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Nintendo Wii Console including Wii Sports (White)

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Customer Reviews

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  A console with potential, but failing through poor software

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I bought my Wii Console over a year ago and I have to say it's design and set up is fantastic. Very novel and a huge amount of potential. There is only one thing letting this down and thats the content of software. Nintendo has produced some excellent starter software in Wii Sports with the Wii Remote (which to this day is still the best game on the market to use the Wii Remote in such an effective way) and then Wii Fit came along an added another whole new dimension and gave the console such a potential future. Then it all started to go downhill from there. Numerous amounts of cross-platform games who completely fail to make the Wii remote work properly (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is ony of the most guilty). I was starting to lose hope when Nintendo announced Wii Sports Resort. My hope was restored awaiting a release from Nintendo who is the only company making full use of it's console; and then they let me down,; the one company who I thought knew how to use their console to the fullest. Wii Sports Resort is nothing like what I was expecting. Are Nintendo taking the same route as some of the other software manufactures or have they started to give up on their own console. Whatever it is, I feel this console is screaming for top software manufaucturers to take full advantage of it's potential while it still has life left in it. Red Steel 2 seems to be the one doing that with the Wii MotionPlus, but I am so skeptical. A lot has to happen in the next year to turn this around. I am hopeful that someone out there will produce something worth while. And for heavens sake, please stop rushing out cross-platform titles please.

If you plan on buying a Wii Console, I would recommend it with Wii Fit, but a word of warning, don't expect anything more from other software, at least not yet. Trial some of the other software if you must, but there is so little worth buying and keeping.

My last word: Nintendo please do soemthing to stretch the console to the limit, I have some ideas and would love to share them with you.

  Fun! for a short while...

| | See all technerd's reviews (29)

I find that the wii has amazing potential. However the selection of games available just let it down.
Nintendo are reknown for making games aimed at youngsters or anime style titles. Very rarely will they be any games that will have you playing again and again.

I personally would love to see nintendo bought out by another company, like sony. At least then the wii would be more likely to achieve its potential to be the truly awesome console it could be....

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  Very Enjoyable Console!

| | See all firewall92's reviews (30)

For anyone, getting a new games console is new and scary but the wii is very easy to set up and you're ready to go 15 minutes after it's in your home.

The console comes with all the essentials, a wiimote, nunchuk and wii sports (great for parties) but if there are more people in your house who like the wii, you'll to save up at least £45 for another wiimote and nunchuk.

The gameplay is realistic as you have the sensors in the wiimote which react to your movement which is really fun.

There are loads of fun channels you can download for free or get by receiving wii points but only get wii points for the internet channel, everything else that's good is free.

Xbox and PS3 fans say the quality isn't good but it doesn't harm the gameplay one bit and you can make Miis and incorporate them into certain games like wii sports.

All in all this console for £180.00 is fantastic and is great for people who invite their friends to their house a lot and games for the Wii cost £30 unlike Xbox or PS3 games that cost £40-50 and there are lots of decent £20 games as well.

  Good console but lacking in some features

| | See all youdonotknowme's reviews (20)

The wii is a great family console and has many great games such as Mario Kart, Bully Scholarship Edition and Super Smash Bros Brawl. It is easy to set up and has many channels where you can access things like the news, weather, photos and download additional content for your wii. Contains wii sports which is very addictive and will last you for ages. however controllers are expensive, it has a very small memory, the online is quite basic and there are not many titles for core gamers. Overall worth getting if you are willing to fork out for controllers, have people to play with and you are not too bothered about hardcore gaming or online play too much.

  Revolution in Gaming!

| | See all kuxxis's reviews (14)

The wii is a totally all new experience and level of gaming. This console is not like the usual ones where you lounge about on a couch hitting buttons on a controller which is not so social or interactive. The price for the wii is quite fair compared to the other two seventh generation consoles. The games on the wii are fun and they are a great way to get family and friends together. The graphics on this console are not amazing but it's a great console anyway!
Games I would recommend are:

Mario Kart Wii
Wii Fit

  Good console, shame about the games.

| | See all Alastair21's reviews (1)

I've had a Wii for a while now and I have to say, the console itself is brilliant. The graphics, while not brilliant, are by no means poor and the gameplay that the Wii provides is astounding.

But there's a problem. My Wii games at the moment are Resident Evil 4, Wii Sports, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart Wii and I'm waiting for Deadly Creatures to arrive in the post. Not many games, yet I'm struggling to find any more that I actually want. I never thought it would be so hard to find a game that was made to play on your own, but the Wii has proved me wrong. Sure, its great to plat Mario Kart with your mates, but sometimes you just come home and want to play something chilled out, by yourself. The fact is, there are very few games that don't require you to either have a friend with you or wave your remote around like a lunatic.

The Wii is a brilliant console, but its being held back by Games Developers. By their inability to provide a variety of games, the Wii could well sink into insignificance.


| | See all bmx333's reviews (3)

i got the wii last x-mas, its great i havent had any problems with it. its a v ery fun console its great for all ages i recomend this console because it never breaks down unlike the ps3 wich i have had various problems with.

i also recomend these games:

mario kart

wii sports

and de blob

  Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports (White)

| | See all Dickinson's reviews (13)

The Nintendo Wii is a great little console, it makes little noise and has a simple set-up guide for those women who don't know their sockets and televisions... This console is very good for the apartment for those parties with mates but it is not very good when your on your own as on a lot of games the graphics aren't very good. But with included Wii sports it is a laugh! you create your own Miis (profiles) and customize them to suite your look. With the Wii being so small it can fit in confined spaces. It has a slick design and smooth gameplay with a fancy home page... All in all, great for the family gaming, but for gamer pros for graphics and FPS, Simulation etc I prefer Xbox 360.

  great laugh...

| | See all astonmartin19993's reviews (13)

But only with mates. Playing on your own is boring and its not for the cod or gears fans. As you cant play any decent games on it. But great fun otherwise.

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  Casual Gamers Revel, Hardcore Gamers Go Somewhere Else

| | See all Chidori's reviews (4)

I got a Wii, partially because it was the cheapest console at the time, partially because it was so different to the Xbox360 and PS3. Things were initially good, with Zelda, Metroid, Mario Galaxy to keep me entertained. Then the Wii sold really well with a vast amount being sold to casual gamers which doesn't concern me too much, but when it changes the focus of game publishers then it does. If you want to play games that doesn't use the Wii's controls just for novelty and will give you an actual challenge then go somewhere else. Apart from Fire Emblem and C.O.D: World At War with it's online features you won't find a game that will last in excess of 30 hours. For the hardcore gamers out there i suggest spending your money on a 360, or a PS3 and gorge yourself on Bioshock, Fallout 3, Killzone 2 and like and be content that you didn't waste £180.