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Metroid Prime: Trilogy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  A true classic

| | See all Britanga's reviews (18)

Nintendo sometimes gets unfairly categorised as a 'kiddie' console but those people have clearly never played Metroid. For those who are unfamiliar with this game it's a 1st person shooter with puzzle and platform elements and a proper grown up game. You spend a lot of your time backtracking with new weapon enhancements and scanning the environment for research and story based personal logs.
The Prime trilogy is not just a triumph for Nintendo it is also one of the best and most imitated saga ever created, it's brutally in depth considering its lack of voice work and really challenging but not to a degree where it's unfair.
The first 2 are ports of the Gamecube originals and still hold up to this day and it is also a lesson in how to correctly handle an FPS with Wii controls, if every other developer who ruins an FPS on the Wii just looked at how the Prime Trilogy did it properly then the world but be a much better place!
To sum up this is fantastic and whether you get the first 2 on the Cube and the 3rd for the Wii it won't matter because they are some of the greatest games ever created.

  3 games in one.. and good games they are.

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Ok confesssion.. i've played through 25% of the MP:1 and ive yet to play MP2+3 but if the quality and fun of MP1 speaks for the other two, I look forward to the rest.

This is definitely one of those Wii must haves!!

I had never played MP on the Gamecube and had always heard the hype, so when I finally got a Black wii for xmas I jumped in and got the trilogy.

I was astounded at how impressed I was. For a game (MP1) which is quite old now, it looks very impressive on a HD screen and works VERY well with the sensor motion controls.

The controls take getting used to, and probably best done standing up but it works. Feels like actually pointing the gun like yyou would naturally.

But on top of all that, you get THREE games here and all with quite a lot of gameplay and content to them.

MP isnt just a regular FPS game. It has puzzles to solve and requires you moving back and forth around a free open-world map, with different locations to find.

I admit im using online guides to work out the puzzles though. It can get a bit confusing knowing where to go next.

But for a set of games which are quite old... they stand up well against games released more recently.

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  Incredible value and well worth playing!

| | See all robiatti's reviews (12)

FPSs on Wii are a rare-breed of game and this is the jewel in the crown. The game mechanic works incredibly well and although MP1 and 2 are re-hashes of Game-Cube titles, they work exceptionally well with the new control mechanism. In comparison to HD games, the graphics are not bad. MP1 and 2 have been scaled to 16x9 widescreen format and I use the EDTV 60Hz mode so it is very smooth. MP1 is the best in terms of art-design and MP3 is the best in terms of getting the most out of the Wii remote and nunchuck. An excellent game (3 games) and essential to have in the collection if you like adventure fps games.

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  Fantastic Value for money - 3 classic games

| | See all pauje74's reviews (8)

I was a huge fan of Super Metroid on SNES and completed it when it came out in 1994. Metroid prime is a fantastic update of the old SNES game, having all the same elements whilst updating it for 3D. All three games are huge, challenging and extremely addictive.

I would call these games First Person Adventures rather than shooters - the pace is a bit slower than a standard FPS , but as long as you don't mind a bit of brainwork and exploring to go alongside the combat these are unmissable!

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  Great for Metroid fans and people new to the series

| | See all daza90's reviews (8)

I have been playing Metroid since Super Metroid back in 1994 and from that day i have become hooked in this universe from the age of 4 and i still rate Super Metroid as the best in the series. But the Prime series was a great change for Metroid, finally going 3D on the gamecube. Metroid Prime 1 & 2 are one of the best games of the last generation and Prime 3 is one of the best you'll get on the Wii but your getting 3 games on one disc with updated controls, 480p support and 16:9 wide screen support for Prime 1 & 2 . You cant go wrong, these games will offer hours of gameplay and its well worth the money. If you have a Wii and still haven't experienced Metroid this is one of the best places to start.

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  A must buy, really ...

| | See all macpete's reviews (1)

Fantastic package.

Retro Studios awesome art direction counterbalances the lack of detail in the first two episodes and the control scheme is perfect. If you're new to the Metroid franchise, make yourself a gift and buy this game.

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  Essential buy

| | See all Jagleics's reviews (13)

I can't recommend this game enough.. amazing gameplay, graphics and lastability.. 3 games in one... It's a shame its not sold so well as no one is going to keep making core games for the wii if it doesnt sell..

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  Great game, but beware disc reading error.

| | See all peppermintmuffin's reviews (11)

Worth buying for Metroid Prime 1..A true classic!
All three games are totally immersive and the new control method feels really natural.
A word of warning...People with a first generation/launch console (as I have), may receive an "Unable to read disc" message. This is due to the lens struggling to read multi-layered discs such as this.
You could return the console to Nintendo, who will replace the lens free of charge (takes about seven days they say), or you could try the following method; On the Wii Menu disc channel you will see a picture of a disc (as it is unable to decipher the data)..Press the HOME button on the Wiimote and choose "Wii Menu"...The screen will go black for a second as it re-loads..,When Menu re-appears there should now be a graphic in the Disc channel showing the Metroid Prime Trilogy disc has now loaded...
A definite 10/10 game, but 0/10 for Nintendo for failing to mention this after giving it the "Nintendo seal of approval"

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  A must buy.

| | See all TheBarman's reviews (9)

3 huge games on 1 disc, great game play and massive levels. Ok you have to do a lot of running back and forward to pick up all your weapons but it's all good while you're doing it. Must buy for any Wii owners.

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  Metroid Prime Trilogy

| | See all lukedaniel's reviews (40)

Three great games for the price of one i absolutly loved all 3 of these games. there are hours of gameplay and collecting to do aswell as some epic boss battles anyone who likes first person shooters and exploration should buy this game one of nintendo's best franchises as good as zelda and mario easily

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