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Monster Hunter 3: Tri - Classic Controller Pro Pack

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Needs work

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I got this game after reading all of the review and at first was slightly disappointed. The games was slow to get going and took sometime before the promise of the trailer came true. I have not played any of the previous iterations so do not have the historic attachment or experience.

Once you get past this start the game does pick up and you really get into it, building your character and weapons. The controls are not intuitive and the fighting is simple at first but is does reward your work.
The graphics are reasonable for the wii but some of the environments are a but clunky and interaction is not always smooth
Tri is a good game but be prepared to work at it and don't buy this is you want a quick thrill

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  The 'Perfect' Grind

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In games such as this, when you select your character and customize them, name them, make your own, there is always the urge to get more powerful, to make that which is your own stand out among the other players. This is a game that allows you to do that, but unlike most, you will have to strive to achieve true greatness.
In games such as this there is a moment when playing when you can sit back, look at your character and think "Now I'm powerful. Now I can take on anything." and you will feel that often in this.
But then the chances are, that feeling will be kicked out of your mind and trodden into the floor by the next monster you fight, and so you strive again.
But this game is in no way 'brutal.' It will not have you finish a difficult fight and not be rewarded. When you beat that monster, which may have seemed impossible at one point but now lays on the floor, waiting to be carved up by your knife, you have a huge sense of achievement. Augmented by the knowledge that the pieces you carve off of it, combined with the other materials from it's body rewarded to you in the Reward screen, you will be able to craft weapons and armor, then walk back into that same fight and kill it (or capture it) with the knowledge that you are wearing it's very skin, and probably beating it round the head or stabbing it with it's bones and teeth. The game's primary focus is on collecting these materials and crafting gear, getting more powerful as you go, and eventually travelling to new areas to fight newer, tougher monsters, and seeing yourself get better and better at the game as it moves on and on through it's 70-odd hour single player. And once you are done with the single player, or even while you are still playing the single player mode, you are free to jump into the multiplayer aspect with the very same character, gear, and work up through the hunter ranks with your friends. Gaining better gear, playing in Event quests to obtain new, unique gear and fighting in Arenas to, you guessed it, get better gear.
This may sound dull, but it is quite the opposite. Never before has a game made 'grinding' so accessible and fun. You won't tire from fighting the monsters time and time again as the AI often ensures that no two fights will be the same, keeping it fresh. Throw out your thoughts of grinding in the terms of games like World of Warcraft, as this is an entirely different beast. Nothing quite compares to crafting that new, obscenely massive two handed greatsword that will likely be twice the size of you and look like it could cut through the very fabric of time, then going back and killing the boss monsters in half the time you were previously. But that's not to mean it's all down to the gear. Most of your improvement will be in yourself, an aspect that games such as this rarely involve. The first time you fight a Great Jaggi, you might think 'My God, how am I expected to do this?', then later in the game you may choose to go back and fight it, and not even take a scratch, due to your own skill rather than your weapons.

It is a game that words alone cannot do justice. To truly appreciate this game you have to play it yourself. Will you be able to put up with the knowledge that you WILL die, a lot, in this game? Knowing only that as you try again, and again, you will get better and better, tougher and stronger?
Well, if you can, then go out and buy this game.
If you're not so sure, rent it. And at the end of your rental period, I can almost guarantee you will return it, just to buy it outright for yourself to enjoy with no time limit.

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  A brilliant adventure that never ends!

| | See all Samladdy's reviews (20)

Well first off let me say on how glad I purchased this game, I remember a week before buying this I saw the trailer and instantly fell in love without even hearing anything about it before. It is a serious action/adventure game which will seriosuly give you none stop hours of fun.

Single player mode is where it starts and is very fun, not as fun as online but as the story unfolds and you get higher rank quests it will challenge you like no other wii game wii game has before. As for free mode hunting its just as fun because as you gather resources different monsters appear daily, bad thing about free hunt is that you only visit one area but it is very big so that is good, and not every monster you encounter in different areas appear in the hunting area. Still dont let it get you down because its still fun.

Online is probaly the biggest thing about the game, at first I thought it would be like a MMORPG city where you create a team and set off to do quests, well its not like that. But you do get to meet some really good players that you will hep you hunt. There are also special event quests that change weekly offering hard to get items, ner armour and special weapons. Online is not what you would expect compared to World of Warcraft, but its a well worth extra because it gives you alot more to do.

As for everything else all it can be summed up to be is AWESOME! It is a amazing game that will catch the hearts of any gamer, thank god this game out for the Wii, if it came out on he PS3 it would of been bigger but for the Wii it needs this game. The Wii needs a game where hardcore gamers can play and this is deffinetly it.

So to sum it all up just buy it including the controller, even if you have the old white one its fine because you will need one, its worth buying and compared to the Wiimote and Nunchuck controls it helps out. Enjoy and just buy it, you will not regret it :)

  completely breathtaking

| | See all wadedall's reviews (1)

This game is completely amazing. I am a big fan of the monster hunter series from having played the first game all the way to freedom unite.

I always thought the portable games had lowered the standards of the original monster hunter which i had grew to love but when i saw this game had come out i bought it without thinking. I can tell you that it has not only lived up to the original monster hunter but, in my opinion has become even better. As others have said, the learning curve is steep and it helps to have played the previous games but the result is hours and hours of great enjoyment.

Another thing is the unbelievable quality of the graphics considering this is on the wii that, lets be honest, is not the most graphically intense console. The wiimote also provides an easy, relaxed experience.

A must have for true adventure game fans.

  Just Amazing

| | See all ManveerS's reviews (4)

Where can i start, I have put atleast 900 hours into the Monster Hunter series and even from the beginning the journey has been a great one, the graphics on this game are just jaw dropping even more with the wii's COMPONENT cable. it easily has to be the best the wii can offer on the side of graphics.

Gameplay wise, it it has one of the most steep learning curves i have ever come across (the steepest being armored core), veterans have played this game since the early PS2 days and are used to the extremely hard and truly epic scales of the later beasts. I would and have recommended it to everyone that has a wii but it is not for what many of the monster hunter veterans call 'the casual gamer', although it is one of the most engaging and enjoyable game i have ever played.

Easily the best in the series and even including online play, it has just made me wipe the dust off my Wii, looks like its the PS3's turn now. Thank you Capcom!!

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  Are you all kids?

| | See all LAWhitworth's reviews (23)

Why is this not in the top 10 play.com wii sales? This game has about 4000 people on sometimes at once so clearly its being bought as not everyone even plays online. (Which you should do as its the better mode to play)

So if your reading this and havnt bought it, I am telling you too. This game is practically a MMORPG without laggy cities full of naked people, instead you select a city with upto 4 people, if you dont like them, go to another of the hundreds of cities. Its chuffin lovely.

I cant be bothered to go into detail about the games amazing play and graphics, all I will say is this is my favorite game ive ever played on a console and maybe even ever.

  Great stuff! Addictive as anything and so much fun!

| | See all RustyNail's reviews (5)

Ok so I bought a Wii just for this game! Its great, what can I say? Addictive gameplay, offline or online with friends. Be aware tho, you can only play with Europeans or Aussies, the US server isn't linked. I can't agree with the other comment tho of great graphics with the composite cable. Its a shame the Wii doesn't support HDMI cos it would have looked a lot better I think. Thats its only downfall though. Its so much fun fighting and farming items, I have totally fallen in love with this game 5 Stars! *****