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Monster Hunter 3: Tri

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  SUperb, but its on the Wii

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Having played the PSP versions of the monster hunter series i have always loved just how long this came can last even though being a relativly simple game in terms of what it is.

In simplified terms the point of the game is to max out your armor and weapons by beating up monsters. But...

This game requirs skill, real skill, not stats. Dodging, blocking, counters, everything that you may have seen to be 'automatic' in alot of other games, is 'manual' in this games series.

Becouse of this, how 'good' this game is to people is generaly dictated by their compitance as a gamer. You wont like this game if you consider games like Aion, Rift, and the majority of Wii games to be 'hard' or 'challenging'.

So 'buy this game for a long lifed challenging game' is the best advice i can give.


Well to put it bluntly its major flaw is the consol it has been released on. The Wii is just to weak a consol to fully alow people to appreciate the game in terms of its graphical apeal. Which i asure you can be much much better.

Just port this game to your PC and run it on Dolphin (emulator) and you will see how good the game looks (for an emulated Wii game, remember textures will still look blocky) in 1920 x 1080 HD with internal resolutions of up to 2560 x 2112 and 9x SSAA. (this will mean ofc, no online, which tbh is a big part of the game)

The ability to use the Wii's motion controls to play the game just dosn't work well considering how precise and well timed alot of fights requir you to be (you can still use classic gamepad ofc). There for it would have been alot better to put this on a consol designed to be played using a classic gamepad and have the ability to show much better graphics and have more content, which imo is somthing the Wii version lacks slightly(though not enough to make a fuss about).

Having said all that..Im not a 'graphics nerd', as like i said, i played the monster hunter series on the PSP which has no AA or AF to speak of and tbh is rather blocky, but the game makes up for this, as it does on the Wii, its just somthing that could have and should have been addresed.


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I admit it takes a bit of time to get into it, and the dialog can be a bit long to read. But overall this is a great game. Online is great fun with quests and questing with other people. There are many weapons, armor, skills, upgrades, items and monsters to see in this game. One you get used to the control system this is so much fun to play. I've played the online more as i like the whole different quests and level building. Overall 9/10 because nothing in this world is a perfect 10 ;)


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This game is soooooo good, the graphics are by far the best on the wii and the sound track is umbelivable!
I admit it takes about 3 or so hours to really start enjoying it, but when you get in the swing of things....
The online is massive and players hardly ever jump around the screen.
There is so much content in the game especially for the wii and from how much ive played, more than enough!
Verdict: 9/10

  LOVE IT! but one problem

| | See all acrobacebat's reviews (19)

This game is a very top class game, good graphics, well designed characters, monsters and wepons. They also have very nice rooms for your hunters to stay in! i just have one small problem, when you are low on health and you take a potion, it seems like the actual character is taking forever to drink it because he has to raise his arms and by the time he puts them back down you have been hit by another monster, this problem is very annoying but other than that it is a fantastic game

  Dull, boring, annoying, time wasting and very disappointing.

| | See all ChrisColes's reviews (2)

Firstly, this game is not actually a two player game (although the packaging states that it is). If you do want to play against a friend each player must be playing their own single player game first, this generates the characters. A two player game can then be found in the arena mode only, but the actual game does not support two player action.
The menu screens are very complicated and illogical. There is no back button so if you select the wrong menu item then you have to reset the wii and start over. Also, the game play always starts with amazingly long video clip that goes on and on. These clips cannot be bypassed and so you will be forced to endure them. The same clip plays at the beginning of the game over and over again every time. You can feel your life passing you by as you are forced to watch these clips.
The game play is very dull and boring. Players have to endure endless lines of scrolling text as you proceed through the game.
This game is not well suited to the family friendly Wii at all, it a time consuming game which is probably more suited to a single player who can put the hours in locked away in a room on their own.
Dull, boring, annoying, time wasting and very disappointing.

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  300+ hours and still going strong!

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I only write short reviews on games I REALLY enjoy. MHTri is quite simply one of the most addictive online co-op games I have ever played. I bought a Wii especially for this game and I wasn't disappointed at all. It is a MUST for all Wii owners of ALL ages. Enjoy at your peril though, say goodbye to your social life...

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This is the first in the series that i have played and i am very impressed. It is very time consuming and addictive but lots of fun. It has eaten quite abit of my time and i still have loads to do. I was looking for a game i could play on the wii that isnt cartoony and limited in gameplay and found this little baby.

The cut scenes are fab and the graphics are good. At first i was abit disapointed that i had to read what poeple was saying but thats just a minor downfall on what has been a splended month with this game.

I have yet to play online but have read thats even better. So after completion i am looking forward to giving that a go. For the amount of gameplay already and what i have left to discover the RRP is a snippet of what it is worth.

A must buy

  Just Amazing

| | See all ManveerS's reviews (4)

Where can i start, I have put atleast 900 hours into the Monster Hunter series and even from the beginning the journey has been a great one, the graphics on this game are just jaw dropping even more with the wii's COMPONENT cable(around 17.99 on Play). it easily has to be the best the wii can offer on the side of graphics.

Gameplay wise, it it has one of the most steep learning curves i have ever come across (the steepest being armored core), veterans have played this game since the early PS2 days and are used to the extremely hard and truly epic scales of the later beasts. I would and have recommended it to everyone that has a wii but it is not for what many of the monster hunter veterans call 'the casual gamer', although it is one of the most engaging and enjoyable game i have ever played.

Easily the best in the series and even including online play, it has just made me wipe the dust off my Wii, looks like its the PS3's turn now. Thank you Capcom!!


| | See all Griceyc4's reviews (3)

Amazing Game could of done with the DS weapons still though but this is not something that makes the game any different still an amazing game

Head and sholders over any online game on the xbox or ps3

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  Great game so far

| | See all Del1971's reviews (4)

I've clocked up about 5 hours on this game so far and I'm really enjoying it so far. It is a little slow to get going, there are a lot of villagers to talk to and to help you understand the game and give you snippets of info. I've been out exploring my world and had to deal with some monsters, none to difficult to dispose of yet. There appears to be a fair bit of game play under just going out killing monsters, such as trading and fine tuning your weapons. I'm just starting to be given quests, so the game is picking up speed and the enjoyment is just growing. The graphics for this game are excellent. Controls via the remote and nunchuck are fine. Sound effects are good and realistic. When fighting you feel your character is quite slow at wielding and attacking with his sword, but when the sword is as big as the hunter, the realism hits you that, 'hey, if was carrying a sword my height and made of iron, I'd be a bit cumbersome and not throwing it around like a butter knife' So in that respect very realistic. My only real niggle, is the text for the menus and speech are quite small and takes some straining to read it all fluently. I guess on 40" screen this may not be a problem, and our 26" is ok, but a smaller sized screen may become a slight pain. All in all a very good serious game to add to the library of more comical/cartoony games that fill the Wii shelf in our house. Worth buying if you are prepared to put in some time before the action gets really going. Although a 4* has been given by me, it really deserves a 4.5.

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