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Ju-On: The Grudge

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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came in amazing condition, althoguh i bought it second hand, it was just like new :) very pleased with my order :) thank you very much xx

  Could have been so good

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First of all, this game has a brilliant idea, which is why I was keen to try it despite the bad reviews. However, when I finally got it, I was disappointed by many things. When I first played it, I turned out the lights and sat on my own in hopes for some scares, and unfortuantly, they became predicatable all too soon, you simply expected them to come when they did. The woman is pretty creepy though and it can get tense when you have to get away from her, but the sole reason for this is because if you fail just one motion, you have to start the whole level from scratch. Now, this may not be such a bad thing, as the game only has four levels and you want it to last a bit longer, except that the characters walk painstakingly slow. There's no run button and this is just infuriating at the best of times. The controls don't help either, half the time if I wanted to turn right, I had to point the wii remote left and go around as it was faster and more responsive.
On the up side, the graphics are pretty good for wii and they really ahve tried to make it atmospheric and have come up with some inventive ideas to put you on edge, which I won't spoil. This title had a lot of potential, the idea of the game is great, it simply hasn't been done very well. In all fairness I don't really scare easily from games or films, so perhaps those that do, they might get a little more enjoyment from this game.


| | See all CaptainAckles's reviews (7)

it's a good game, much more fun to play with other people-to laugh at and with eachother :) but waiting for the jumpy bits is more scary than the actual scares and if you play the episodes again they're in the same places so you know what to expect. You can't really explore much either but still, there are some good scares and witty feedback.


| | See all HERETICx76x's reviews (1)

OMG.I'm a huge fan of horror movies,and have been for 30+ years(roughly all my life),and the grudge movies scare me like horror movies used to back to when i was a young lad. Really made me scared of the dark again.So naturally,i was always going to buy this game. And this game messes with my head as much as the movies. Your wiimote is held like a flashlight,point at the screen,press the B button to walk and aim your flashlight to look around your surroundings and to turn left or right and look up and down as you try to make your way through the level,finding keys to open locked doors,solve little puzzles etc,to progress to the next area before the batteries in your flashlight runs out.Sounds easy right? Not so! If you've seen the films you know what to expect,the little japanese boy and his very scary mom with the broken neck jump out at you when you least expect it as your walking through the dimly lit areas frightening the bejesus out of you. Hopefully,the scares in the game are going to be randomised,so the next time you play the same level the jumps aren't in the same place,i don't know as i have only played the first level.Honestly,my wife was in stitches watchin me play it tonight in the dark,i was screamin and jumping like a little girl. Buy it if you think your heart can take it.

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