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Need For Speed: Carbon

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Excellent racing game

| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

I never got into racing games. But upon picking this up, I really enjoy them. I am nearly at the end of the game, and I would like to go through this game again after completing. It has great multiplayer. Controls are excellent - I use sideways remote, then pop into a steering shell. Love the graphics too. And there are lots of unlocks to achieve. Class.

  Hottest Game Of All Need For Speed Games A1

| | See all curiousgeorge's reviews (1)

I have to say this game is slightly better than most wanted, it has a touch of added class to the game, the feel with wheel if standing or sitting at least 2 metres away works perfectly, if 2 close the car simply does not perform and is hard to handle, probably the problem of sum reviews. Lots of cool cars aswell !!!

  Great better than new pro street

| | See all Frankman's reviews (19)

Well me i don't really like pro street to be honest both are good games but i prefer the gameplay in carbon to prostreet. Carbon has canyon showdown which i much enjoyed. Modding your car is brilliant in this game and simple the cars to chose are also nice. This game doesn't take long to complete infact about a week. BUt this game is fantastic with the steering wheel. They just flow together nicely and it feels realistic. This game doesn't have many flaws to it so very good. Boss races are very fun. Money is a bit to easy to come around though so you can buy so many cars with doing hardly any races. The steering wheel really makes this game worth it so if you buy this buy the wheel trust me. This game let's you explore the streets and feel like a street racer. This game is ahead of the game and should be new and replaced with pro street. Good game

  Good follow up to Most Wanted

| | See all Disposable's reviews (10)

Many people have complained about the controls. I'm sorry to say that they are totally, totally wrong. Carbon provides you with several control schemes, involving gestures and buttons, all of which come with three sensitivity settings. The upshot being that there is definitely a perfect control system for you.

As for the game itself, the gameplay is pretty much identical to NFS Underground, Underground 2 and Most wanted. IE the game is still very fun to play but has nothing really new to it. The police chases are still there but there aren't as many (you don't need to complete chases to advance in rank this time).

Interestingly, this incarnation of NFS is much shorter than previous ones. This means that there are fewer cars available but the game is a sensible length instead of the weeks it took to complete Most Wanted.

My one big criticism of the game is their allocation of the cars. There are three car types, Muscle, Tuner and Exotic. The Muscle cars are stuff like the Mustang and the Dodge Charger which no sane person would touch with a barge pole but the Exotic cars, stuff like the DB9 and the Porsche 911 handle terribly - they just don't turn corners. This gets frustrating because if you want a car that handles well, you're forced to stick with the Tuner cars.

This turns out not to be a problem as the Tuner cars have the Skyline R34, the MR2 and the Subaru Imprezza but it's a shame to have the excellent selection seen in Most Wanted messed with.

Overall, its still a very fun game, especially if you don't yet have a racing game for the Wii. I'm not sure it's worth £30 but if you see it in a sale, go for it.

  Not brilliant

| | See all Ando07's reviews (7)

Need for speed games normally are very good with lots of action and hours of gameplay, I thought this game got very boring after playing it for a while.
Its not great but if you could crash cars off the road like burnout, the game would be a lot more exiting.

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  Where's the speed?

| | See all BongoBongo's reviews (25)

As somebody who had until recently, let the NFS hype pass them by, I decided that I would finally try the series out with the launch release for the Wii.

Upon starting the game, the very first thing that I noticed were the controls. First impressions were poor. The controls were unbelievably akward, but as time passed, I did find that I did get used to the controls. Whilst they aren't perfect, they certainly aren't bad, and definetley not as bad as many reviews have made them out to be.

As for the racing, well at first, it was good fun. For somebody who's main racing game experience has been from games such as Mario Kart and F-Zero, racing around the city was a novelty, but this novelty soon wore off. What struck me was how quickly the courses became repetitive and uninspired. Most have the same feel to them, and this soon becomes tiresome. What was more worrying, was that in a game called Need For Speed, the racing seemed anything but fast. In fact, it feels rather pedestrian. Add to this a terrible story, and you have a rather dissapointing game here.

With all the hype surrounding this series, I have completley failed to see what all the fuss is about. It comes across all arrogant, but for no reason, it's not fast, it's not exciting, and the fun is short lived. If you want a good racer, get Excite Trucks instead.

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  One little tip

| | See all failsafe's reviews (1)

The other two reveiwers have summed the game up very well, however, it is worth noting that there are alternative mode of control beyond the default setting.

I found the game almost impossible to control untill i tried setting the controls so that the wii-mote controls analogue acceleration/analogue breaking and the nunchuck controls analogue steering,

This made a world of difference and has allowed me to exact a level of control i couldnt have imagined before- it really opened the full bredth of gameplay to me.

Top game!