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Blazing Angels: Squadrons Of WWII

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Nice One

| | See all Jadio123's reviews (1)

Controls are really good. I have played some of this type of games but never had luck with the controls. It could be more fun to play multiplayer. But I liked this game very much. Can spend hours playing it. I wish in future they will add online play as well.

  great game!!!!!!!!

| | See all flash76's reviews (1)

Best game i have played on the wii, controlls are very good and the game play is perfect if you like shooting down German planes! :)

  very exilerating

| | See all jonesee's reviews (4)

very good game. makes you feel like you were in WW2 and you want to play it all the time.

  Aces high € Excellent!!!!

| | See all SiG123's reviews (2)

Got this game some time ago and have played it to death. Flight controls take a little time to master, but then you feel right at home. The action is fast and the tasks varied enough to keep you wanting more. There are some challenging missions, which will keep you on you toes (some people may find the timed missions frustrating).

The graphics are OK, but this is made up for by the game play, which is excellent!
Over all a brilliant game, which I feel is the best flight game on the Wii to date. At this price it's "chocks away". Highly recommended buy.

  Sooooooo Good

| | See all AyeCapn's reviews (1)

Best Wii game I've played, actually gives you some info on the history too & it's fun shooting Germans.

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  A great advance from Blazing Skies on Super Nintendo!

| | See all retromusician's reviews (4)

I loved Blazing Skies on the Snes many years ago and i bought this for the Wii and was impressed that it is kind of a sequel. Great missions, nice planes from ww2 good control with the nunchuk all for 15 pounds.

  Really really good

| | See all mrpandaman's reviews (7)

yeh this is a very very good game, i loved the controls although i was disappointed to find that in the manual it said it had online play but it didn't. Also i got it for a fantastic price of £18, but even though that has gone up still get it definitely. At times i did find the catchphrases very annoying and cliche. "He's on you like a hound dog on a pork chop." "He's on you like a tick on a hound dog." mmmmm?


| | See all Rodra001's reviews (1)

The game is good but my sensor sometimes will not catch the signal of the numcuck.But the graphics are exellent I would recoment this if the person likes was games.

  Great if frustrating at times

| | See all LiKwIdKnIgHt's reviews (2)

This is quite simply THE best flightsim I have ever played on a console EVER... Hardcore flightsim fans may find it lacking in terms of realism (repairing in midair etc) and the missions do get a little repetative. But in terms of FEEL its as good as it gets on a console. The Wii-mote as a control medium shines with this game... I played the whole thing in simulation mode and it really did prove a challenge (especially flying down the Fiords) My only angst is that during most of the game you aren't really in much danger of being shot down, nearly every instance of my death was due to hitting the ground/cliff/tree/building it was very rare to actually be shot down.

The multiplayer IMO is only so-so as the frame rate drops significantly due to the split screen.

Most natural feeling flight sim on a console EVER
Visually stunning in places (Pearl Harbour)
Plenty of Unlocks and extra game modes

Very Average Multiplayer
Rather annoying voices
Difficulty yo-yo's between too easy and frustrating with not much in the way of middle ground.

This was an impulse buy and as such I was surprised as I didn't have high hopes...

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