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F1 2009: Formula 1 (includes Steering Wheel Attachment)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  F1 2009

| | See all GaryUkTh's reviews (1)

After pre-ordering this game about 6 weeks before the release date, i had a long wait. Not expecting much graphically so i am not disappointed when it arrives. I couldn't believe it when i switched on. My eyes lit up an immediate 5 hour session. There are a few areas that needed a little more attention, The Pit Lane Graphics, Commentary and where the hell is 'Fleetwood Mac Chains' Apart from that Superb, Well done to the creators. Looking forward to what you come up with in 2010.


| | See all alenbardet's reviews (1)

much better than it looked in the trailers. the wii wheel control is much more responsive than i expected. I've started a career mode with toro rosso and came third in a full-lenght aussie gp. it was tiring!!! i'm also a bit gutted there's no Kobayashi but nonetheless it's a great F1 game. can't wait to see what singapore is like! :)

  F1 2009 Is Here...

| | See all mark270's reviews (1)

Fantastic Game, you Could spend Hours on this, Racing the Accurate Circuits.. you get a real feel for the speed....Highly recommend to all F1 Fans...

  F1 2009 Wii - Great effort from Codies!

| | See all AndyM84's reviews (2)

I've followed the development of F1 2009 for some time and even though I was put off for a time due to the Beta videos/screenshots I was impressed enough by recent updated video footage to buy this shortly after release....and was glad I did!
Codemasters have done a fantastic job considering this is their first true F1 title (Toca RD3 had F1 championships in it but this was only a small part of a mutli-car class racing game) and they have delivered. True there are some rough edges here and there such as the odd slow down (especially on split screen), the lack of tv style commetary, basic damage model and lack of mid-season driver changes (odd considering the game was released after the season had finished - I want to race as Krazy Kobayashi damn you! :D) but this doesn't detract from the package as a whole.
The control system is great, I have only used the Wii wheel mode so far so can't compare to the remote/nunchuck, classic controller or Logitech wheel methods but it is great fun once you get used to it. Treating it like Mario Kart will stick you into every barrier you can see so you have to be gentle and use slight steering movements and with enough practice you can become an armchair Lewis Hamilton though after several hours i'm still more like Jaime Alguersuari! The KERS system is well implemented though every car has it and not just the select few as per the real 2009 season though this does keep the cars balanced rather than a few teams having the advantage over others.
The single player mode has a plethora of options to choose from including Quick Race (jump into a race with a driver and track of your choice), Race Weekend (a single race weekend including all practice & qualifying sessions prior to the race), World Championship (the 2009 season with full race weekend options), Time Trial (great for practice and there are bronze, silver & gold times to beat for awards), Challenge (75 challenges to beat including passing as many checkpoints within a given time, winning a race (sometimes with a catch - dry tyres on a wet track etc), overtaking as many rivals, cornering (higher speed and 'kissing' the apex earns more points) and many more) and finally Career mode. In career mode you have 3 seasons (as yourself, you 'create' your driver when you first set up your profile) to become World Champion by taking test drives with teams and moving your way up the rankings. An email system is used to offer test sessions and keep you up to date with news and developments
The two player split-screen is great fun - you can take part in a single race (with all the options of a single player race such as race length, damage, fuel usage/tyre wear (which forces pitstops), flags (with penalties), weather etc), a full championship and challenges. The only downside is the slowdown I mentioned at set points on the track (usually where there is a lot of scenery - the stadium hairpin at Abu Dhabi for example) though this doesn't ruin the fun too much, to be honest I took little notice of it! The only major gripe with multi-player is the two player splitscreen is all you get, no online or even four player split-screen though the amount of single player options make up for this in my opinion.
The sound is very good and the graphics are some of the best I have seen on the Wii - slightly better than a PS2 though still very clear and sharp with a good draw distance and the HUD interface is clear and informative and complete with a TV style position indicator (similar to the one Sony used in F1'06 on the PS2/3).
Overall then F1 2009 is a great title and a fantastic first effort from Codemasters though a few minor niggles deny it the 5-star rating.

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| | See all NeilBlack's reviews (1)

Quite simply an amazing game! I love playing it and you can really get lost in it. It works perfectly with the Wii attachment and I can see many many happy hours spent racing around the best F1 tracks in the world, all from my living room!

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  AMAZING best buy ever

| | See all MiloDoc's reviews (2)

i pre-ordered this game and it came on the Friday and I spent all weekend playing it, addictive, good graphics and is really realistic. i would have been happy to pay 40 quid for this so 30 quid is a bargain.

  Formula 1 2009 on Wii

| | See all cefster's reviews (1)

I have waited ages for a game like this to come on the market and i'm not disapointed with the game. There is little things like commentryand the graphics in the pit lane however the gameplay overrides that. Once playing for a while you get used to the steering and is really addictive. Can't understand why it is going to take 10 months to release on Xbox or PS3. Well done codemasters

  F1 2009 Wii

| | See all littlecd's reviews (1)

This is a great game and spent hours on it over the weekend. Yes the graphics could be a little better in places especially in the pits, but overall they are good. It is lacking some race commentary and no safety car. The tracks are life like and have all the features. Ignore the below comments. Yes the stearing is a little hard to grasp at first but you soon get used to it and are in complete control of your car setting lap record after lap record. I have set up my own career and have won 5 out of 1st 6 races in my debut season. So it cant be that hard to control your car. The game its self is very addictive and great fun, but because of a couple of faults (personal preferances/opinion) it gets 4 stars. Happy racing all!!

  F1 on Wii

| | See all Agamemnian's reviews (3)

I bought this not knowing what to expect. Graphicly, it's a Wii game and I think is now at about the same standard the PS2 achieved in the middle of its life so not amazing, but not bad. Although some tracks like Abu Dhabi the game really does not do justice and is quite blocky.
Using the wii mote controller with a steering wheel attachment is a nightmare on this game. I foud it completely uncontrollable and hald the time you turn the wheel but the car does nothing.
I remedies this by buying a Wii classic controller and using this the game is playable though not the best. Also, the Wii classic controller is not very well designed, especially for people with large hands so I am going to invest in a third party grip to make is similar to a PS controller.
On thinking about this I wish that I had waited until 2010 when the PS3 version is due out which is undoubtedly going to be a million percent better as it is using Grid's Ego engine with redesigned crash damage specifically for F1. It cost me £25 for the game and another £20 for the controller and prob going to be another £5-8 for the controller attachement. If you want this buy it for the PSP instead or if you can wait get the PS3 version next year.

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  F1 2009: Formula 1

| | See all lukarlukar's reviews (1)

havin read reports on this, game i was thinking eek what have i got, but having played it for the first time it does what it says on the tin, not the best graphics but then when you drive at 150mph, you dont see much, racing is fun takes a few laps to get into it, its more of a adult version of mario kart, i used the mario wheel but only as i am use to it, this game will keep you busy for hours