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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  wii fifa 2011

| | See all soxy2012's reviews (1)

i am happy with my purchase from you.the delivery was great even from so far and your service is fantastic.thanks for your interest on my opinion.malta

  Not good at all.

| | See all FallenDevilz's reviews (4)

I've been playing Fifa for over 10 years now, on all different consoles.
I've been playing Fifa for WII since 09, and have to say this is the worst one to date.
Simply because of the 'stars' transfer system.
In most football games, you have to have a good club and enough money to purchase the best players.. But even if you have the worst team in the world with no prestige, as long as you have 'stars' you can buy anyone. It's pretty pathetic and very unrealistic..
Surely it's not difficult to implement real money.

Graphics are mediocre and game-play is exactly the same as last year.
Apart from the new 5v5 which is pretty cool, But gets boring very very fast..


  Great arcade football.

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

Right. Anyone complianing that this isnt as good as the pS3 version is right. BUT if you want serious gaming and photo realism then just go and buy the pS3. The PS3 game is probably the best football game of all time. But you cant expect the same game from the wii. I personally have and enjoy both consoles. But sometimes people expect far too much from Nintendo
This is a stripped down and has very arcady gameplay but its an excellent alternative and is different enough to own both PS3 and Wii versions. The feel of the game is very fluid , animation is excellent and the simple 2 button combination really works. The main highlight is the 5 a side games. Excellent fun, very addictive and easy to play. You'll be scoring volleys and headers in no time. And you dont get that on the PS3. I do think that to avoid confusion future titles should have different covers than the ps3/xbox 360 versions and be called WII FIFA as they are very different games.

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  Same old...

| | See all itfc4life's reviews (2)

I wasnt exactly expecting much when i brought this game as i thought that Fifa 09 was a poor game(which was the reason for not buying Fifa 10) aswell. But i thought i would give them one last chance to impress, and guess what they havent.
Firstly they seemed to have changed the manager modes money type to stars and transfer points this means that even if you are in League 1 you can sell a couple of you rubbish players and then can afford Ronaldo or Messi, which just isnt realistic.
Also the online mode is terrible as all the game seems to be way to jolty- this cant be my connection however because i play other Wii games online and everything seems fine. Also there is a new feature where you can do Streets to Stadiums where you start playing street games and try and make your way upto the big time. This a nice feature but its way to easy (even on hard mode) as after 2 seasons you are playing in the premier league.
The only reason i didnt give this game a 1 star becuase i sort of think that the graphics have improved a little (even for the Wii there not bad). But i do feel that this is probably the last Fifa game i buy for a while.

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  Best fifa on the wii yet!

| | See all mccormickr's reviews (13)

Do not compare this version with PS3 and 360 versions, like alot of gamers are. Everyone knows Wii does not match the other consoles, the wii version is designed only for the wii. Fifa 11 has improved alot since last year, its back to its original gameplay, which ill say, is amazing for the wii. The new game mode hit the streets 5v5 is addictive and a great laugh, starting a character from scratch playing in the streets making yourself pro, and working your way to better and higher clubs, playing in the stadiums. However the graphics havent improved alot since fifa 10, although i have a component cable which works well.

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  Much worse than FIFA 09 on Wii

| | See all GavHamer's reviews (5)

FIFA 09 on Wii was one of the best games I've ever played! So much control of the players in pointer mode making it much more fun than the versions on other consoles. I bought FIFA 11 hoping for pretty much the same game, but with a bit of an update.

Unfortunately in FIFA 11, they have messed up two absolutely fundamental things - pointer controls and the manager mode.

They've moved shooting to the B button, rather than shaking the controller, but this means both short and long passes are on the A button, and so moving the pass recipient into position is gone, and with it half the joy of playing the game.

The other problem is manager mode, which appears to have been re-written with 5 year olds in mind. It's so simplistic it beggars belief. Want to buy Torres for Man Utd, no problem - click, plop, there he is - literally, no negotiations or wages, just click & plop. Want to sign a second player? Click, er... "not enough points", what? Wait until next season then. Points are some sort of approximation of time, and apparently buying a transfer listed player (who are all rubbish incidentally) will cost 1 point, but any other player costs 10 points, and there is no search facility to find players with certain skills. You only have 20 points per season (not per window), and selling also costs 1 point each, so after selling 1 player, you can only buy 1 player. It is possible to get given more points during the season, but this is almost entirely down to luck!

It's quite clear to me that EA decided that only 5 year olds play this game and to redesign it on that basis. Obviously I was mistaken in purchasing it. Over 5s might like to find a copy of FIFA 09 instead.

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  Fifa 11, waste of money!

| | See all AndrewS8's reviews (6)

Bought fifa 11 the day it came out. Im hugely disappointed. Career mode is ok but soon gets boring as having limited control over other players is so fustrating. (you can get another player to close down man with the ball, but actually getting the player you want rarely happens). You also earn power ups after each win, most of which are utter garbage: big vs small, your players are huge, opponents are midgets! also tackle, pass, shooting boosters... why!? And if you make it to the FA cup final and your playing a lower league team, you'll play at their pokey little ground, why not Wembley??

5 a side isnt too bad and theres good fun playing with different goal types.

Playing the normal management mode is poor. Buying players uses points and stars?? I assume the bank of england copyright'd pounds did they!? Ive never played fifa 10 as there were bad reviews on that too so cant draw comparisons with that.

Yet again the wii has been exposed as the poor cousin in the console world, this game feels like it was thrown together as an afterthought. You want a decent fifa for the wii?? buy fifa 09!

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  missing some key elements means a let down for wii users

| | See all Daves123's reviews (8)

I was eagerly anticipating the wii version of fifa 11 after seeing ps3 and xbox 360 reviews.

To put it simply.. not alot has changed from fifa 10 and if you ask me, EA have got very lazy with this version.

the whole game still has that cartoony feel to it which makes it look so unrealistic. many of the players faces are in-accurate and something small but soo annoying.... there are no weather effects whatsoever. its just sunny and dry all year round. you cant even play at night.
at times i felt like i wasn't totally in control of the game and it felt a bit un-realistic because tackling and passing reminds me of the early ps1 games.
thank goodness EA have got rid of that annoying slow motion thing when you shoot but you still get an annoying line that follows your shot. passing can be quick and fun but in online mode it often lags behind and becomes frustrating.

i was so disappointed with the overall feel of this game, it feels cheap and unrealistic. yes all the teams are fully licensed and the commentary is ok but little details matter to me and EA have got sloppy with this version. they have just updated a few things

a new feature is the 5 -a-side mode which can be cool but gets dull after a while.

if your after an arcade style football game with some good elements but not very realistic, this is for you. it seems to be aimed at the younger audience to me.

sorry to disappoint fans but i will be swapping this for pro evo 2011 very soon.

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