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Nintendo Wii Console including Wii Sports (White)

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Customer Reviews

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  A must have!

| | See all OnlyGeo's reviews (3)

Although the wii is not the cheapest of consoles it really is worth the money and "does what it says on the tin" really gets you moving and is not just great for the kids but all the family! I recently purchased a wii ft board and am yet to try it out, looking forward to it and just hope it smashs through my expectations like the wii itself did!

  You need one

| | See all owjb44's reviews (30)

Great fun for friends and family and a lot of cool quirky feature to keep you entertained. Some of the titles lack graphics but thats not what you are buying, if you want that get a ps3 or 360. guaranteed fun times for you and your family/ friends. 5/5

  A good laugh but does it deserve all the hype?

| | See all WelshAdam's reviews (21)

We've had our Wii for just over a year now. It originally belonged to my brother but he found that he wasn't bothering with it much so I ended up having it as an early Christmas present. However I too am finding that I can hardly be bothered with it now. It's great fun if you have family members or friends who you can regularly play on it with, but otherwise it's not worth the money IMHO.

The graphics are good but by current standards, they are nothing special. Compare them to those of the PS3 or Xbox 360, and you'll see what I mean. To be honest though this is no big deal to me. My main criticism regarding the Wii is how it's not really a console you can chill out on by yourself. When I get home from college, I don't feel like moving about like you have to with most Wii games. If you're on your own then this can get boring very quickly. Furthermore the majority of games on the Wii seem to be aimed at social gamers. Now don't get me wrong, I love "party games" and I've never considered myself as a hardcore gamer, but how many of these games do you really want? How many are you actually going to get through with your mates? Personally I found that we were sticking to Wii Sports mostly, which of course is bundled with each Wii console. So if you're like me then you'll probably buy a Wii with Wii Sports but hardly bother with any other games for it. Which is why I think the price needs to be dropped considerably.

Brushing all that aside, it's basically an amazing console with its motion sensitivity and the way it appeals to pretty much everyone. My personal favourite is Mario Kart Wii, which is one of the few games I've played on the console that can be good fun on your own as well as with others. But as I said, I found that my mates and I were mostly playing Wii Sports.

It also comes with some interesting/handy features such as the "shopping channel" or the "weather channel", with many more available to download from the former. However unlike it's rival consoles, it does lack media player capabilities and the online play is fairly basic.

All in all, whilst it is arguably a tad overrated, it's a fab console. But as I've aforementioned it's best played with others in the same room as you, even the online sessions can get a bit boring otherwise. If you're after "serious games" like GTA 4, then you're better off getting a PS3 or Xbox 360 if you haven't already done so, they can still be good fun with others too. But if you're only after something to whip out when you've got friends over and it's not going to be forgotten after a couple of months, get a Wii, although you may want to wait until there's another price cut first.

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  Nintendo Genius

| | See all iang00084's reviews (19)

This is an excellent games console with some really innovative games. I don't own many games for it as I tend to buy "proper" games for my Xbox 360 however what I do own for the Wii are absolutely brilliant and wouldn't be half as good on the 360.

This is fun for all the family especially Wii Sports which comes in the box. It is a really basic version of 5 games but you will still come back and play them time after time - trust me.

If you are looking for something different to what everyone has been used to with a games console then this is it.

  The Wii is a revolution in how games are played + it's ace!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

The Nentendo Wii takes gaming to a new level with it's new amazing hi-tec sensor controls. I have been a gamer for over 20 years and love the freshness these controls give to games. The Wii is reliable and robust like all Nentendo consoles are.
The game Wii Sports that comes with this Wii is fantastic and you can play Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis or Boxing. Each of the five sport games feel very close to the real thing which is great. In fact playing the boxing for one hour and your arms start to really ache. The Wii is the best console to own if you have family and friends who enjoy games as there are lots of brilliant multiplayer games on the Wii. I have Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games and 007 Quantum Of Solace which are all excellent multiplayer games alongside Wii Sports too. Some other wonderful games that I own and can Recommend are as follows: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaro's Treasure, Super Paper Mario, The Sims 2 Castaway and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. You can play games online for free and download old classic games of past if you missed out first time around or want to re-live the old days. Overall the Wii is best thing to happen in video games in over 10 years and thats why it's wining the console war.

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| | See all LJ01234's reviews (4)

Definitely worth buying for the family, hours of fun and keeps you fit. It's really good value for what you get plus there is a really good range of games for all different tastes. Perfect for beginners and experienced gamers.


| | See all Afrosmokes's reviews (1)

i purchased a wii console for my christmas, with the idea that my family and i would spend many fun filled hours dancing in front of the tele and having an over all good time. The wii, which at first proved to be very enjoyable quickly became a hellish nightmare!. Smiles became scowls and the cheerful atmosphere was replaced by a sense of anger and frustration. The wii controller is completely inaccurate, the tennis for example, which is included in "Wii sports" is terrible, you cannot control which way the ball goes, u strike left and the ball goes right? awful gameplay as well as horrible graphics, somebody at Nintendo must have sold there soul for this success! Im not impressed...

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  the best console ever, changed everything!

| | See all littlemate's reviews (5)

Moved the console market forward FOREVER! For all ages this is a must have.

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  WII Sports (Game)

| | See all Icklemunch32's reviews (1)

Highly recommended for families buying the WII consol. Keeps you fit, and is great fun for all the family. Make sure you've got plenty of room to play in! We've broke 2 vases during play! We think the Bowling and Tennis are brilliant, especially the tennis training.

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