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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  great game

| | See all m4rkw1ll14ms's reviews (1)

loved playing this game as its a lot different from others only thing is i completed the game within about 6 hours as the chapters arent very long.

  An engrossing and unnervingly atmospheric game.

| | See all BARKSTAR's reviews (8)

Fans of the SIlent Hill series and fans of adventure and horror titles should definitely give this game the time it deserves.

After a car crash in the town of Silent Hill, Harry Mason awakens to find his car wrecked and his daughter missing. With the snow falling thick and darkness surrounding him he grabs a torch from his car and then ventures off into the town to find out where or what may have happened to his daughter Cheryl.

As he delves deeper into the town Harry meets a few characters along the way and also has the town transform in front of him leaving the once empty streets and corridors covered in ice. This is where things start to get really strange and a sense of panic sets in as you realise the town is very different and the inhabitants are no longer friendly or human in nature.

Breaking up this gameplay are first person events where you are placed in a psychiatrists office having yourself profiled and answering all meaning of questions and tests. Fans of Silent Hill will most likely agree that the most interesting part of the series are how much the games can play with your mind. This was lost with some of the later games but here the developers have gone back to basics and have not only made this latest entry unnervingly strange, but have also brought you along for the ride. It is an interesting take and works well within the story and and overall theme of the series.

The game uses great use of the Wii remote pointer for aiming the torch and is also used for examining objects, opening cuboards etc. Motion control is used for throwing off enemies etc and works well if you learn the motions. Puzzles are mostly well thought out with the occasional dud here and there but all in all, nothing really game breaking.

This is a different take, but in my eyes, a great return to the Silent Hill franchise. Graphics, sound and controls are very good and this is a great entry to the Wii library. So grab the controller, sit down, turn the lights off and go search for your missing child. The experience is certainly worth it.

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| | See all danieladammorris's reviews (8)

Very different and draws you in within minutes with intuitive controls and entertaining cut scenes. Its a mind game rather than an action game. As the previous person said: NO GUNS - if thats what your after look no further

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  Absolutely brilliant

| | See all Simi70's reviews (1)

Though not strictly what you might expect from a Silent Hill title, and quite a short game (6 maybe 7 hours, but there are 5 endings so replay is a must) this game is really amazing on the Wii - the wiimote controls your high beam torch and the nunchuck controls movement.
There are no weapons in this game - that's right, no weapons, so make sure you can run.... fast.
Very creepy atmosphere and brilliant storyline with a great twist in this 5 possible endings story.
Buy it - you won't regret it.

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