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Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Pretty Decent Beat 'Em Up Action!

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I would like to start at the good points of the game,
1. Visually Beautiful Moves and Specials
2. Very Nice Array and Selection of Characters(including hidden characters!)
3. Great move selection and an interesting style of fighting
4.Like Street Fighter as obvious a statement as that is however brings a new element to it by adding the amazing Tag Battle Combos and Specials!
Bad Points
1. Non Interactive environments
2. No real FMVs like previous Capcom titles
3.Not particularly amazing in terms of length
4.And finally there could have been more popular characters in this like Albert Wesker(Resident Evil), Dante(Devil May Cry) or something!
All in all an amazing beat em up for the wii and worth buying at this price also a very smooth online fighting server!

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  One word

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Tatsunoko vs Capcom is a great game is very addictive and has tons of things to do and unlock. Then theres the online mode which is great. If you own a Wii or love fighting games this is a must have.

  great way to kick off 2010

| | See all manchesterMAN1's reviews (29)

Tatsunnoko vs capcom is a great fighting game, which isn't let down by the wii hardware at all!as one of the reviews below suggest (infact the original arcade game was built on wii hardware so theirs no frame dips etc in the conversion to the console)

The cast of fighters is very good to which is great because when online your not just playing against ryu and ken like on street fighter 4.
As for online i have no problems with lag when playing 90% of the time.You can also choose to find people in the same country or worldwide, as for finding a game it normally take about 1-2mins which is a bit of a pain, but thankfully you can rematch the same player again and again and add to your rival roaster if you both agree to it.

graphics are clean and crisp running via component(480p)
Sound is pretty good although i preferred the Japanese version of tatsunoko vs capcom cross generation of heroes where the music would change when a new fighter would enter the fight.

All in all i defo recommend tatsunoko vs capcom to everyone!
its different enough to street fighter4 to warrant a purchase if you already have sf4

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  i love this game

| | See all THEALEON's reviews (8)

if you are a fan of Street fighter or any other fight'in game brace youself coz this game has got more than you'll ever need and amazing game play and very additive. and it's upto 4players of pure beat em up action. i love this game and think it's one of the best beat em up i've played in years. and hope they bring this out on the PS3. that's the only way i think they can make this game better!! it's a true Capcom Fight'in game. Well worth checking out!!

  Good game the wii lets it down terribly

| | See all seb101's reviews (1)

The game is great. However I would have liked to have seen more street fighter characters as I don't know any of the tatsunoko cast and many of the capcom cast. The game plays a lot like the marvel vs capcom series. Unlocking all the characters is stupid and long, making you play through the tiresome arcade mode repeatedly. And then once you've had some practice and unlocked all the chars you will want to play online. The online is awful, the Wii wifi is not for fighting games, its laggy as hell ,takes ages to actually get a game and when you do its disappointing. The Wii also does the graphics no justice with its dated display output making the game look awful on a HDTV. I've played the original tatsunoko on my PC emulated and it looks gorgeous in all its hd glory. I have yet to see if its much better with the component cable. Overall if your going to depend on the online for your multiplayer fix avoid this game, if you have friends to play with offline its worth it. If this was on the Xbox 360 it would easily be a 4 star game.

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  Here comes a new challenger!!! Conjuring memories of Vs

| | See all TatVsCap's reviews (1)

For those who loved the old Vs Series brawlings with Marvel are in for a treat.

I played it ages ago with a copy from Japan and it is fantastic, for old veterans from the Vs are going to love it, big double team tag moves with aerial rave, fast action combat you can not go wrong with it my fighting friends.

Plus like Super Street Fighter IV there's going to be about 4 or 5 new characters.

From Capcom we have Zero from Megaman X, that photographer guy from Dead Rising I forget his name, Frank I think it was if I'm wrong sorry but its the Dead Rising guy anyway.

Tekkaman Blade, Yatterman #2 and Condor Joe are the new guys from Tatsunoko who make the new characters who are not in the Japanese version of the game.

Anyone who loves fast and exciting fighting games should definitely buy this game.

So yeah thats pretty much it, good rooster from both franchises, awesome combat, fast action, quick tags on the ground (and in the air in mid airal rave to keep the combo going) in and out whenever, big supers and even bigger double supers. The only thing I can think of to make this game better is if it had Dante from Devil May Cry, but I guess that may happen in TvsC2 whenever that comes out.

Anyway I've rambled enough, all you need to know is if you love fighting games and Capcom fighting games especially you need this game, if you have been waiting ever since the Japanese release (or the next Capcom Vs game in general) the wait is worth it, its just like the old days of Vs series with Marvel only with the anime studio Tsunoko (Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman, Karas and Yatterman), some people may not too many of these characters as they are not as well known as Marvel but it still plays like a dream.

Buy it, you won't regret it and at £25 its a steal.
\m/ o \m/

  The next MvC

| | See all maverickmac's reviews (1)

I've played an imprt version of this game and I can say its absolutely brilliant easy to pick up and play but also having a deep system when you start to learn the baroque system, aerial raves etc. The best thing of all though would be that this edition has online functionality !

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