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New U: Fitness First - Personal Trainer (Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  New U Fitness First

| | See all Hornydevil72's reviews (1)

I have been using this for about a week now and i can't stop using it. It has plenty of challenges and it makes you competetive to gain medals. I really ached the first few times and still ache now after a good workout.The only downside is that unless it is me then the wii balance board doesnt always pick up when i do press ups on it,or any of the different pressup workouts. This is very frustrating especially when i've done so well on the other excercises and got gold medals to then fail on the press ups. Still would reccommend for a good workout.


| | See all TotallyLee's reviews (18)

I recently bought this game after all my friends started joining the gym & I couldn't afford it! =[ It was firstly cheap, which was a great start & when I actually started doing the exercises on it, it's been working great! The day after I first used it, my legs hurt SO bad!

I've only had it 4 days so obviously, it hasn't had a visible effect yet - but I'm sure it will if I continue to use it once a day!

Firstly, you have to choose what you want your workout to do (mine was to look good, & get a bikini body) & it uses these choices to get workouts specifically for you & what you want. You get to choose your own fitness coach out of 4 people & there is lots of nutritional advice on there too if you're also on a diet.
There are challenges too which test to see if you're good enough to do things like be a dancer, football player, boxer etc which are good fun & a great workout. Usually I tend to do my daily workout, & then one of these challenges. Afterwards, I feel completely worked out so I would totally recommend this game!

Also, a good idea to look at a game called "My fitness coach". That was very helpful too! =]

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  Best Wii workout I've tried

| | See all JadeKK's reviews (1)

Have always used the Wii Fit and then Wii Fit Plus... But I was getting a bit bored of doing the same exercises day in, day out.
Also with the Wii Fit I didn't feel I could improve at my workout, get so far and then there's no more options.
With this however, they give you a different workout plan every day, I find I look forward to seeing what I have to do next, the workouts are at different levels, and I feel I'm always pushing to do better. Definately the best workout game I've tried, and cheap too :)

  Great, but...

| | See all rdgbge's reviews (6)

I really like this as its a work out and not a game, I have found with others exercise 'games' that they focus to much on being like a game e.g. EA Sports, My Fitness Coach Cardio Combat.
The only thing about this game is that it doesnt seem to always recorgnise the moves, not sure if any one else has had this problem?

  A really good home workout

| | See all dchris's reviews (1)

This is my favourite Wii workout and you can tailor everything to your current fitness level, so if you are a couch potato you start with basic moves, and if you are a very active person you can chose to workout in a more strenuous ways. This is the first product I have bought that has delivered results, its easy to use, it looks great with the video instead of graphics, and I keep going back to it. Cant ask for more than that.

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  Not my kind of workout!

| | See all NickyNoo22's reviews (31)

I like to have fun when I work out, not worry that I'm doing myself an injury! I get the whole 'no pain no gain' thing but some of the exercises on this game aren't straightforward and so better done under proper supervision. Currently working my way through all the Wii fitness games out there and so far the best one has to be EA Sports Active. You can completely design your own workouts to suit you, it tells you how many calories you're burning whilst you exercise (great incentive to keep going!) and best of all you can have two players and so work out with a friend!

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  Ow it hurts

| | See all squink's reviews (10)

This fitness software is really good. I'm reluctant to call it a game because it really isn't. You have the choice of 4 instructors, who are all real people. (and some of their expressions are really funny, try messing up an exercise move and see how they react) They show you each exercise as you come to it, in a very clear simple way. You have different work out settings so you can target specific goals such as drop a dress size or target your thighs or stomach or work on core stability. They also set you up with a meal planner with different recipes. It really is like having your own personal trainer at your beck and call.

You can also take challenges to see how fit you are like the army entrance exam or pro footballer or dancer so it can put you through your paces whatever your pace may be.
I'm already noticing a difference in my upper body strength and my arms are looking more toned than they were before.

Certainly better value than my gym membership.

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  This is a must !!

| | See all tallulah37's reviews (1)

I bought this game on day of release, i am one of those people who buy these things, use them once & then put it in the cupboard to collect dust. In other words, full of good intentions.
However, I am hooked to this, you can target certain areas of your body, i have a fat belly & have found that most wii exercise games are more targeted at other areas of the body, this has a whole section for just your tummy ( yipee).if you want it that is.
The exercises are clear & the timing of them is near perfect, not too fast not too slow. I have done 3 workouts in 2 days & am feeling it... so fingers crossed i should have a beach body in no time lol !!
A fab excercise game for anyone.

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