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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  5 star game if not for bugs

| | See all willtara4ever's reviews (1)

This is definitely the best Lego game I've ever played (same level as the Star Wars Trilogy), and I would have given 5 star if not for some bugs in the game: three times the game froze and I could do nothing but restart the game (this is particulary frustrating especially when you're playing the story mode since you can't save till the end). I hope they corrected those errors in later releases; nevertheless, a great game that will give you many hours of fun exploring hogwarts castle!


| | See all sueandfamily's reviews (6)

This game is actually awesome. It's so fun and follows the story really well. Plus, Harry potter. So, yeah.

  My whole familly is hooked !

| | See all gregorycox's reviews (6)

Can't recommend this game enough. My whole familly are playing it and it's a race to get to the Wii first to play it.
Really good quality, plenty to do. Superb.

  Lego Harry Potter years 1-4

| | See all bobbydog21's reviews (2)

Harry potter lego is a great game and a joy to play, as same with all the lego games.

  A fun game... The lego franchise standard.

| | See all mjalls's reviews (33)

I picked up this game cheap a few weeks ago and although I'm not a Potter fan as such, I had a copy of Lego Indiana Jones on Xbox and loved that, so I thought I'd sample a different Lego offering.

If you have played any of the Lego games before then you will know exactly what to expect. Easy going, colourful and intriguing puzzle solving fun, which allows you to destroy pretty much any object and get coins from it.

This is no different. You can switch between either of the on-screen characters at the press of a button in order to utilise the unique ability of another character. There is an enhancement with Harry Potter though, allowing you to hold down the 'switch character' button to access a menu so you can pick the special ability you are using. This allows for multiple differnent spells to be used depending on the situation and the characters learn more spells as they progress furthar on into their school lives, just like the movies.

Pretty cool.

The story is, as always with Lego games, pretty on the ball and you get to play out pivotal moments of the story. Again like before, a friend or family member can come along at any time and join the game, controlling the second character, which I always thought was good fun.

The visuals on Wii are of course, under par compared to Xbox/PS3, which was a bit annoying at first and I found it difficult to focus on the screen properly at times but not too bad and to be expected. Even though it isn't quite as colourful and is more pixelated, it still looks inviting and intriguing. The surroundings of Hogwards and the like have been created wonderfully and are fully convincing even in Lego form, along with all of the characters.

The only problem I have is that it feels far less comfortable to play on the Wii with the nunchuck as it does to play on Xbox, mainly because you have to use both arms separately and the analogue stick on the nunchuck feels rather inaccurate, leaving you frustrated when you have to take multiple attempts to jump up on a platform at an awkward angle.

Overall a brilliant installment though and although I haven't got too far in the game yet, it feels as though it will offer far more variety than the Indiana Jones Lego games. Definately worth a purchase. There is enough depth and content to keep a single player going and it is easily accessible and playable for even a non cosole playing noob to join in at any time and lend a hand.


- The same amazing Lego gameplay we have seen before.
- Hogwards looks really good in Lego and is intriguing to explore.
- The story is on the ball and feels easy to follow even for a non Potter fan... Fans of the series will love it!
- A menu for selecting special abilities rather than being stuck with the same one throughout the game.
- Lots of content to keep you going.
- As always, the ability for a second player to join and leave at the press of a button.

- Graphics on the Wii are of course non-HD and inferior to Xbox or PS3.
- The analogue stick on Wii nunchuck is a little inaccurate and makes for some awkward playing at times.
- I'm nitpicking here... but... Despite the ability to perform spells with your wand, the game feels less involving and exciting than Lego Batman.



| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

As soon as i got this i played on it. It can keep you entertained for hours, and some of the spells, when you cast them on other characters, it's really funny to see what happens to them.


| | See all IThompson3's reviews (3)

This game is really good and fun to play. I got it for Christmas and already I have fell in love with it. Nearly Headless Nick takes you were you need to go so you don't get stuck and sticks to the story really well.


  One of the best Wii games!

| | See all danvilla's reviews (3)

Just got this game today and starting playing straight away, it's really good and really fun. So far there has been quite a few puzzles and some are tricky, but it's fun trying to work out what you have to do, and makes the game more interesting; and last longer. I recommend every Harry Potter fan buys this game!

  Great addition to the franchise

| | See all Hannibal18's reviews (7)

The Lego games go from strength to strength. They have steadily improved the series from the starting block of Lego Star Wars until now. Lego Harry Potter takes the best bits of the previous games and crams them into Hogwarts. It improves on the previous game, Lego Indiana Jones 2, by bringing back the fun free flowing element of the games. The introduction of lessons to improve your characters is innovative, and if you are looking for a relaxing fun game to play with your friend/family member there isn't a better game, or indeed game series, on the market.

  Too many glitches

| | See all sliceofrice's reviews (1)

The game is fab! The layout of the castle, the way Nearly Headless Nick shows you where you need to go, the characters, the individual levels and how it sticks to the books pretty well are all positives. It's not too hard but there are parts that will have you thinking aswell.
However, there are too many glitches in the game.
There are small glitches like arrows telling you that there are boxes or characters not there, medium glitches where the control directions are wrong and then the major glitches which mean you cannot complete the game.
The producers know of these problems and are "currently looking into them".
Due to the glitches I would leave buying this game until the major ones are fixed as it's very irrating to be 98.7% complete and not be able to finish the game (trust me, I know!!!).

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