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Sonic And The Secret Rings

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  Not the best...but solid and decent

| | See all TheBest0202's reviews (3)

There have been better next-gen sonic games (sonic adventure 1 is amazing, adventure 2 is great, half of sonic unleashed is great and the greatest sonic game ever sonic generations is without equal) but this is a good effort and much better then some of the others.
The main point of this game that makes it good is that you actually play as sonic all the time which in alot of 3D sonic games you play as other people and some of them are very very crap.
The controls are ok (another sore point with many 3D sonic games) they work ok but not half as precise as a proper controller which can make some of the jumping and fast moving sections cheaply annoying. The camera is the same (again another bad point with many 3D outings) it is mostly good but can sometimes not give you the best angle you require making some parts much more difficult then they would be if the camera just zoomed out or panned around a few degrees.
Overall its worth buying for a tenner for either people playing there first sonic game or people who are playing their 10th its enjoyable and can be good fun, just don't expect to be blown away. This is not the greatest sonic game ever but not because its bad, just because the truly best sonic games are mind bendingly good weather in 2D or 3D.

  Sonic and The Secret Rings... REVIEWED!!!

| | See all Conkertheconqueror's reviews (4)

Sonic and The Secret Rings is the best 3D Sonic game out yet. Controlling it with the Wii Remote feels natural but you will have to have a few tries first to get used to it. The first thing you will notice is how slow Sonic starts out at. When you upgrade his speed he will become much faster but it can be a bit of an annoyance when you buy the game expecting to run at amazing speeds but then you try it and he starts at a jogging pace. The graphics are superb and really show what the Wii can achieve. The attention to detail is amazing especially in the second world "Sand Oasis" when you see the shadow moving along the sand with sonics body even when he's moving at supersonic speeds. The story is that Sonic rubs a ring and a genie called Sharah comes out and tells him that the world of the Arabian Nights is being destroyed by an eveil spirit called the Erazor Djinn. You must go to their world and save the world of the Arabian Nights. The levels are varied enough to never be very repetitive but some times going through the same place over and over again can be annoying. The last level is truly amazing but it will take a few tries to get it right. There isn't a hint of slowdown and everything runs smoothly.

To summarise, this is one of the best Sonic games available. BUY THIS!!!

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  I Still Prefer The Old 2D Sonic...

| | See all MMarr1989's reviews (8)

I love Sonic games but this one is a mind-boggler when it comes to figuring out the controls... nice graphics and story to it.
Nice to see that more Sonic games are coming out :-)

  Sonic and the secret rings

| | See all Spike48's reviews (45)

this has good graphics but the controls arnt that good it gets some playing to get used to tho its good if your a sonic fan

  Trying Too Hard To Be A Wii Gimmick Game

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

This is the first of the so called story book series in which Sonic does the Arabian Nights. But I found that I spent more time learning how to waggle the Wii remote to move Sonic than actually playing the game. I spent over an hour learning all the tutorials before being let out into the world and for all the trouble I went through the gameplay was remarkably slow for a Sonic game.
At the time learning Wii remote waggling was all the rage but now the console has been out for a couple of years Wii waggling is becoming less popular.
Overall the game is average and often quite lazy with it's gameplay. But I'd suggest that if you've never played this game, then it would be better to wait for Sonic & the Black Knight to be released.

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  The best 3D sonic game ever

| | See all sonikku's reviews (6)

Wow, they were the first words and the last words I spoke upon playing this one. I was literally blown away, it is the first game in years that has stopped me in my tracks at the graphics, get to the final level and you'll understand. It is so fast, it keeps you on your toes the whole way through, just as sonic should be. The controls are very well done, play perfectly throughout the game, you tilts the wii remote to where you wish to go, and shake it to jump, pull back to back up, its very simple so easy to get to grips with. However, this does not mean the game is not a challenge, there are some very difficult areas which take some replay, and there are extra zones to unlock and tons of rewards to gain, replay factor is hi. The story is one of the best yet, it goes back to the first sonic game, where sonic is the only playable character, keeping it fast paced. The music is simply awesome, crush 40 doing their excellent performances as always, and the graphics are simply jaw dropping. The Japanese language cast is the same as ever, and doing their usual perfect job at bringing the characters alive. I don't have a bad word to say about this game, except at times it can be extremely hard, and tiring as it is so fast you feel you cannot blink at times, and the bosses are incredibly challenging. However, it is all worth it, sonic fans will be in heaven, none sonic fans might just see why he keeps on going after all these years.

  Quite Good

| | See all monkeyman07's reviews (2)

The game is not as good as it looks...all you do is run. Moving back is very hard, it is very annoying if you can't get the thing you were looking for. But I think this game is worth it and it has great graphics. Multiplayer is really fun!! You can choose which character you want to be! Let alone the games!!!

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  In the phrase Video Game... erase the word Game

| | See all Kiriakopoulos's reviews (1)

The game is really awfull. Its not worth your money at all. The only thing that you can do is move your char left or right. Nothing else. Its not a real 3D game, it looks like those old racing games on atari 2006 (on the controls) that the game plays its self and you just avoid the other obstacles going left or right. AVOID.

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  Pile of pants

| | See all stozza's reviews (59)

Got this discounted when ibought my wii and the grpahics are pretty good however the game takes forever to load and the story scenes go on for ages and you cant skip through them so you get really bored waiting about. Overall disappointing so buy something good like mario galaxy if you want a platform game

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