the have some fun with your family gamer. The games are built ground up to provide a fast, fun and addictive experience rather than a mind-blowing experience like some titles on the PlayStation 3. Overall this is worth buying if you want to get fit in a private and personal manner or if you want to have fun with your children and partner.

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| | See all James5647's reviews (7)

To be honest its basicly like a PS2 with a motion sensitive contoller, well maybe more like PS2.3. The problem is that you can't really play any "serious" games like Call of duty etc for more than an hour and a half before you grow tired. Sure its great for games like Wii fit and Shaun Whites snowboarding. But anything else just seems, sort of, average. The motion controller is great at first but soon becomes a liabillity, also the range of the controller isn't great and is jerky if I sit on the sofa which is 2.5 meters away. Sure its great at partys but if i had to recommend a console it would be to pay a bit extra for a PS3. It is just lives up to expectations and entertains you for longer.

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  Better than anything yet

| | See all de6000's reviews (24)

better than Xbox 360 or a PS3 this console is a revaloution to gamers and non-gamers across the galaxy!!!! It is litteraly out of this world!!!!!!!
Brilliant graphix, Brilliant way to burn of Fat, you don't even know your working out its that fun!!!! It must 99% Must buy. (the only 1% not buy is the day after when your legs and arms ache like hell)

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  brilliant console

| | See all legoman's reviews (23)

The Wii is a new & fun way of playing games it can fell like your hitting a ball in tennis or bowling a ball down the lane. If you don't sit down & do it like me lol.

The games are pretty good but they are some rubbish ones but that's not the Wii's fault. Some games require motion+ or a nunchuk to play or both. For people who buy games & don't know this it can be a pain in the wallet. Always check the back of the game to find out what games require what.

The graphics are not has powerful as Xbox 360 or PS3. But dose it's best to use whats there. over all there not bad but not what Xbox 360 or PS3 are.

If you look at Nintendo's past consoles & accessories they have been doing things like this for years.

  Dont Bother!! If your serious about games!!!

| | See all Altair2009's reviews (2)

Like the title says..... In my view this consol is a novelty, once that wears off you will be kicking yourself and wishing you had bought a ps3 or Xbox 360, like im going to. as they are far superior, Game wise there is too much trash avalible for the wii and you spend all your time serching through it all trying in vain to find a game worth parting with your hard earnd cash for, I mean i have just made a list of 32 really decent games for the xbox that i really want, and as for wii fit ...BORED!!!! it would be far cheaper to just buy a fitness dvd and run up and down the stairs a few times a day. so really in closing its just for familys and really small kids. you can get a 360 for the same price and you wont feel cheated. : }

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  Excellent Console..

| | See all Liveyana's reviews (18)

This console is not made to have serious games..as you can see by the games it's made to make you lough and have fun with friends and family so put that in to your heads..if your looking for serious games such as viloent and scary then get ps3 or xbox360..This console is aswome to play with your mates and family..anyone and everyone will enjoy playing :)